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Car Mechanics February 2019

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Car Mechanics is the UK's only car magazine with essential advice on maintaining and repairing popular makes and models. It’s an invaluable motoring resource that appeals to both the DIY car enthusiast and the more experienced motor trade professional. Car Mechanics has helped save money for our readers every month since 1958. Each issue includes a wide range of in-depth features written in a clear, straightforward manner: • Readers’ motoring-related problems answered for FREE • Real-life motoring dilemmas from our man in the garage trade • Electronic diagnostics delves inside a different modern vehicle each month to explain its management system • Survival Guide looks at new and used component prices for a particular vehicle • Used Car Focus is an in-depth buying guide on a specific make and model • Service Bay covers a full service with close-up images and comprehensive descriptions • Project cars are a major part of the structure of the magazine as we buy, fix and sell different vehicles over a period of months So if you're into saving money and being a home technician, Car Mechanics will help you out - guaranteed!

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shiny tools

CM contributor Rob Hawkins spent many months testing various starter toolkits to create a no-nonsense guide to the best on offer today, as you can see on page 38. He also handed the toolkits out to various mechanics of all ages and experience, from apprentices to industry veterans, to use them on different vehicles and see which set they preferred working with. Of course, the companies involved in our Product Test can supply a far wider selection of toolkits than we can show on these pages, so I recommend you visit their websites for details of other sets to find the one that meets all of your requirements. For me, I’ve amassed quite a few socket sets over the years – I currently own one each from Draper, Clarke Pro and Teng…

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project fiesta for sale

Our three-door Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 82PS is now for sale for £2400 . This former CM project passed its MOT test at the end of September 2018 and has covered fewer than 200 miles since. We bought it at 99,477 miles in February 2018 and the mileage today is approximately 103,400. It made its first appearance in the April 2018 issue. Work carried out in subsequent issues has included: cambelt/water pump change, new discs, shoes and drums, front sill scab repairs, front and rear damper renewal, new Avon ZV7 tyres all-round, pollen filter replacement. It’s been fully serviced and valeted inside and out, with new floor mats. There are a couple of marks on the front passenger seat. Auto headlights and working aircon. We can arrange for you to…

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most serviced in 2018

According to Autodata, a leading global provider of automotive technical information, the 2006-2014 Vauxhall Corsa D was the most serviced UK car in 2018. The small Vauxhall succeeds the Ford Focus II, which was top in 2017. However, the Focus II held the top spot in Ireland, with Volkswagen’s Passat (05-11) coming in second and the Golf MkV in third place. Globally, 89,000 workshops subscribe to Autodata’s database, which gathers details from more than 20 countries around the world. The Skoda Octavia II (04-13) was the top car serviced in Finland, while in Sweden Volvo held the top three slots with the V70 (07-16), V70 (00-07) and V50. In Italy, you won’t be surprised to learn the top three cars serviced were Fiats: the Panda (03-13), Grande Punto (06-10) and 500/500C…

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the full strip

In the early days of motoring, many cars had to have their engines dismantled periodically, not only to remove carbon build-up but also to attend to worn components. At major service intervals, owners expected a typical garage to conduct some repair work to the cylinderhead or engine block, with a cylinder-boring machine, jacks, valve lapping sticks and grinding paste being essential items in mechanics’ toolboxes. Even after companies were established to specialise solely in remanufacturing or reconditioning engines, quality was so variable that a group of concerned professionals formed the National Association of Crankshaft and Cylinder Grinders in 1937 to enhance the industry’s reputation. The Association was renamed the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER) in 1968. Half-a-century on, the FER continues to have an important role in representing the industry and ensuring…

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remanufactured engines defined

▶ In many car repair industries, there is no clear distinction between components that have been simply removed and cleaned, from those that have been stripped, reverse-engineered as a completely new part, repaired or enhanced. Not being able to differentiate formally between the terms ‘overhauled’, ‘reconditioned’, ‘remanufactured’, ‘re-engineered’, ‘repaired’, ‘rebuilt’, or ‘refurbished’ can create confusion and even lead to unrealistic consumer expectations. Thankfully, the BS AU 257: 2002 code of practice for the remanufacture of spark and compression ignition engines defines ‘reconditioned’ and ‘remanufactured’ as being synonymous and states that any engine that is described by the vendor as compliant with BSI standards must be: “A used engine… that has been returned to a near new state, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, with fits and clearances to provide similar performance,…

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ivor searle's tips for having your surcharge refunded

▶ Unless you request that your original engine is remanufactured, most engine remanufacturers will supply an engine on an exchange basis, meaning that they will charge a fee – referred usually to as an ‘exchange surcharge’ – which is refunded following receipt of your old unit. You may NOT have the monies refunded, if your old engine is: 1. Not of the same type as the remanufactured unit purchased. 2. Not assembled fully, missing core parts or not complete with extra parts supplied with the remanufactured engine, such as timing tools or locking pins. 3. Neither fitted correctly into the frame/container to which the remanufactured engine was fitted, nor drained of fluids. 4. There is no obvious external damage, such as holes in the block or broken castings. The transport frame/container must also be undamaged…