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Audio Esoterica 2015 - 2

Audio Esoterica is a spectacular new high quality publication for the discerning audiophile. Only the very best high-end components are featured, in dramatic photographic layouts that emphasise product design and engineering excellence while the industry’s leaders provide insider insights to Australia’s most experienced audio journalists. Audio Esoterica is all about the very best that the high-end audio world has to offer.

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11 Min.
bowers & wilkins 802 d3 loudspeakers

One of my favourite audio quotes is nearly 50 years old and the man who said it, John Bowers, died nearly 30 years ago. That quote is: “The best loudspeaker isn’t the one that gives the most; it’s the one that loses the least.” As you undoubtedly already knew, or have just guessed, Bowers was one of the two men who in 1966 founded what is arguably Britain’s most famous loudspeaker company: Bowers and Wilkins. (Confusingly, the other founding partner was not Roy Wilkins – he was Bowers’ partner in a previous retail enterprise – but Peter Hayward. Why didn’t they name the new company Bowers & Haywood? That’s a long story for another day, but one likely reason was that the abbreviation ‘B&H’ had been taken by another famous…

8 Min.
jeff rowland design 625 s2 power amplifier

How USA-based company Jeff Rowland Design Group can fabricate such an extraordinarily beautiful chassis from a dull old slab of aluminium (even if it is of the highest grade) is, to me, one of the marvels of the high-end. No off-the-shelf run-of-the-mill shin-shredding stuff here, rather an undeniably exquisite machined-from-solid design, blanketed in lustrous black anodising across its integral milled heatsinks – and fronted with a three-dimensional fascia sporting the most deeply radiant patina. Everything about a Jeff Rowland Design component – and this, the 625 S2, is the latest stereo amplifier in the company’s stable – reeks of ‘ne plus ultra’ quality. Of course, the company is not known merely for its exemplary fit and finish. Still headed by the towering Jeff Rowland himself, the Jeff Rowland Design Group (JRDG)…

5 Min.
industrial omnipotence mbl factory tour

A short drive from majestic Berlin, in a rural setting amid picturesque pastures, an unassuming group of buildings gives away little of the thriving machinations within. My driver’s blinding 250km-per-hour autobahn haste (in a spanking new Audi A8) sees me arriving somewhat speed-drunk… even while a sense of excitement builds in anticipation of what is to be experienced inside the deceivingly tranquil complex. This is the MBL manufacturing facility, a network of interconnecting buildings which I’m about to tour for an insight into the company’s modus operandi. The journey starts in a large boardroom where Sales Manager Björn Rutz introduces Production Manager Matthias Vogt, our tour guide through the facility. Vogt’s hands-on involvement gives him a thorough understanding of all aspects of the various manufacturing processes within these walls; indeed he…

11 Min.
interview jürgen reis, mbl

AT MBL’S BERLIN HEAD OFFICE, WE TALKED with MBL’s Chief Engineer Jürgen Reis, CEO Christian Hermeling & Sales Manager Björn Rutz. Audio Esoterica:Aside from the space and the sound field differences, what do you see as advantages of MBL drivers compared to standard drivers?Jürgen Reis: The biggest advantage is the freedom of the sweet spot, that the tonality of the instrument doesn’t change with the angle position or doesn’t change in the room. With this omni-directional system, you can have a great soundstage even if you’re totally to the side of one channel. This helps to integrate the sound in a typical home environment, where you’d want to live, and not just when sitting down in the middle. The omni-directional loudspeaker system is the closest thing to a real music source…

7 Min.
triangle signature alpha loudspeakers

If horn speakers boast a single most remarkable quality that sets them apart from conventional designs, it is surely their ability to convey unsurpassed dynamic expression. It’s the coupling of superb transient attack – what some audiophiles call ‘speed’ – and that almost ‘live’ whack in the gut that creates an unrivalled dynamic envelope. Even in the world of high-end professional speaker systems, it is horn-loaded compression drivers that are used to present sonics with outstanding dynamic headroom. Triangle has been refining its horn loaded tweeter concept over a number of generations... and reserves the technology for the more upmarket offerings. Those qualities have not gone unnoticed to French speaker manufacturer Triangle, which has been refining its horn loaded tweeter concept over a number of generations. This is a company that offers…

8 Min.
gryphon diablo 300 integrated amplifier

It wasn’t that long ago the upper echelon of high-end amplifi cation was the exclusive domain of separate preamplifi er and power amplifi er partnerships. More recently, however, evolved electronics component quality, advanced surface mount topologies and the benefi ts of CAD-assisted engineering have all contributed to a stream of high-end products which integrate the preamplifi er and power amp stages, making a convincing – even seductive – impact in the high performance audio space. Strong affi rmation of this trend is evident within the pages of our previous issue (Audio Esoterica issue #4, Winter 2015) which featured several variations of the high-end integrated amplifi er from various manufacturers across the globe. The traditional approach to the integrated amplifi er has been to combine a line signal switching stage with level…