Bathroom Yearbook

Bathroom Yearbook

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Bathroom Yearbook is an annual addition that highlights the best bathrooms of the year, offering an array of features for readers looking to create a functional space or sanctuary or for those who are looking to develop their existing bathrooms. This publication offers inspiration for complete renovations, designs from the country’s leading companies and the world’s most spectacular hotel bathrooms, illustrates the season's latest looks and provides expert advice on saving costs.

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from the editor

I’ve been thinking lately about how far the world has come, thanks to technology. Whether we are ordering food on Uber Eats, prepping a tech-savvy new oven for a delicious meal or chatting to relatives who live many oceans away via Skype, technology is now ingrained in our day-to-day life and I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you want to integrate the latest bathroom technology into your new space (and trust me, you should!), don’t forget to consult our comprehensive guide to bathroom tech on page 22. Within this special feature you’ll find tech-savvy grooming equipment, intuitive toilets, Bluetooth-enabled contraptions and so much more. Anyone who has tried to complete their makeup routine in a badly lit bathroom will understand the undeniable importance of good lighting. Yes, your bathroom lighting…

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a little luxe

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tech revival

Technology is here to stay in every area of the home, so we best embrace it. Whether you’re after smart time management, responsible energy consumption or getting to know the latest tech products designed with bathrooms in mind, integrating tech into your new wash space will help ensure it stays contemporary for years to come. Here we explore some of our favourite high-tech products and 21st-century bathroom inventions. SHOWER CONTROL The revolutionary Grohetherm SmartControl range allows you to effortlessly influence every aspect of your shower, leaving you free to simply relish the moment. SmartControl technology allows for intuitive control over temperature, water flow and different spray to deliver your perfect shower experience. Choose between Grohe SmartControl Concealed (which is installed behind the wall for a clean, minimalist look and more freedom of…

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set the mood

TURN UP THE HEAT Heated lighting is fabulous for bathroom brilliance, as you can feel like you’re on a luxurious holiday with the flick of a switch. Heated lights are fitted with an incandescent bulb that produces heat rather than light to gently and subtly warm your space, which means you can step out of the shower with no hesitation in the cooler months. Most heated lights are fitted with ventilation and can help ease moisture problems within your bathroom. 1. A TASTIC OPTION Whoever said three is better than one was right. The new Tastic Luminate Dual range from IXL Home combines a bathroom heater, light and fan, all in one. The Tastic Luminate Dual’s exhaust fan quickly removes steam, while the two 800W infrared heat lamps provide long-lasting, cosy comfort. Featuring…

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how much is a five-star bathroom going to cost?

The Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia (KBDi) has been collating the costs of some of Australia’s most well-designed bathrooms. The figures below are based on the median or average spends associated with KBDi Designer Award entries, and may prove to be helpful when you’re calculating the costs of your dream bathroom. Entries into the KBDi Designer Awards bathroom categories are divided into small and large spaces. By the KBDi’s definition, a small bathroom has a floor area of up to 8sqm, and it will often need a very creative design solution to make it a well-functioning space. A large bathroom is simply a space over 8sqm. While this can allow for a great deal of variation in tiling costs, all other requirements of a large bathroom — regardless of…

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top quality bathware

KBQ What is BelBagno’s company philosophy? TK Our philosophy is simple — quality should be affordable. KBQ Tell us about BelBagno’s history. How did the company begin? TK The BelBagno brand was born in Modena, Italy, 15 years ago, with the production of bathroom vanities for the local market. Over time, our product line has expanded to ceramic toilets, mirrors, stone and acrylic baths, mixers and shower screens. After a few years, our company underwent exponential growth internationally, acquiring more and more markets throughout Europe and Asia. Today, BelBagno has more than 2500+ sale points around the globe, with HQs in Italy, Russia, the Czech Republic, China and Australia. BelBagno is now a dynamic brand with a unique philosophy and business model. KBQ How and why did you get involved with the design industry? TK…