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February 2022

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@jack_rix This month I have been mostly lusting after the Ducati Desert X. This, as the name implies, is Ducati’s new Dakar-inspired adventure bike that blends chunky retro lines with all the latest tech to make blasts across the wilderness as easy as popping to the shops. The press images are strong – consisting of five-time world enduro champion Antoine Méo, immaculately dressed in the Desert X capsule collection, firing himself into the great blue yonder off the top of some sand dunes. It’s a powerful sell – the promise of adventure, of unbreakability, of new skills waiting to be honed. And refreshingly it’s not all marketing flimflam because this isn’t some hipster scrambler conversion, it’s supposed to be ready to race across inhospitable terrain out of the box. A couple of features…

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remembering sir frank williams

As the news of Sir Frank Williams’ passing filtered through, the world of F1 went into mourning. When one lists the legends of the sport, it is usually the drivers – Fangio, Moss, Clark, Stewart, Schumacher, Senna and others that trip off the tongue. But there are a handful of team owners and constructors who also deserve a place on that list and like Enzo Ferrari, Frank Williams is one of them. Although Sir Frank and family finally sold the team to Dorilton Capital in 2020, the Williams name has been ever-present in F1 for 53 years. The early years were tough, and Williams famously ran the team from a local phone box for a while having been unable to pay the bills at the factory. Only Ferrari has won more…

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defining moments

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coffee break

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clio rs mk iv

TopGear Top Fact! The phrase “the empire on which the sun never set” was first used to describe not the British Empire, but the Habsburg Empire of the 16th century: an empire on which, you won’t fail to notice, the sun has indeed long since set. As it has on the British Empire, and every other apparently all-powerful, everlasting imperium in history. And so to 2012’s Clio RenaultSport, the car historians will surely regard as the sundown moment on one of the greatest fast car bloodlines of them all: the Hot Clio Dynasty. Viewed in isolation, the MkIV Clio RS was… fine. Decently rapid, looked lairy enough, navigated corners without plummeting into a storm drain. Problem was, you couldn’t view the MkIV Clio RS in isolation. Because it was heir to a…

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range topper

The good news is, it looks like a car. Mercedes’ new ultra-range electric Vision EQXX concept car doesn’t look like an SUV. And better yet it doesn’t look like some science project. The aim here is to get a nice round 1,000km (621 miles) of range. Now the obvious answer to that would be a huge battery. With today’s tech that would mean a vast underfloor box, which could only fit under an SUV. The weight and drag would spiral upward, and so would the price. The EQXX’s approach is the opposite. Low weight, low drag, sky high effciency. More range from a smallish battery. Every part and system has been given the beady eye, looking for savings in weight, aerodynamic drag, friction, heat and electrical resistance. Right down to the very…