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bella rae magazinebella rae magazine

bella rae magazine Issue 12

bella rae is a quarterly magazine for young women. In the pages of bella rae, you will find a vibrant collection of diverse people with real stories, craft, artwork, recipes, music, fitness and wellbeing. We are unique, fun, and passionate – just like our readers! We value young women and want to challenge them to dig deep, think hard, and be real.

Bella Rae Magazine
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12 wondrous things because it’s issue 12, guys!

1 The surge of energy you get upon discovering you’re home alone–which leads to wild dancing in the living room 2 Friends who write you notes or bring you snacks or put things in your letterbox 3 When you climb into bed with clean sheets, fresh pyjamas and washed hair–what is this bliss?! The stars have aligned! 4 When people you admire talk about their failure–and it helps you feel brave about trying something you’re afraid to do–because maybe stuffing up isn’t as bad as you thought 5 Words! Ideas! Stories! Interviews! thesaurus.com! Thoughtful use of exclamation marks! Precision! Excellence! Art! 6 Sitting down to eat after running around outside and everything tastes incredible because you’ve worked up a proper appetite 7 Waving at strangers on the shore as you sail past on a boat 8 People…

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bella rae

bella rae team content director henrietta lee creative director kandice orford editing team henrietta lee, kate murray, deryck thomas, nancy thomas administrator selena protheroe bella rae committee alexandra brouwer, julienne doran, henrietta lee, dawn osborne, letitia shelton, melina windolf superstars katie green, cielo klass, emily munro, liz schultz, anna schwenke, emma shepherd founder elizabeth hamilton issue 12 contributors writers vita adam, bianca aniceto, cielo klass, henrietta lee, kupakwashe matangira, josh nadler, anna reeves, liz schultz, anna schwenke, xanthe smith katherine willis illustrators helen boughen, michelle clarke, april hill, emily mccubben, rachael sarra photographers george bowden, aimee catt, melody davis, fran miller, kandice orford, anna schwenke front cover photographer melody davis – kodo creative back cover photographer fran miller special thanks alexandra brouwer, dani cripps, rae evans, wendy francis, katrina & adrian hobbs, ann & ted kitto, kate murray, jenny saville, dana stephens, sue &…

4 Min.
when boys cause confusion

So you find yourself changing your plans to suit him, checking your phone for a message, like or comment every few minutes and racking your brain for ways you could better keep his attention on you. Sound familiar? What is this crazy dance we do? We make ourselves available, we compromise on what we feel comfortable with, we apologise for his shortcomings and then we complain and cry when he lets us down. Let’s be honest – we can all be weird sometimes! I’ve been there, done that and caused myself so much anxiety and misery, all because I let my imagination run away, my expectations shoot sky high and I lost touch with my standards and worth and in some ways – with reality. When we’re discovering this exciting, awkward (and…

3 Min.
april hill writes

I have never said publically who I am, or what I look like and, at first, I was going to wear a mask or draw images with a mask. But I realised you can still tell much about a person under a mask. I wanted to be more covered, so I decided a sheet would work perfectly. I cut some holes in the sheet and became a ghost. I wanted to remain anonymous as I enjoy being able to write words people fall in love with, without knowing who wrote them. It allows me to be completely honest. Being able to separate myself from age, sex, race, class plus many other categories – and still have people find themselves in every piece, speaks to these biases we have created as…

4 Min.
this is matilda

Matilda Rose Lee, 18, lives at home in the peaceful Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast. At this stage of life I’m just figuring out what I want I do. I waitress at a cafe a couple of days a week. I’m hoping to travel, so I’m looking for a second job and trying to save money. What do you like to do in your spare time? I love watching movies or going to the beach. I love snowboarding although I don’t get to do it much. I went snowboarding in Japan the year before last, and plan to go again as soon as I can! I love spending time with friends and family, going on adventures, exploring new places and finding spots to eat! I love food – burgers and…

4 Min.
just flare

Zac and Hannah met through Zac’s band – Awkward Silence – back in year seven. They needed a singer so Hannah stepped up to the mic. In their senior years they met Tyler, an enthusiastic drummer from the year above them. They finished school and the band sifted down to a trio and became Just Flare. What’s challenging about being a musician? Hannah: Finding gigs that pay well enough to split decently between three people is a hard task. So far we’ve mostly funded ourselves. I’m making coffees at a café and Tyler works at a juice bar while Zac’s main source of income is from gigs, which is why it’s important for us to get them regularly! We’ve been applying for grants and scholarships, which would help too. Zac: Connections make…