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Car Mechanics March 2018

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Car Mechanics is the UK's only car magazine with essential advice on maintaining and repairing popular makes and models. It’s an invaluable motoring resource that appeals to both the DIY car enthusiast and the more experienced motor trade professional. Car Mechanics has helped save money for our readers every month since 1958. Each issue includes a wide range of in-depth features written in a clear, straightforward manner: • Readers’ motoring-related problems answered for FREE • Real-life motoring dilemmas from our man in the garage trade • Electronic diagnostics delves inside a different modern vehicle each month to explain its management system • Survival Guide looks at new and used component prices for a particular vehicle • Used Car Focus is an in-depth buying guide on a specific make and model • Service Bay covers a full service with close-up images and comprehensive descriptions • Project cars are a major part of the structure of the magazine as we buy, fix and sell different vehicles over a period of months So if you're into saving money and being a home technician, Car Mechanics will help you out - guaranteed!

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MOT no change Hooray! The Department of Transport (DfT) has decided NOT to extend the first MOT of cars and motorcycles to four years due to safety concerns. After a consultation period, the DfT has listened to members of the public, motoring bodies and those working in the industry and decided that moving the first MOT to four years, from three, is not a good idea. I agree that keeping it at three years is the right decision – moving it to four years would be detrimental to road safety. The MOT test is conducted to confirm the roadworthiness of a vehicle, as well as highlighting potential dangers in the future through the advisory system. It was introduced in 1960, requiring all new vehicles to be checked after 10 years, which was then…

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demystifying automatic gearboxes

Before US decadence is blamed for the ‘lazy-man’ automatic transmission, consider that changing gear was not as easy on 1930s manual cars compared to those of today. While those early, bulky automatic transmissions worked fine with big American V8s being driven on wide open highways, they did not translate well initially, when fitted to sub-2.0-litre European four-cylinder engines that had to make swift overtakes on busy two-way roads. This explains the initial scepticism with which the ‘slushbox’ was met by British motorists, many of whom felt that they not only robbed the driver of control, but were also uneconomical and sapped power from the engine. Gaining acceptance Early automatic gearboxes were so bad at deciding the appropriate moment for ratio shifts that some initial European applications left the task of changing gear…

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cm insider

Join the celebration As mentioned in the February issue of CM, the magazine will be celebrating its 60th anniversary next month with a special bumper-sized edition and a stand at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, with Discovery, at the NEC in Birmingham on March 23-25. We’d like to invite all of our readers to visit us on the stand and help celebrate this milestone in the magazine’s history. You can find us at Stand 4-060, which is right by the main entrance to Hall 4. Editor Martyn Knowles is looking forward to meeting readers and you’ll hopefully be able to chat to our regular writers and experts, including Andrew Everett, Kim Henson, Richard Gunn, Rob Hawkins, Rob Marshall, Steve Rothwell and Steven Ward. We’ve also asked contributor John Ward…

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news in brief

Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw will be returning with the sixth series of the vehicle restoration series Car SOS on National Geographic channel on March 8. Special guest in the first episode will be actor James Nesbitt from hit shows such as Cold Feet, The Missing and Lucky Man. The 68-page Winter Garage Essentials from The Parts Alliance is now available. You can pick up a copy at all branches of Allparts, Bromsgrove Motor Factors, Car Parts & Accessories, CES, GMF, SAS Autoparts, SC Motor Factors and Waterloo or GSF Car Parts. The vehicle repair and maintenance website from Henkel was launched in October 2014 to provide dedicated support to show how to use products from Loctite, Teroson and Plastic Padding to carry out a repair. The portal has been enhanced to…

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tales from the workshop

VAUXHALL COMBO An easy belt change The owner of this 2000 Vauxhall Combo van booked it in for a drivebelt change, telling us it was an easy job. Needless to say, it did not go well. When fitting the two new drivebelts we found that every bolt that needed to be undone had seized. The alternator belt had broken and was already off. The first bolt to loosen off was the adjuster on the power steering pump. Although the front of the bolt began to turn, we noticed that the back portion of thread was staying put, so continuing to turn the bolt would have sheared it off. Next, we tried to loosen the pivot bolt in order to turn the pump slightly from the top, but that bolt had also seized. The…

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turbocharger troubles

We’ve had an anxious few weeks since buying and collecting our Insignia before Christmas. The low oil pressure warning is the major cause for concern. According to Vauxhall, if the engine oil is shown to be overfull on the dipstick, this is often a sign of an incomplete DPF regeneration. Allegedly, there’s no way of telling when a regen is happening, so if the engine is switched off, the process isn’t completed. The consequence of this is that diesel fuel is dumped into the engine oil, resulting in the overfull reading. During a DPF regen, the engine runs rich to heat up the exhaust system and DPF. If the engine is switched off during a regen, there may be excess diesel fuel inside the cylinders which hasn’t been combusted. This can…