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a treat for the streets

“MMM…NOTHING SAYS FALL LIKE THE TASTE OF A yummy pumpkin spice latte.” Things your ol’ lady might say on October 1, right? Yeah, it might be something along the lines of a “basic” thing to say, but damn it if the guys at Klock Werks didn’t nail that sentiment in the form of a ridiculously slick Heritage Softail. The bike does summon all the feels of the autumn season, but in a badass, gentlemanly street-thug-who-really-loves-Halloween kind of way. All horseplay aside, the outcome of Klock Werks’ Vicla-styled Softail is definitely no joke. Nobody really planned for the bike to end up looking the way it does today. It really started out as a dilapidated bike that Brian Klock purchased from his longtime friend Gene Slater. The whole idea behind doing something…

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what we really want for christmas

We have a hard time asking for presents. The things we really want, we tend to go out and buy ourselves. Hell, as adults, we tend to take care of most of our own needs as they pop up, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t the occasional luxuries that we spot and have a hard time justifying among our normal necessities like groceries, school supplies for the kids, and that new exhaust set. So what do we do when our loved ones want to make our holidays special? Whiskey, knives, power, and storage. Sudden Wisdom Two-Year Rye Whiskey Sudden Wisdom, from Montgomery Distillery, has a tendency to grant me just that. Got a little writer’s block working on that new Indian review? One drink of this two-year-aged rye, and the words are…

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h-d 115th

Remember that bully who used to kick sand in your face? He was there to remind you of your traumatic past at the Bradford Beach Brawl. The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) brought bullies on vintage and modern bikes to the shores of Lake Michigan for the first time in 100 years. Nothing pays tribute to the roots of motorcycle racing like high-siding a prewar bike into the sand. We didn’t see many queens at the Run What You Brung drag race, but it was Harley-Davidson’s anniversary, and they were king! Later they took us down to Paradise City, that place, by the thing, where the lights are green and the bikes are pretty.…

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candy shop

1 ROCKFORD FOSGATE POWER SERIES BAG LID SPEAKERS Need a little more oomph out of your stereo? Rockford Fosgate has been making your tunes sound better for years! Check out Rockford Fosgate’s new Power Series TMS57 bag-lid audio speakers for Harley-Davidson Touring models. Specifically designed for Harley’s Boom! Audio Stage 1 and Stage 2, the 5-by-7-inch 100/200-watt (RMS/peak) speakers feature a high-quality sound output to blast your favorite tunes even louder! $299.99 rockfordfosgate.com 2 GALFER USA WAVE ROTOR FOR HARLEY CVO MODELS Galfer USA released this new wave rotor for Harley-Davidson CVO owners, the DF932W. This stainless-steel rotor is laser-cut, which eliminates bending and warping during manufacturing, making for a stronger rotor. Every Galfer brake rotor is heat-treated specifically for the intended use, and carefully tested prior to shipping. This rotor is specifically designed for ’15–’17 CVO…

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cold-weather gear options

I hate being cold. I’m also not the biggest fan of most tech touring gear when it comes to styling. Here are a few options from Highway 21 Apparel to keep you looking fly while staying protected, with some much-needed cold-weather undergarments from Cycle Gear’s recently redesigned Freeze-Out line to layer up for even colder rides too. Kick Jack Frost in the nards and get out for a ride this winter! Marksman Flannel When perusing the Highway 21 site, I stumbled upon the Marksman flannel. I immediately thought of it as a good layer for winter riding. You never know if your destination is going to be a tad colder or hotter than your starting location, and layering provides options. The stylish Marksman flannel is no slouch as a stand-alone jacket for…

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rsd’s new super hooligan

How do you transform Indian’s recently released factory street tracker, the FTR 1200, into a track-ready dirt-spewing racebike? You turn to the king of road bikes on the flat track, the super hooligan himself, Roland Sands. Inspired by the FTR750, which has dominated the American Flat Track Twins class since its release, the FTR 1200 was developed for the street, yet it evokes a certain emotional response all race enthusiasts can identify with. Finally a legitimate production street tracker is well within grasp for consumers. It hits the nail on the proverbial head in terms of styling, and the specs say it has the performance to back it up. And the $12,999 to $14,999 price point is very attainable for consumers. A proper chassis with steel trellis frame, quality suspension, stylish 19-inch…