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Audio Esoterica Issue 2 - 2018

Audio Esoterica is a spectacular new high quality publication for the discerning audiophile. Only the very best high-end components are featured, in dramatic photographic layouts that emphasise product design and engineering excellence while the industry’s leaders provide insider insights to Australia’s most experienced audio journalists. Audio Esoterica is all about the very best that the high-end audio world has to offer.

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audio esoterica #2 2018

Regular readers of Audio Esoterica will know that we revel in including and reviewing among our pages the highest levels of audio equipment available in the world today. While our selections are guided usually by quality as well as price, we have relaxed the dollar requirement slightly this issue in order to include some fine equipment a little below the heady extremes of true esoterica. This is partly so we can deliver our reviews of these products within the luxurious presentation of this magazine (which represents Australian Hi-Fi’s premium print biannual special). But it’s also as a reaction to the lowering levels of quality perceived in popular audio, where mono wireless speakers are now key product lines, where soundbars are the default system for playing music in living spaces, where…

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yamaha in a spin

The news is out! – Yamaha is going back to black with a new range of turntables on the way, topped by this magnificent GT-5000, channelling Yamaha’s classic GT-2000 design (GT for ‘Gigantic & Tremendous’!), but reinvented with belt-drive (as opposed to the direct drive of the original), a specially designed (short and straight) arm, a hefty 5kg aluminium platter, and heavy-duty feet to boot… all topped off with that Yamaha ‘Piano Gloss’ finish. The flagship GT-5000 is scheduled for release in April 2019.…

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totting up

All have mourned the passing of founder Dave Wilson this year, but he left behind a special little something in this latest creation by the Wilson Special Applications Engineering team. The smallest and least expensive Wilson speaker lacks neither tech prowess nor customisation, with a whole ecosystem of performance enhancements, paint colour choices, hardware and grille options, while the 25mm doped silk fabric tweeter and 146mm doped paper pulp woofer reside in an asymmetrical enclosure of Wilson’s mysterious X- and S-materials, with spikes to optimise levelling and that crucial time-domain baffle angle.…

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mono masters…

All hail the Relentless Monoblock amplifier, the result of Mr D’Agostino’s desire to deliver an amplifier that can maintain its harmonic integrity and full performance from 0 to 1500 watts (or, indeed, 6000W into two ohms), no matter how demanding the speaker load with which it may be presented. A 5.5kW power supply feeds a custom-designed rectifier circuit and a 600,000μF/100V capacitor bank, with D’Agostino’s exclusive high-voltage Super Rail concept making maximum use of these remarkable resources to feed roughly 100 output devices. And of course it maintains the sheer gorgeousness of previous DD’A designs, with the copper and aluminium of the heatsinks, massive binding posts made from gold-plated brass, and a new eight-inch power meter on the front, glowing in gorgeous green. Nice. Advance Audio tells us the Relentless…

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red tape

The reel-to-reel resurgence continues to gather momentum, the extraordinary example here coming from Metaxas & Sins, headed by former Melburnian Kostas Metaxas. Despite its stunning appearance, the ‘GQT’ (Georges Quellet Tribute) open reel-to-reel recorder is designed as a 15ips portable machine for on-location recording as well as for home or studio playback. The Georges Quellet reference credits the founder of Stellavox, and points to the design cues taken here from the classic Stellavox SM8 portable, considered by many professional engineers to provide the most transparent and three-dimensional sound of any portable. The Metaxas variation has, we gather, the full blessing of Stellavox’s founder M. Quellet.…

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clearaudio innovation

Clearaudio is a rarity amongst high-end hi-fi manufacturers. Not only does this German company manufacture its products in Germany, it’s also a family enterprise, with founder Peter Suchy still in charge of research and development, and his children Robert, Patrick and Veronika in charge of marketing, manufacturing and HR respectively, plus around 20 staff. The Innovation is the second-tier model in a range of four similarly-designed turntables, the others being the Master Innovation, Innovation Compact and Innovation Basic, with this range sitting just below Clearaudio’s top-line model, the Statement. THE EQUIPMENT As you can see from the images in this article, the platter on the Clearaudio Innovation is enormously thick, being comprised of a 15mm-thick sub-platter made of stainless steel, on top of which is a 70mm-thick main platter made from high-density opaque…