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Atomic Ranch Summer 2017

Glean from homeowners, designers, builders and architects as they share their expert insight on the style. Their stories of house hunting and renovation are sure to inspire.

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curate & collect

Summertime is upon us, and for those who love to collect, the season comes with an exciting partner in crime—the flea market. When the weather warms and the sun shines, up pop canopies in parking lots under which countless treasures spread. It was at a flea market where I first fell in love with vintage handmade ceramics. I saw an incredibly unique bud vase—brown with bits of blue and a skinny neck—and immediately knew it would be taking a center-stage spot on my open bookshelf. With no signature and a simple “‘62” drawn into the rough, unfinished base, I like to think of it as originally having been someone’s high school art project. Since that fateful morning, many handmade ceramic pieces have found their way into my heart—each one a little more…

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what’s new on the web?

Inside Scoop! Love our Dallas home? Check in to see even more of this truly atomic home. Jazz Up Your Curb Appeal A little color, a fresh take on landscaping, and a few surprise twists will make your house the spiffiest on the block. Cool Stuff Light up your next soiree with outdoor lighting that features mod sensibilities. Plus, beat the heat with stylish fans. Konial 5 LED outdoor wall light, $216. Visit ylighting.com. Flow fan with bamboo blades and matte nickel finish, visit modernfan.com. Saturn Path Light, $150. Visit ylighting.com.…

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Kauffman Home | Prairie Village, KS Rachel Kauffman knew her 1955 ranch was “the one.” Since it became her home in 2011, Rachel says, she has layered furniture and décor: “Our décor reflects our appreciation of midcentury design, but we’ve also incorporated pieces from other time periods and cultures. Almost all of our furniture and décor came from thrift stores, estate sales, or family members. It’s taken time and patience to turn our house into a home, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.” Büchner Ross home | San Jose, CA Karolina Büchner and her husband undertook a labor of love in their home's kitchen. “The kitchen of our 1960 Eichler (architects Jones & Emmons),” Karolina explains, had suffered “a coat of taupe paint that didn't highlight the cabinetry, and caused the…

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mod patio

Give a little love to an interior space, too, with Retro Bullet Lighting Collection premium brass pivot chandelier with ivory and turquoise shade, $400. (512) 462-4755 or hiphaven.com. Bring a little mod-inspired pattern to your patio table. Embroidered waves blue and green pillow, $35. (817) 252-6300 or pier1.com. A little tiki goes a long way! Easter Island tiki statue, 20-inches with burnt finish, $119. (877) 677-4440 or tikimaster.com. Mojitos will be even more refreshing in these tropical glasses. Aloha cocktail glass, $16.95. Visit crateandbarrel.com. Fun dinnerware? Check. Dansk® The Burbs decal blue 4-piece party plate set, $29.99. Available online at bedbathandbeyond.com. Light up the night with a fun, textured shade. Retro Bullet Lighting Collection single bullet sconce with rattan shade, $175. (512) 462-4755 or hiphaven.com. This mod cooler is perfect for hosting cold drinks at a…

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birds without feathers flock together

Early in my exposure to Midcentury Modern accessories and accent pieces, I stumbled upon an artist who created incredible wooden birds sculpted from unique wood species. The artist behind these little birds, Emil Milan, crafted silhouettes showcasing refined, smooth, flowing, and clean lines—perfect compliments to midcentury architecture. Long after realizing my desire to one day own some of these masterfully crafted, life-like wooden birds, they finally became a reality for our home. Knowing my purchase saved a collection as a whole unit for the future is most rewarding and satisfying. Eight years ago while studying photos from an estate auction in Pennsylvania, I was elated to discover a large collection of these wonderful wooden birds by Emil Milan. Every piece was described over the phone by the auction house as in perfect…

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form meets function

LOCATED IN AUSTIN, TEXAS, THIS 1957 HOME STILL HAD ITS ORIGINAL KITCHEN— but the functionality of the space was long gone. Originally built for a home builder who did a number of houses in the neighborhood, the home went on to see its fair share of owners. Current homeowners Sloan and Peggy Houser actually started out as renters, but their love for the home was such that they convinced their landlord to sell them the property. In 2013, architects Rick and Cindy Black were called in to help renovate the kitchen, dining and living areas. Their partnership on the project was no accident, as the couples know one another through mutual friends as well as through Sloan’s plastering business, Sloan Montgomery. NITTY GRITTY The Housers love to cook, but the original kitchen just wasn’t…