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Car Mechanics August 2019

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Car Mechanics is the UK's only car magazine with essential advice on maintaining and repairing popular makes and models. It’s an invaluable motoring resource that appeals to both the DIY car enthusiast and the more experienced motor trade professional. Car Mechanics has helped save money for our readers every month since 1958. Each issue includes a wide range of in-depth features written in a clear, straightforward manner: • Readers’ motoring-related problems answered for FREE • Real-life motoring dilemmas from our man in the garage trade • Electronic diagnostics delves inside a different modern vehicle each month to explain its management system • Survival Guide looks at new and used component prices for a particular vehicle • Used Car Focus is an in-depth buying guide on a specific make and model • Service Bay covers a full service with close-up images and comprehensive descriptions • Project cars are a major part of the structure of the magazine as we buy, fix and sell different vehicles over a period of months So if you're into saving money and being a home technician, Car Mechanics will help you out - guaranteed!

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a clean sweep

A faulty exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve can cause all sorts of running problems with your vehicle, as you’ll read in our feature starting on page 6. Most of us will only remove and examine an EGR valve when a fault code has appeared, indicating that it’s not operating as intended. However, you can often avoid unnecessary breakdowns by simply cleaning the valves regularly, either in situ or by removing them from the engine. On some engines it is wise to remove the EGR valve at every service to keep it in as clean a condition as possible. If your vehicle is garage-serviced, most likely the mechanics won’t go anywhere near the EGR valve unless you instruct them to clean it – it’s just not part of any service schedule. However,…

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lost mot certificate?

Motorists can now replace a lost, stolen or damaged MOT certificate online for free at www.check-mot. service.gov.uk. The service can be used to get duplicate copies of MOT certificates for vehicles, commercials and motorcycles. Initially, the link takes you to the MOT history service, but from there you can input your vehicle’s registration and the 11-digit vehicle logbook (VC5) reference number to view the latest MOT certificate. It is still possible to get a copy of any MOT certificate from your MOT testing station, but this will carry a charge of up to £10.…

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mot garage manager guide

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has completely overhauled its advice for MOT managers. The revised Manage Your MOT Centre Guide is now clearer and shorter than before – previously, the information was scattered in a number of different places and it has been reduced in length by 50%. Now all you need to know can be found at www.gov.uk/guidance/ manage-your-mot-centre The guide covers five primary areas, ranging from keeping business info up-to-date, carrying out quality checks, monitoring risk rating and carrying out improvements after a site review.…

20 Min.
exhaust gas recirculation valves

While you should view the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve circuit as a system, modern EGR valves are very deceptive. Despite appearing to be simple, they are precision-made mechatronic components, which means that the majority of modern types combine a mechanical valve, the position of which is monitored – and controlled, in many cases – electronically. However, problems with them are not always highlighted by an engine management light, or fault code, so you might have to undertake manual checks to diagnose an issue. Even if you find that the valve needs replacing, this is not as simple as it appears. Most EGR valves are held to the engine by hard-to-reach bolts and a replacement valve could require diagnostic coding into the engine management system computer (ECU) in order to…

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cut-away of an electric egr valve

▶ COILS Activate the magnetic rotor, when the current flows to the coils, responding to the signals from the ECU. ▶ MAGNETIC ROTOR Turns and moves the valve shaft forwards and backwards, adjusting the clearance between the valve and valve seat. ▶ VALVE SPRING Forces the valve to close when no power is supplied. ▶ BUSH Stabilises the valve movement and reduces valve stem wear. ▶ INNER/OUTER SLEEVE 'Maze' sleeve construction prevents harmful materials from contaminating the bush. ▶ VALVE HEAD Controls the flow of gases directly.…

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prevention vs cure

When suspecting any EGR problems, treat the unit as a system and do not consider just the EGR valve itself. Issues can occur with the cooler and pipework but, should any part of the system include pneumatics, investigate how the vacuum is controlled. As EGR valves do not generate their own deposits, issues can be a symptom of another problem. Therefore, you might have to perform additional tests. EGR deposits can be increased by making regular short trips with a cold engine, using incorrect lubricant, or neglecting oil changes, as well as blocked crankcase ventilation valves, high exhaust system back pressure, a turbocharger fault, poorly-executed modifications, lack of maintenance and a mechanically-worn engine. Do not think that cleaning can fix everything, even if performed off the car, which will be necessary…