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Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition

March 2020

Since 1938, Better Nutrition magazine’s mission has been to responsibly inform health-food-store shoppers in nutritional approaches to health and wellness, as well as report on the latest research on vitamins, herbs minerals, nutrients, whole foods, natural personal care and beauty items and environmentally friendly products.

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better nutrition

Editor in Chief Nicole Brechka Creative Director Rachel Joyosa Executive Editor Jerry Shaver Associate Editor Elizabeth Fisher Digital Editor Maureen Farrar Copy Editor James Naples Beauty Editor Sherrie Strausfogel Contributing Editors Vera Tweed, Helen Gray Contributing Writers Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC, Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, Cheryl Cromer, Dr. Renee Joy Dufault, Emily A. Kane, ND, LAc, Frank Kilpatrick, Chris Mann, Melissa Diane Smith, Lisa Turner, Neil Zevnik Print Ad Coordinator Kim Hoff Prepress Manager Joy Kelley Prepress Specialist Idania Mentana Editorial Offices 512 Main Street, Suite 1 El Segundo, CA 90245 310-873-6952 General Manager AIM Retail Group Rob Lutz rlutz@aimmedia.com 970-291-9029 Integrated Media Sales Director – Eastern U.S. and Midwest Kevin Gillespie kgillespie@aimmedia.com 603-305-5106 Integrated Media Sales Director – Western U.S. Candice Smith csmith@aimmedia.com 603-361-5762 Retail Development Group 2400 NE 65th Street, Ste. 623 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 800-443-4974, ext. 702 Director of Retail Sales Joshua Kelly jkelly@aimmedia.com…

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time to meditate

My first experience with meditation was in my early 20s—my girlfriend and I went to a “relaxation” class at a local bookshop. We sat on mats spread throughout the store as a woman guided us through a stress-reduction meditation. I liked how I felt afterward, lighter and happier. I was struggling with depression at the time, and the meditation helped push that heaviness aside for a moment. I’m by no means a meditation guru, but I have, over the years, come to love and appreciate the benefits of this ancient practice, including having a better outlook on life. “Meditation enables the practitioner to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts, which will benefit every area of life,” says Gilly Pickup, author of The Little Book of Meditations (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2019). You don’t…

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our writers

* Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC, is an award-winning educator, author of multiple books, and a real food chef. She’s helped thousands of people make lasting changes to deeply entrenched habits that no longer serve them. jeannettebessinger.com * Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, is a board-certified nutritionist and the bestselling author of 15 books, including The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth and Living Low Carb. jonnybowden.com * Cheryl Cromer is an artisan aromatherapist with more than 20 years’ experience. Based in Winter Park, Fla., she specializes in writing about aromatherapy and the spa lifestyle. * Dr. Renee Joy Dufault is a health coach and educator who worked for the National Institutes of Health, the EPA, and the FDA. In 2010, she founded the Food Ingredient and Health Research Institute. She is the author of UNSAFE AT ANY…

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The Hot New Skin Discovery You probably know that the microbiome in your gut is a top influencer of your health, but did you know that your skin has its own microbiome? It does, and giving it the TLC it needs can help keep your skin in radiant, glowing shape. “The skin microbiome is its own world of roughly a thousand species,” says Paul Schulick, master herbalist and founder of For The Biome (forthebiome.com), a company that makes skincare products to nourish the skin’s microbiome. Although it’s similar to the gut microbiome in many ways, the skin microbiome is even more diverse. “There are different climates on your skin, from deserts to rainforests, and each one invites unique species,” says Schulick. The Microbiome & Your Skin * All those skin microorganisms serve important functions, including: * Balancing…

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tai chi helps arteries

The gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi reduce stress, increase flexibility, enhance overall fitness, and improve balance. And now a study has found that this fitness practice can also enhance the health of arteries. In Japan, researchers tested Tai Chi classes in a group of relatively healthy but sedentary older people and compared results to a similar group that did not participate. In addition to improving their overall strength and fitness, those doing Tai Chi had less stiffness in their arteries after six months of regular practice. The researchers concluded that for such health benefits, Tai Chi should be practiced three times per week on an ongoing basis.…

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how to eat protein for weight loss

Dinner is the biggest meal for many of us, so that’s when we tend to eat the largest amount of protein. But if you’re trying to lose weight, spreading out the day’s protein into equal parts at breakfast, lunch, and dinner may be more effective, according to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging. In a group of older people on a weight-loss program, roughly equal amounts of protein at each meal produced greater weight loss than eating the same amount of food with most of the protein at dinner.…