BH&G 100 Best Halloween Ideas

BH&G 100 Best Halloween Ideas 2021

From the experts on Halloween comes the best-of-the-best in all things Halloween. In 100 Best Halloween Ideas we feature 100 of our favorite most-pinned projects all in one carefully curated collection. We highlight Halloween decorating both inside and out, sweet and savory foods, easy DIY costumes, and of course, pumpkins to carve, paint, bedazzle, and more. Simple ideas for your home and entertaining are showcased along with more in-depth projects featuring easy instructions and downloadable patterns and artwork. Bold photography and quick tips give readers ideas they can incorporate into their own seasonal decorating.

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editor’s note

CALLING ALL CREATIVE SPIRITS! This magazine invokes you to celebrate Halloween in a way that reflects your personality. We have selected some of our most-loved, most-pinned ideas and collected them into a perfectly petrifying package sure to fit any style. “Happy Hallows,” page 40, features our cover projects in the classic orange and black color scheme. Feeling like going modern? “Witches Night Out,” page 80, punches up a spooky girlfriend soiree with a mix of swirly pastels. When it comes to Halloween being subtle and sophisticated, check out “White with Fright,” page 32, for DIY projects. Or surrender your home to a freaky infestation like the homes featured in “Snakes, Spiders, and Rats… Oh My!,” page 52. Whether you like to go big or keep it simple, here are 100 easy ideas to make…

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sweet no-eat treats

DOWNLOAD PATTERNS & INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PROJECTS IN THIS STORY AT BHG.COM/TEALPUMPKIN MUMMY BOX Wrap crepe paper around a box of crayons, a deck of cards, or a package of colorful adhesive bandages. BAT BUBBLES Decorate your mantel with a colony of paper bats before you pass them out. SPIRIT GLOW STICK Slits in this cardstock cutout give it a grip. GHOST LIP BALM Tuck a tube inside a stack of four tissue paper squares and tie with ribbon. BROOM PENCIL Clip the ends of burlap ribbon to mimic bristles. MONSTER MODELING CLAY A strip of paper disguises two 1-ounce containers of modeling clay tied together with ribbon. (Use clay that doesn’t contain wheat for a gluten-free option.) A PUMPKIN PAINTED TEAL AND DISPLAYED BY YOUR DOOR LETS TRICK-ORTREATERS KNOW YOU’RE OFFERING FOOD-FREE FAVORS. PARENTS OF KIDS WITH FOOD ALLERGIES WILL APPRECIATE THE EFFORT. For…

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cute costumes for pets

SAFETY TIPS FOR PETS Some pets love dressing up, but others may need a little convincing. Check out these helpful strategies. 1 FINE-TUNE THE FIT Let your pooch try on her costume in advance so there’s time to exchange it, if needed. Too-small costumes may cause whining; too-big costumes may cause injury if they get twisted on your pet or other objects. 2 OFFER A REWARD Show your pet that dressing up is fun. Start practicing long before Halloween, and offer a treat every time he wears a hat, wig, or complete costume. 3 HEAD OFF PROBLEMS Make sure the elastic keeping a hat or wig in place is not too tight. Most headgear will not stay on long because animals are so active, so snap a picture when you can! 4 REMOVE TEMPTATION Steer clear of costumes with…

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that’s a wrap

3. DARK MAGIC Hot-glue the end of one strand of yarn to the bottom of pumpkin. Wrap yarn up over the top and back to the bottom. Repeat, moving around pumpkin, creating a loose base layer. Hot-glue end of yarn to bottom of pumpkin. Continue process with assorted dark yarns until pumpkin is well-covered. 4. BELLY BAND Hot-glue end of yarn (medium to bulky weight works best) a couple inches up from pumpkin base. Wrap yarn around pumpkin, keeping each row as tightly spaced as possible and hot-gluing as needed to secure. Create stripes with multiple yarns or a variegated yarn. 5. THE MUMMY Hot-glue the end of one strand of yarn to the bottom of pumpkin. Wrap yarn up over the top and back to the bottom. Repeat, moving around pumpkin, creating a loose…

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family flair

8. SPACE AGE The future is bright with lots of metallic accessories. Top skirts with a bodice made from silver tissue lamé fabric. Customizing bold shoulder shapes and sleeves lends a UFO vibe. Cover boots and hats in aluminum foil. Adorn silver headbands with glitter-covered stars. Finish with blue sunglasses, name tags, and toy ray guns. 9. BOO FOR YOU For more holiday magic, follow Stephanie at www.stephaniehanna.com or on Instagram@stephaniehannablog. 10. GARDEN DELIGHT Cultivate your own garden costumes with ease. Re-create the rainbow jumper by cutting out two semicircles of felt. Attach arched felt pieces with hot glue to fashion two rainbows. Stuff a little polyfill between two white felt cloud cutouts and hot-glue the pieces together to create a cloud. Repeat and hotglue clouds to rainbow. Finish with felt shoulder straps. For the…

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family costume ideas

NEW YORK, NEW YORK Assign someone to be the Big Apple and another as the Statue of Liberty. Add in a slice of New York-style pizza and a Broadway-inspired Phantom of the Opera and you’re ready to bring NYC to Halloween. LET’S DO BRUNCH Bacon and eggs is a great way to start a breakfast-themed ensemble. Round it out with a glass of orange juice, slice of toast, or a tall mimosa. SHARK ATTACK Dress your little ankle biters as sharks or their favorite sea creatures. Outfit the parents in beachwear. Boogie boards and large sunhats encouraged! FILM BUFF Create a collection of characters from movie favorites like Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Marvel superheros, or Disney classics. HUNGRY CATERPILLAR Dress the kids as a caterpillar and a butterfly while the adults don a holey leaf and a chrysalis. GAME…