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Car Mechanics April 2018

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Car Mechanics is the UK's only car magazine with essential advice on maintaining and repairing popular makes and models. It’s an invaluable motoring resource that appeals to both the DIY car enthusiast and the more experienced motor trade professional. Car Mechanics has helped save money for our readers every month since 1958. Each issue includes a wide range of in-depth features written in a clear, straightforward manner: • Readers’ motoring-related problems answered for FREE • Real-life motoring dilemmas from our man in the garage trade • Electronic diagnostics delves inside a different modern vehicle each month to explain its management system • Survival Guide looks at new and used component prices for a particular vehicle • Used Car Focus is an in-depth buying guide on a specific make and model • Service Bay covers a full service with close-up images and comprehensive descriptions • Project cars are a major part of the structure of the magazine as we buy, fix and sell different vehicles over a period of months So if you're into saving money and being a home technician, Car Mechanics will help you out - guaranteed!

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60 not out So CM has been around for 60 years. Think about it: that’s longer than the Mini has been in existence! For a magazine to be celebrating six decades is rather unusual given that most periodicals fall by the wayside far sooner. This means CM is the second-oldest British monthly motoring title – only Motor Sport is older. For me, it’s my third celebration issue, having been around for the 40th and 50th anniversaries. It does give me great pride to have worked on a magazine that has survived this long. Of course, to produce something special each month for our readers wouldn’t be possible without our team of contributors. These days, all of our journalists are contracted on a freelance basis, so basically we all work from home. Only Edward Haggar…

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top 20 developments

20 Fluids Fuel and lubricating oils have developed almost out of all recognition within the last 60 years. Adjusted for inflation, a gallon of petrol in the UK cost approximately £12 in 1958, meaning that it has become cheaper in real terms, even though it doesn’t feel like it! The fuel itself has changed considerably, too. Apart from containing fewer impurities, tetraethyl lead was banned from petrol blends in 2000 and ethanol/biodiesel has been added. The star ratings that denoted petrol’s octane rating have also disappeared. Naturally, improvements in both fuels and lubricants have helped to increase service intervals and reliability, both of which have reduced the cost of ownership. Modern cars also have more bespoke requirements and the range of lubricating oils available today is quite bewildering. The same is true of…

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cm insider

WIN a workshop with Machine Mart As in previous years, Machine Mart is offering Car Mechanics readers the chance to win a shopping spree at one of the superstores around the UK. There will £4000 in prizes up for grabs for five lucky readers to tool up with Clarke gear. This year’s competition will be open until May 4, 2018 and there will be five prizes ranging in value from £250 to £1500 which can be spent in-store at one of Machine Mart's 66 outlets. You’ll literally have the run of the store and can stock up the workshop of your dreams with whatever tools, electronics and equipment you want. To enter this fantastic competition, all you need to do is register your name and address at carmechanics.co.uk/winaworkshop and answer one simple question.…

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news in brief

With the new MOT regulations coming into effect in May 2018, CGON has established 400 installers in MOT centres for its new hydrogen additive. The product introduces small amounts of very pure hydrogen into the fuel-air mix, resulting in a more complete burn that radically reduces emissions and fuel consumption. An added benefit for diesel vehicles is that it also helps keep diesel particulate filters clean. At the end of 2017, Ernst Prost, CEO of leading global oil manufacturer Liqui Moly, decided to sell his company shares to parent company, the Würth Group. He said: “I have hereby secured the future of Liqui Moly for a time when I may no longer be at the helm myself.” Total UK has launched a new website at total.co.uk with improved features and functionality to…

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tales from the workshop

CITROËN C1 Cat-astrophic failure The owner of this 2010 Citroën C1 had noticed a small exhaust blow for some time and the noise slowly increased in volume over the course of a couple of weeks. Some may have thought this was fair warning that a problem was looming and that it was a good idea to resolve the situation before it developed any further. However, the owner simply turned up the radio volume control to drown out the noisy exhaust. Eventually the front exhaust pipe fractured completely and the C1 now sounded like a drag racer. When the Citroën glided onto our forecourt, we discovered that the broken front pipe was actually the catalytic converter, which comes complete with exhaust manifold. The support bracket had broken off, putting a strain on the cat,…

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feisty fiesta

Introduced into the UK in early 1977, the Fiesta is now Ford’s longest-running model after the Transit van. For its first 30 years, it was a decent small car that often topped the sales charts but which was only really an average performer. In 2008, however, the Mk7 went on sale and changed all of that. The opposition were caught napping and the Mk7 was now considered by just about everyone in the motoring press to be the best small car you could buy. This is reflected in used prices – even at 10 years old, you’ll struggle to get a decent one for less than £2000. First seen at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show as the Ford Verve concept car, the show car was extremely close to the production Fiesta…