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April 2019

Gardeners' World Magazine is the authoritative voice in gardening, the clear market-leader since it launched in 1991. The award-winning editorial includes topical, practical advice in the readers' favourite 'what to do now' section, and regular contributions and features from the top names in BBC gardening. Packed with fresh ideas and clear advice - the innovative approach offers creative, practical and problem-solving solutions to all keen gardeners.

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Tour with Adam Don’t miss the last chance to book our Cotswolds gardens summer break, with a guest appearance by Adam Frost. Find out more on page 69. Pruning made easy Master the techniques of pruning, with our new 132-page guide. Order a copy for £6.99 inc. free post, with the subscriber code GWSPRUNING19 from magsdirect.co.uk /gwpruningyr19 Snapper’s delight Be among the first to be allowed to take photos at Highgrove on 10 April, guided by our magazine photographer Jason Ingram. Book at bit.ly/GW-Highgrove Free book by Adam The new book by Adam Frost, How to Create Your Garden, is out now for £20. You can bag your own copy free when you subscribe – turn to p165. PHOTOS: EDITOR’S PORTRAIT BY SARAH…

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SUBSCRIPTIONS – 03330 162123 Including new subscription orders or queries, missing covermount gifts and magazine slipcase orders. Email gardeners.world@buysubscriptions.com Phone line open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm. GARDENERS’ WORLD OFFERS – 020 7150 5780 Email offers@gardenersworld.com MAGAZINE EDITORIAL – 020 7150 5770 Email magazine@gardenersworld.com or letters for publication to: letters@gardenersworld.com. Phone line open in office hours, Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm.…

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If our summer gardens are like great theatre, then April is the month when we cast our star performers. This is the moment to put dreams into reality and choose your style for summer – and that’s what this issue is all about. Fresh veg on demand? No problem – we’ve foolproof ways to start, and all you need is a pot. Time to turbo-charge your borders? Nick Bailey will put your right with his new series. Or simply longing for quick results that’ll last all summer? Turn to Adam Frost and Joe Swift for their solutions. But the piece I think everyone must read is the first in our Grow Yourself Healthy series, this month on stress (from page 51). We all face more stresses than…

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STAR OF THE MONTH Erythronium ÔCitronella’ This glorious inhabitant of the woodland fringes is overburdened with common names – I really don’t understand the logic of some of them. Dog’s tooth violet? Easy, that’s due to the shape of the bulb. Fawn lily? Um, no idea, it doesn’t seem particularly deer-like. Trout lily? Likewise, not at all fishy. Adder’s tongue? Possibly because of the flickering stamens. Never fear, sometimes we really don’t need to know the whole story and should be happy enough just enjoying the effect that, in this case, is delightful enough to put a sparkle into anybody’s day.Needs shady woodland, although not too close to trees that may vacuum up all the summer moisture. Plant in drifts where they can spread undisturbed. Height x Spread 25cm…

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expert ’s choice triumph tulips

Tulipa ‘Barcelona’ Fuchsia pink, slightly darker towards the base, with a dark tint to the stems. Startling with yellow wallflowers. Height 50cm T. ‘New Design’ Pale, rose-pink petals are suffused in amber tones, darker at the edges, enhanced by white-edged foliage. H 50cm T. ‘Rems Favourite’ With brightly contrasting colours, the white flowers are boldly streaked and flared from the base with bright purple. H 60cm T. ‘Prinses Irene’ Orange flowers streaked in smoky purple, paler at the edges. Short, well scented and sometimes multiheaded. H 35cm T. ‘Jan Reus’ Rich, deep-red flowers with purplish overtones are held on red-tinted stems, one of the best for reflowering in its second year. H 50cm There are so many different kinds of tulips that, to…