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Audio Esoterica Issue 1 - 2018

Audio Esoterica is a spectacular new high quality publication for the discerning audiophile. Only the very best high-end components are featured, in dramatic photographic layouts that emphasise product design and engineering excellence while the industry’s leaders provide insider insights to Australia’s most experienced audio journalists. Audio Esoterica is all about the very best that the high-end audio world has to offer.

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1 Min.
line dancing

The new McIntosh XRT2.1K line-array loudspeakers are 2.1 metres high and between them boast an almost alarming driver count of 162, each speaker having six 203mm-diameter bass drivers, two 165mm low midrange drivers, 28 upper mid-range drivers of 55mm diameter, and a staggering 45 of the 19mm tweeters. (Our Thiele-Small parameter calculator just melted.) The bass and low-mid drivers were specifically created for the XRT2.1K, their honeycomb cones manufactured from a combination of nano-carbon-fibres and Nomex - “amazing low-frequency extension”, promises McIntosh of these extremely stiff yet lightweight diaphragms combined with their very long throw design. Find out more: www.synergyaudio.com…

1 Min.
boulder gets softer

Boulder has softened the lines of the casework on the second iteration of its 1110 stereo preamplifier, with rounded edges that include radii and curves, while the front panel now features a reproduction of the topographical map of Flagstaff Mountain near Boulder HQ. Internal improvements from increased use of surface mount devices include better ground paths, thermal management and noise floor, while a new 64-bit, multi-core ARM processor handles supervisory functions including management of turn-on/turn-off, input selection and user interface, error notification, display driver, web page generation, and HTML- or IP-based external control. Also new is a CMOS-actuated fully-balanced stepped volume control that can be programmed for step resolution, start-up level, maximum output level, and custom volume scaling. More information from www.absolutehiend.com…

1 Min.
high opera

“As grandiose as Verdi... as innovative as Aida”, promises Sonus faber of its new creation, delivering unique technologies including a Damped Apex Dome tweeter, a Stealth Ultraflex System to purify the rear-firing bass reflex port, a Zero Vibration Transmission suspension to isolate the speaker from the floor - and an internal vibration-killing Tuned Mass Damper structure similar to that used in skyscrapers, using anti-phase oscillation and kinetic-thermal conversion to ‘ground’ unwanted energy. More information from www.synergyaudio.com…

18 Min.
dan d’agostino progression

Dan D’Agostino has gone over to the dark side! Yep, his new Progression Preamplifier and matching Progression Stereo Power amplifier are finished in lustrous, shiny black… plus the pre-amplifier actually has a ‘Dark Mode’. OK, so a silver finish is available as an option, and so is grey, plus custom finishes are available to special order, but once you’ve seen this pair (well actually not a pair, but a trio, because the preamplifier has a separate power supply) you wouldn’t even consider the alternatives. (Though if Dan ever brings out one finished like his top-line Momentum amplifiers, we’d have to give that one some serious thought!) A good part of what makes the black finish look so good is the copper-coloured trimming on both the Progression Preamplifier and the Stereo power amplifier,…

16 Min.
meridian special edition dsp8000

It’s hard to imagine a company more solidly founded on technology and design than the UK’s Meridian. Even before it began, founders Bob Stuart and Alan Boothroyd had delivered a design legend in the unique and colourful Lecson knobless preamp and cylindrical amplifier, going on to set up Meridian Audio and enjoy 40 years of successful products underpinned as much by a stream of tech breakthroughs and patents in signal processing as in the hardware itself. Meridian Lossless Packing became the standard compression method on DVD-Audio content and within Dolby TrueHD, while the more recent MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) platform for “folding” high-res audio into smaller file sizes also originated with Meridian before being spun out to ‘MQA Inc’ for global licensing. Most recently of all, the company’s 218 Zone…

7 Min.
moon by simaudio 888

We’ve heard of RMS watts, we’ve heard of Peak watts, and we’ve heard of Continuous watts, but we’ve never heard of Lucky watts, which is what Moon’s flagship monobloc power amplifier is claimed to be able to deliver 888 of. At least it’s rated with a power output of 888-watts into 8Ω loads. Into 4Ω loads it’s rated at 1776 watts. And here in Australia, because our mains supply is 230 volts (kinda), Moon says the Moon 888 is able to deliver 3550 watts into a 2Ω load. AN EXERCISE IN ENGINEERING The Moon 888 is the amplifier you get when you ask your team of electronics engineers to build the best 888-watt amplifier possible, and give them carte blanche, so they don’t have to worry about how large it is, how…