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Audio Esoterica 2015

Audio Esoterica is a spectacular new high quality publication for the discerning audiophile. Only the very best high-end components are featured, in dramatic photographic layouts that emphasise product design and engineering excellence while the industry’s leaders provide insider insights to Australia’s most experienced audio journalists. Audio Esoterica is all about the very best that the high-end audio world has to offer.

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the finest musical performance

Not everyone has the space available to accommodate large loudspeakers, but most of us still demand the finest musical performance, and it was with this in mind that Vivid developed the Giya G4. Standing just one metre high, the new G4 packs all the unique features of the larger models in the Giya range into a compact loudspeaker. Its superior performance is made possible by two brand new drivers designed specifically for the Giya G4; the C100S low-midrange driver, which retains the focused-field radial magnet design of its larger predecessor, and the new C125L longthrow bass driver which delivers deep, rich bass through the use of the extended gap design used in the rest of the Giya range. Exceptional purity through the midrange and high frequencies is assured by the combination of…

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source code

Take a look through the pages of this issue and you may notice something that sticks out like a broken volume knob, if only by their absence. Where are the source components? We aim for a balanced selection of the finest high-end equipment in each issue of Audio Esoterica. Last year we had high-end streamers and DACs, even a CD player. But this year we found barely any such source components worthy of bringing into our carefully-qualified pages. Is this revealing something about the state of affairs in high-end audio right now? Has the CD perhaps passed over to a final resting place, at least in hardware terms? Has the ongoing bit-stream of high-end DAC releases finally dried up? Surely streamers are not yet past their zenith? Actually, probably none of the above.…

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mcintosh c2500 & mc452

“Over the 60-odd years since its inception... certain aspects of McIntosh’s circuit designs, its solid engineering principles and the retro-style aesthetics have remained a constant. McIntosh can be said to be an iconic American brand. The company was founded in 1949 when Frank H. McIntosh and Gordon Gow collaborated on its first product, the 50W1, a high powered, high bandwidth and low distortion (for the time) amplifier providing 50 watts. It featured what was to later become known as the ‘Unity Coupled’ circuit topology, a McIntosh signature trademark that was to establish the company as a highlyskilled engineering-led manufacturer. Naturally, as one of the oldest audio companies still in existence, McIntosh has had ownership changes and has adjusted to emerging technologies as they evolved in the 60-odd years since the company’s inception.…

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kyron audio lee gray & leon suter

Audio Esoterica discusses the various technical aspects of Kyron Audio’s unique speaker designs with company principals Leon Suter and Lee Gray. Audio Esoterica:Your speakers, both the Kronos and Gaia, are dipolar, in that the sound radiates from both the front and the rear of the speakers. Why did you choose this design? Leon Suter: Dipoles sort of chose us. We had done some reading on the idea and then started our own trials — we really liked what we heard straight away. It was later that we discovered that the reason it sounded so natural was much more than just having no box. AE: So what in particular was it you liked about the sound of dipoles, and can you give us some examples? Lee Gray: As a percussionist I was sold from the…

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mark levinson no 585

“The refined industrial design principles are carried through to engineering ideologies encompassing advanced circuitry and high quality componentry. Back in the early 1970s Mark Levinson, the man, was almost singlehandedly responsible for the advent of the American high-end industry. At the time, at the helm of Mark Levinson Audio Systems, Levinson, together with a couple of his contemporaries who can also be credited for playing their part in the nascent high-end audio industry, was responsible for products of a quality level that was unprecedented. These are now considered true audio classics — mention the Mark Levinsonconceptualised John Curl-designed ML-2 Class-A monobloc amplifiers and you’ll hear tones of reverence from the audiophile cognoscenti. Ditto for the exquisite ML-1 and JC-2 preamplifiers, considered iconic and commanding high prices to this day. Then in the…

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touraj moghaddam vertere acoustics

Touraj Moghaddam made his name in hi-fi circles as one of the two founders of the UK’s Roksan Audio, which began making turntables just when LPs were facing decline following the arrival of CD in the mid-1980s. Yet Roksan achieved success with a series of turntables and related products named after historical Persian people and places — Xerxes, Artaxerxes, Artemiz — and also the Darius loudspeakers, notable for being the first to spring-isolate the tweeters from the bass unit. Roksan did, however, produce CD players and in recent years even digital amplifiers with Bluetooth functionality. But with Moghaddam’s dedication to the art of vinyl replay now vindicated by the revival of interest in the format, today he is with Vertere, which offers the Vertere SG-1 record player, SG-1 and Reference tonearms,…