Break for the Border: The Collection

Break for the Border: The Collection

Road Rider: Merica 2015

Australian Road Rider presents its very own mini-series: Break for the Border. In this collection, you’ll find the best road trip adventures from across the world and back; we give you the inside line to making your adventure as easy and enjoyable as possible. From first motorcycle touring trips along the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians to serious journeys not for the fainthearted as we capture an incredible 105-day expedition across 15+ countries! Don’t miss out on this exciting collection.

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11 Min
land of opportunity

America is not only a vast land of much diversity, it’s also a land full of great riding, friendly folks, stunning scenery and hassle-free travelling. Here, we dispel the myths and give you the inside line to making your adventure to the land of Stars and Stripes as easy and enjoyable as possible. MYTHS There are many myths about riding in America. The first is that the roads are flat, straight and boring. OK, there are massive interstates that are all that, but at least they can get you over some of the vast distances very quickly. However, there are also many roads that follow rivers and coastlines or roll over massive mountain ranges leaving you breathless with excitement. Second myth is that it’s not very interesting countryside. Yep, the middle can be…

4 Min
mountain magnificence

We pull into the Kum & Go gas station in Smalltown USA, tittering like schoolboys inside our helmets. Rusty old Dodge and Chevy pick-up trucks litter the forecourt and a dishevelled old man with a silver beard and wild hair under a trucker’s cap shuffles out to his truck. I expect him to grab his shotgun from the gun rack and threaten to put buckshot in our pants as he yells: “If any of you claim-jumping varmints don’t get offa my property, pronto, dagnabbit.” It’s these cultural experiences in the quaint little former gold-fossicking towns that add to the Colorado Rocky Mountain high. Riding the Rockies is something all bikers should do at some stage in their lives. It is a wonderful blend of these Smalltown USA cultural experiences, spectacular scenery and smooth,…

6 Min
california dreamin’

Morro Bay’s beauty lay in its mystery the first time I arrived. Wrapped in a low winter sea mist, only disjointed bits of it showed. Buildings on a hillside. A road down to the invisible coastline. Hints of a waterfront. An enormous bald rock somehow hovered above it, yet out over the water. It didn’t make much sense until eventually the mist cleared to reveal Morro Rock’s part in the scene. The volcanic plug and the man-made causeway connecting it to the mainland protect Morro Bay’s tranquil harbour. I ate a wonderful seafood dinner at a restaurant on the pier and watched sea otters paddling about below me. That was the first time I rode the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) between LA and San Francisco. Two of us had flown into…