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Aviation History September 2019

Aviation History Magazine is an authoritative, in-depth history of world aviation from its origins to the Space Age. Aviation History offers air enthusiasts the most detailed coverage of the history of manned flight, with action-packed stories and illustrations that put the reader in the cockpit with pilots and military (army, navy, and marine)aviators to experience aviation’s greatest dramas.

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aviation history online

You’ll find much more from Aviation History on the web’s leading history resource: HistoryNet.com TOP 10 BEST AND WORST AVIATION MOVIES We asked film and aviation experts to rank some of the best and worst flying fims of all time. Where do your favorites stand on the list, and on which side of the ledger do they fall? Our pick for the worst aviation film ever made may surprise you (it’s pictured above). WILLY MESSERSCHMITT: WIZARD OF WARPLANES Over nearly half a century, Willy Messerschmitt designed a remarkable array of aircraft, from the iconic Bf-109, the most effective fighter of its day, to the groundbreaking Me-262 jet and rocketpowered Me-163. 12 MOVIES WITH AIRPLANES IN STARRING ROLES Filmmakers have long relied on real aircraft to generate raw movie excitement. Here’s a small sample of films starring…

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MISSING WOMAN FORMATION Loved the “Briefing” story and picture [right] on P. 6, July issue, but please can we have the names of the wonderful women in the photo? Nan Williams West Hollywood, Calif. Sure, they are: (back row, from left) Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Hesling, Lt. Cmdr. Paige Blok, Commander Stacy Uttecht, Commander Leslie Mintz and Lt. Cmdr. Danielle Thiriot; (front row, from left) Lieutenants Christy Talisse, Kelly Harris, Emily Rixey and Amanda Lee. MERCURY MIXUP Congrats on another great issue [July] with diverse, interesting subjects. I did note one error in “Flight Test.” In question 3 of “Happy Moon Landings,” answer D is incorrect, as no Mercury astronaut ever commanded a space shuttle. John Young did command the shuttle, but he was selected in 1962 as part of the first group of Gemini astronauts,…

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eaa’s catch-22 b-25

The Experimental Aircraft Association recently completed the full restoration of a North American B-25H Mitchell medium bomber, one of only four H models in existence—two flying and two on static display, all of them in the United States. Since this airplane, at the time owned by movie stunt pilot Frank Tallman, appeared in the original 1970 film of the Joseph Heller novel Catch-22, the EAA repainted the airplane in the colors of that fictional Mitchell, Berlin Express. Nobody can complain about a misplaced insignia or the wrong font on a unit designator, as the airplane was make-believe to begin with. The EAA bomber is also a bit of a mutt because it no longer has its original solid nose, which housed four .50-caliber machine guns and an enormous 75mm cannon. The…

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raf hendon debuts dambusters experience

Anyone wanting to discover what it was really like to take part in an iconic World War II bombing mission should visit the RAF Museum London at Hendon. Participants describe the newly launched “Dambusters: Immersive Histories Experience” as the nearest thing to stepping back in time. Every effort has been made to ensure historical authenticity, with input from the official historian of No. 617 “Dambusters” Squadron. The aim is to bring alive the experience of the people involved. Innovative virtual reality technology combines with a wooden mockup of an Avro Lancaster bomber cockpit to create a memorable experience. Participants don a special headset and vest. Within seconds, they are on board Guy Gibson’s Lancaster as it carries out raids on Germany’s Ruhr dams. The floor and seats reverberate, aircrew can be seen at…

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murder in the skies

Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 108 (above) was 41 minutes into its trip from Quebec City to the small city of Baie-Comeau, 220 miles northeast, on September 9, 1949, when an explosion in the forward baggage hold sent the airplane, a Douglas DC-3, crashing to earth on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. All 23 passengers and crew aboard were killed. Canadian Pacific, which hadn’t had a fatal accident since 1942, conducted a painstaking investigation. Chemical tests of the wreckage revealed traces of dynamite and a dry-cell battery, both essential ingredients in a time bomb. Attention soon turned to a middle-aged woman who took a taxi to the airport on the morning of the fatal flight and gave a fictitious return address while arranging to ship a large package…