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Bow International Issue 137

Bow International is the world's only specialist target archery print magazine, and within each issue you'll find news and reviews, new gear, technique, advice and tips; plus exclusive interviews from the world's greatest archers.

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it gets earlier every year

Hello! Welcome to Bow International 137! Thanks for all your fantastic feedback on The Arrow Issue, number 136. We really tried to include a full and open test of all the carbon arrows on the market, but in the end, it was too difficult and expensive (not to mention time-consuming) to get it done to a scientifically accurate and verifiable standard. I do frequently long to be a slightly bigger magazine with a less-limited budget, and I really think the archery audience deserves this. It's still not completely off our radar; fully objective information is very hard to come by and would be really valuable to you, dear reader. So all I can say is: watch this space. As so often, the vagaries of publishing means that our Christmas Gift Guide…

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bow news

EUROPEAN FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS CONCLUDE IN MOKRICE Domagoj Buden of Croatia came from behind to beat reigning target World Champion Mike Schloesser on the very last target to the European Field title in Mokrice, Slovenia in October – the second consecutive year the competition has been held in the country. The hosts took three gold medals at the tournament from Toja Ellison in the senior compound women’s competition, recurve junior men’s winner Ziga Ravnikar, as well as the junior men’s recurve team. Jean-Charles Valladont and Laurena Villard in recurve and Eric Esposito and Cinzia Noziglia in barebow were the other senior winners. Britain's Bryony Pitman took a bronze in women's recurve. “It means a lot as field is the discipline that has been closest to my heart since I started archery," Buden said afterwards. "The…

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indoor season: open for business

Archers from across the spectrum are turning competition into a holiday, combining a city break with competitive archery. Why not join them? We've rounded up the largest international indoor tournaments here. Registration is now open for all six of the events on the calendar of the 2020 Indoor Archery World Series. All these tournaments are open entry, meaning archers do not have to be a member of a national team to compete. Registration for Indoor Series events is completed through World Archery’s WAREOS extranet, however entries for the Vegas Shoot have to go through through the tournament’s official website. (You can also register as a team, which combines results across events.) What, indeed, are you waiting for? JVD OPEN Officially this is sold out, but check carefully to see if any spaces open…

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the bow christmas gift guide

UNDER £15 EASTON PRO HEX METRIC / IMPERIAL HEX SET A handy set of metric and imperial hex keys (often known as Allen keys) is an essential part of any archery kit and a spare set never goes amiss, either. Is this the only sport in the world where people have to regularly mix the two systems? Probably. • £14.99• The Archery Shop• web address BEITER DEBURRING TOOL For the arrowmaker who has everything, the Beiter deburring tool is spot-on for cleaning up the end of the shaft before you fit the points. It removes any burrs from where the shaft has been cut. • Around £8• Clickers Archery• clickersarchery.co.uk CABLE KNIT BOBBLE HAT Hats and scarves and general keep-you-warm gear is usually an excellent idea for any archers in the Northern hemisphere. These corkscrew cable knitted bobble…

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six ways to improve your recurve release

The release is the most important part of your recurve shot; consistency here will skyrocket your performance, and even minor errors can drop your score. When I talk about the release I'm not referring to the action of the draw fingers alone. I'm talking about the movement of your whole body whilst the arrow is being launched from the bow. This combines the "draw-side" release with the "bow-side" release and any other movements. You might have the best release since Park Sung-Hyun on one side of your shot, but collapse on the other half and you will be stuck with low scores forever. When done correctly, a great release transforms your shot into a dynamic movement that is aggressive, yet elegant. It's a beautiful skill that can take an incredible amount…

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turning pro: recurve

In Bow issue 135 we looked at professional compound archery; a difficult, but not impossible goal to achieve with enough talent, practice and motivation. But what about recurve? Most full-time recurve archers are funded by a state Olympic system, which in most Western countries, given the size of the sport, funds just a small handful of archers to shoot and compete full-time. Many recurve archers have also moved into sidelines in elite coaching, manufacturing (such as Italy's Michele Frangilli) and/or merchandising and media (as with the Dutch Triple Trouble team.) Some of the elite names can pull in a great deal of money for sponsorship, known as 'contingency', and one of the best-known Western recurve archers is thought to make around $200,000 a year from the various strands of his career. You…