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Spring 2020

Want to rediscover what made grandma’s house the fun place we all remember? Capper’s Farmer updates the tried-and-true methods your grandparents used for cooking, crafting, gardening and so much more.

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community buzz

Popular on www.CappersFarmer.com Sew a Trio of Denim Baskets www.CappersFarmer.com/Sew-Denim-Baskets My friends and family like to give me their worn-out clothes to upcycle into my crafts and sewing projects. These baskets are from the overalls of a friend’s father who passed away. Instead of taking the overalls apart and adding them to my denim pile, I decided to use them to make my friend’s mom a set of baskets for everyday use, as a small way to keep a piece of her husband nearby. I knew my friend’s mother’s home décor was simple, with accents of earth tones, and I knew she loved nature and birds. The liner fabric I found was the perfect blend of the two. The embellishments and trims for each basket are pieces from my stash, which add a pop…

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ready for change

WHILE I’m not always eager for change, I realize that sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes you just need to try something new, and oftentimes, it can be exciting and rewarding. For instance, I recently took over the reins of Capper’s Farmer, which I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of for 25 years, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. On a similar note, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been including more craft content in Capper’s Farmer in the past several issues. We wanted to change things up a bit, and we thought it would be fun to cover some subjects that weren’t our normal topics. We’ve heard from many folks who’ve said they’re enjoying the craft articles, and several people have let us know that…

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country critters

Share Your Photos ... Send us photos of your pets and livestock, and we just might feature them in a future issue of the magazine. Be sure to identify the subjects in the photos, and include a few details, such as the age, breed, name, quirky habits, etc., of the animal. Include your full name and mailing address in the correspondence, and if we use your photos, we'll send you a copy of the issue in which they appear. Email your photos (JPEG, 300 dpi), as attachments, to TSmith@CappersFarmer.com, or mail them (please don't send photocopies, as we can't reprint them) via the USPS to: Capper's Farmer Magazine Editorial Dept.: Country Critters 1503 S.W. 42nd St. Topeka, KS 66609 TRACI SMITH (3); REBECCA MARTIN ILENE REID (2); CARLA TILGHMAN (2); CHRISTIAN WILLIAMS; JOANNA WILL (2)…

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general store

Countertop Oven Available at Walmart and Home Depot. $400 The Sharp Superheated Steam Countertop Oven is a powerful pizzeria-style oven for the home. It combines steam and radiant heat to ensure foods are crisp and golden outside, and moist and delicious inside. The 1750-watt, stainless steel oven is large enough to cook a 12-inch pizza, requires no preheating or defrosting, has a temperature range of 160 to 485 degrees Fahrenheit, and features a front-loading water tank that lasts up to one hour. The oven also includes a broiling pan and crisper tray. The oven is good sized, and is great for cooking a variety of foods, as well as for reheating leftovers (way better than the microwave). It's easy to clean, and it's great not having to preheat.— Editors Short-Range Shotgun Available at Henry dealers.…

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rulers of the roost

FOR as long as I can remember, chickens have been a renewable natural resource, similar to such things as sunshine or television signals. When I was a kid growing up on our humble South Dakota dairy farm, our parents would purchase a hundred baby chicks each April. One spring, something must’ve gone wrong with our brooder, because an upstairs bedroom in our farmhouse suddenly became a nursery for the baby chicks. My siblings and I didn’t mind this development. On the contrary, we were delighted to have unlimited opportunities to cuddle the cute little peepers. I don’t recall how long the chicks stayed in the bedroom, but I’m pretty sure Mom insisted they be gone before they began to crow. Our baby chicks normally lived in our chicken coop. They’d huddle under our…

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seasonal beauty products

HOME beauty is one of my passions, and DIY beauty is something I’ve done most of my life. The topic of natural and homemade beauty has never been more popular than it is right now, and there’s a massive increase in the number of people creating their own products. What might've started out as a necessity for our grandmothers is a lifestyle choice these days. Following are some recipes, organized by the season when the treatments are most effective and the ingredients are easiest to find. Although most ingredients can be found year-round, I like to use what I find locally or grow in my own garden. Plus, you’ll save money by shopping what’s in season, and if you're like me, your routines and treatments also change with the seasons. Because…