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BBC Gardeners' World February 2019

Gardeners' World Magazine is the authoritative voice in gardening, the clear market-leader since it launched in 1991. The award-winning editorial includes topical, practical advice in the readers' favourite 'what to do now' section, and regular contributions and features from the top names in BBC gardening. Packed with fresh ideas and clear advice - the innovative approach offers creative, practical and problem-solving solutions to all keen gardeners.

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Meet Monty Join our exclusive reader trip to Provence this June, and discover incredible gardens, enjoy wine tasting AND meet Monty at one of his favourite gardens. For details of this six-day tour, turn to page 46. Bundles of ideas Treat yourself to our offer of two Gardeners’ World special editions on bulbs and small spaces. Worth £14, subscribers can buy both for £9.98 with the code gwsebundle18. See bit.ly/GW-bundle Home from home If you’re inspired by our houseplant features to be more adventurous in your style, try creating a terrarium. Watch our video at gardenersworld.com/terrarium Learn new skills Discover more about gardening techniques in our exclusive GW Mag Masterclasses, hosted by Savill Garden. See the full programme on p55. PHOTOS: EDITOR’S…

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The countdown to spring is on and the urge to get growing is irresistible! It’s so cheering to see those early plants already out the blocks, shimmying their heads above ground or popping out buds as they soak up every ray of light in our lengthening days. These are the tough guys of the garden – hellebores, witch hazels, clematis and more... hardy as a boot, their roots down in the warmth underground.But while there’s still an icy crust on soil to contend with, I salve the need to get growing by turning indoors – tucked up in the greenhouse or, when it’s really nippy, sowing seeds at the kitchen table, mug of tea and radio close to hand. And if, like me, your resolution this year was…

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we love february for its little gang of early blooms

STAR OF THE MONTH Helleborus x hybridus Hellebores are quite – how shall I put it delicately – promiscuous. They happily hybridise and cross with all-comers, which (if one ignores the moral laxity) is a good thing for gardeners, as it means that we now have hellebores in every colour from white to deep, thundery, purple. In the ancient world, they were used to cure madness, notably in the case of the king of Argos’s daughters, who were given to running naked through the streets – very different from the home life of our own royal family. This particular variety is a fabulous winter red.If you want a hellebore identical to the parent, then divide the plant in September. If you feel lucky, sow seed when ripe. Height x…

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expert's choice reticulata iris

I. ‘George’ Deep purple flowers with a bright yellow flash on the lower petals. Spring sun brings out exceptional scent. Height 12cm I. ‘Natascha’ Strongly scented, white flowers infused with pale blue, delicate blue veins and a slim, bright yellow flash. H 15cm I. histrioides ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’ Broad, rich, almost purplish blue, fragrant flowers feature pale streaks and an electric yellow flash on the lower petals. H 10cm I. ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ Large, broad flowers in an exquisite combination of summer sky blue and summer sun with intriguing veins. H 15cm I. ‘Gordon’ Two-tone blue flowers, with the lower petals featuring a vivid yellow-orange flash against a white background. H 15cm On the whole botanists are friends to gardeners as they organise the…