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Car Mechanics May 2018

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Car Mechanics is the UK's only car magazine with essential advice on maintaining and repairing popular makes and models. It’s an invaluable motoring resource that appeals to both the DIY car enthusiast and the more experienced motor trade professional. Car Mechanics has helped save money for our readers every month since 1958. Each issue includes a wide range of in-depth features written in a clear, straightforward manner: • Readers’ motoring-related problems answered for FREE • Real-life motoring dilemmas from our man in the garage trade • Electronic diagnostics delves inside a different modern vehicle each month to explain its management system • Survival Guide looks at new and used component prices for a particular vehicle • Used Car Focus is an in-depth buying guide on a specific make and model • Service Bay covers a full service with close-up images and comprehensive descriptions • Project cars are a major part of the structure of the magazine as we buy, fix and sell different vehicles over a period of months So if you're into saving money and being a home technician, Car Mechanics will help you out - guaranteed!

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MOT revisions From May 20, 2018, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will be applying changes to the current MOT test and certificates. Full revisions have yet to be finalised as I write this, but we’re hoping to have a detailed report on the new MOT procedure for cars over three years old – and an update on cars over 40 years old – in the June issue, out on May 17. According to the DVSA, the rationale behind the revisions is to tighten up on emission system testing, especially with regard to diesel engines, and also to create three new categories to define necessary repairs. Advisories will continue to be part of the test. The three new categories to be listed on your MOT test sheet are: Dangerous A direct and immediate…

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Whether your car is front- or rear-driven, with two-, four- or all-wheel drive, it requires shafts to transfer torque from the gearbox to the relevant road wheels, or axles. Each application may consist of one, or more, sections of either solid, or hollow, cylindrical tubing and a single shaft may consist of several connected sections. Despite being rather stressed components, they usually give little trouble, although regular inspections and the occasional renewal of deteriorated parts will lengthen their lives considerably. Differing formats Rear-, four- and all-wheel drive systems rely on a propshaft to deliver torque to the rear differential. The influences of suspension articulations are satisfied, most commonly, by a Hooke-type universal joint (UJ) that allows two shafts that are out of alignment to rotate together. Often, a sliding joint features as…

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what goes wrong?

Under the new MOT test regime, worn transmission shaft bearings, joints or flexible couplings are classified as ‘Major’ or ‘Dangerous’ faults. However, you should be able to detect any problems before they become unsafe. Aside from being a balancing issue, propshaft vibrations tend to stem from a worn UJ or centre bearing. Grip the shaft either side of each UJ and rotate in an opposing direction; any movement within any of the UJ’s four bearings indicates excessive wear and the whole spider assembly must be renewed. Worn centre bearings or perished/split rubber joints will also need attention. Naturally, prevention is better than cure and, while most modern UJs do not require periodic greasing (by the lubricant being forced into the joint via a nipple with a grease gun), the sliding joint…

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cm insider

Ring widens its circle Ring Automotive, one of the UK’s leading lighting and automotive aftermarket suppliers, is investing more than £300,000 to expand its business in the UK and across Europe. To reinforce its commitment to quality, Ring has launched a Future Technologies Unit (FTU) at its manufacturing base in Leeds. As one of few organisations in the UK with its own ISO:9001-accredited quality assurance facility, Ring has updated its testing equipment – including a new ICPMI8 Imaging Colorimeter camera from US-based specialists Radiant Vision Systems, which measures up to 1m individual pixels of light to give superior accuracy when testing or calibrating light sources. The FTU will allow the company to focus on emerging innovations in the automotive marketplace, with Bhavesh Mistry and Paul Shaw working as new product development managers. Charles…

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news in brief

The 500-page spring/ summer catalogue is now available from Machine Mart. It features more than 500 new products and massive price cuts, including a brand-new range of Clarke 18V brushless impact wrenches, instant garages and micro-jumpstarters. You can pick up a copy at your nearest Machine Mart outlet or order a copy from machinemart.co.uk or 0844 880 1265. Leading OE supplier Denso has developed a new vision sensor which reduces accidents by detecting cyclists, pedestrians and other road users in low-light situations. Working in conjunction with a millimetre-wave radar sensor, the sensor allows vehicles to automatically activate emergency braking when obstacles are identified, helping reduce accidents and improve overall safety. Denso has also expanded its range of air-conditioning components with 23 new part numbers, consisting of two drier cartridges, three pressure switches…

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tales from the workshop

VAUXHALL ASTRA Timing belt time One common misconception is that the cost of changing a timing belt is pretty much the same for all vehicles. What people don’t consider is that the price reflects the complexity of the job, depending how much time is required. One of our customers was pleasantly surprised by how little we were going to charge for the timing belt replacement on a 2004 Vauxhall Astra 1.6. The book time on the job is less than an hour, thanks to easy access to the belt once the air filter housing has been removed. After the timing belt cover has been detached, the pulleys have clear markings on them and the belt change can be carried out without any awkward manoeuvres. PEUGEOT 206 Overdue brake service This 2004 Peugeot 206 had developed a…