Ballistic August/September 2020 Precision

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BALLISTIC is a magazine devoted to the modern firearms enthusiast.

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Welcome to our third annual Ballistic Precision Edition. In the past year, we’ve learned that the precision-shooting scene is a locomotive that is only building steam. We have more involvement from shooters of all walks of life. We have shooters crossing disciplines to partake in precision shooting both casually and competitively. We’ve learned that the product development has only just begun and continues to bring new, and more importantly, useful products to the space. Technology continues to have a huge impact on precision shooting as well, and education and learning should never stop. This issue’s content echoes the above observations. We’ll show you how this space is growing with a look into the NRL .22, a competitive arena that welcomes all comers by allowing an open and affordable alternative to the…

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RCBS Match Dispenser: RCBS is answering the “less time please” call with the Match Master Powder dispenser. RCBS claims the Matchmaster Dispenser dispenses at the same speed as three Chargemasters. It dispenses in under 20 seconds in Standard Mode, but “Match Mode” is more accurate with a claimed 0.04-grain accuracy. Match mode dispensing times can be reduced through fine tuning, thanks to user-adjustable powered dispensing settings. RCBS also claims the unit can dispense 38.5 grains of H4350 in under seven seconds in match mode. The dispenser also features an improved quick-drain feature that drains from the bottom of the unit, and it utilizes an app that can let you control up to eight units simultaneously. (rcbs.com) Henderson Precision Trimmer: I’m all about getting time back, which is hard to do. But it’s not…

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the professor of precision

If you are at the least remotely interested in pursuing the precision-shooting lifestyle, you’re going to have to get comfortable with a couple of facts. Fact one: It’s going to cost you some money. There’s no way around it—shooting precision rifles takes your dollars and turns them into vaporware. Fact two: In order to feel like you’re getting something in return for all those dollars becoming dust, you’ll want to pursue knowledge. That way you can improve and feel better about your efforts. Online searches will take you to many different teachers, but one you might want to seek out with intention is a guy by the name of Phillip Velayo. He is without a doubt an impressive instructor, truly passionate about sharing the knowledge he’s garnered over many years as…

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gunwerks nuts & bolts

If you’re going to do it, do it right. It’s an old adage, but it only becomes more relevant as time passes. Firearm companies have more capabilities than ever before thanks to new design and manufacturing processes. Greater efficiency is possible as well. With this, it should mean a better product for the end user, right? Unfortunately even with today’s modernization, it’s not always the case. But fear not, for there is one rifle company that refuses to do anything less than to perfection. That company is Gunwerks. I was on record at least a year ago saying that I believed Gunwerks is the best all-around rifle company in the precision space right now. Everything the company turns out is top notch, with no holds barred to top-tier spec. It goes beyond…

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small goods, big results

FUTURE FORGED Many shooters who have grown up using traditional bolt-action rifles might find the standard A2-style grip on an AR-15 uncomfortable. Such was the case for Patrick Albor, owner and operator of Future Forged Ltd. Future Forged was founded to create custom-designed and custom-fit grips for the AR-15 platform and any other firearm that can accept a standard AR-type grip. In 2018, Joseph Rhinier of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Mike and Marie-Ann Scala of Geneva, New York, joined the company. Together, they used their backgrounds in law enforcement, competitive shooting and the military to build a far more comfortable grip for America’s favorite platform. Their idea of “new materials, used in new ways to make new things” is evident in the creation of the custom carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer products designed to increase…

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sibling rivalry

There will always be an ongoing battle between bolt runners and gas gunners concerning which one is the most accurate, practical or best overall. This could come down to simply a matter of opinion, but facts always trump opinion, especially in precision shooting, right? Well maybe not. For instance, many of us adhere to the principle that a low standard deviation (SD) in a load that groups well will make it far superior in accuracy, especially at extended distances. That said, there are many knowledgeable shooters who don’t believe this and will fight you over it. They’ll say an SD of 15 or more is perfectly suitable for extended ranges. Let’s face it, when we think of tack-drivers, we often think of bolt-action rifles first. But truth is, if it isn’t built…