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Chevy High Performance December 2018

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NLicata@enthusiastnetwork.com Like many of you that grew up in the late ’60s and early ’70s, my first contact with cool cars was Hot Wheels—the little die-cast cars that looked like some of the baddest muscle cars on the streets, only smaller. I remember these little metal cars appearing on the shelves of toy stores in 1968. It was a huge game changer. Unlike the toy cars previously offered for kids, Hot Wheels cars actually looked cool, and the use of shock-absorbing piano wire axles along with big, fat wheels made them roll faster and smoother than any other toy cars available. The one-of-a-kind bright-orange track held together with purple track connectors upped the fun factor tenfold. My friends and I would spend hours upon hours racing these cars to see whose…

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what’s on demand this month?

• 09/22/18 LIVE! DTM Championship, Spielberg • 09/23/18 LIVE! European Le Mans Series, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium • 09/24/18 HOT ROD Garage, Ep. 68 • 09/26/18 DTM Championship, Nürburgring • 09/26/18 Head 2 Head, Ep. 107 • 10/01/18 Roadkill, Ep. 76 • 10/03/18 Put Up or Shut Up, Ep. 10 • 10/06/18 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Bathurst • 10/07/18 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Bathurst • 10/08/18 Roadkill Garage, Ep. 36 • 10/10/18 Engine Masters, Ep. 40 • 10/11/18 DTM Championship, Spielberg • 10/13/18 LIVE! DTM Championship, Hockenheim • 10/13/18 LIVE! Formula Drift, Las Vegas • 10/15/18 Dirt Every Day, Ep. 82 • 10/20/18 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Gold Coast • 10/21/18 LIVE! Virgin Australia Supercars, Gold Coast • 10/22/18 HOT ROD Garage, Ep. 69 • 10/27/18 LIVE! European Le Mans Series - Qualifying, Portimao, Portugal • 10/27/18 LIVE! Intercontinental GT Challenge - Practice and Qualifying, Laguna Seca 8 Hours • 10/28/18 LIVE!…

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straight line spotlight

A Black Sheep Wagon Within the mostly cookie-cutter world of dragster chassis dominated Super Comp racing it’s refreshing to see something different in the mix, and Indiana’s Bob Eaker certainly delivers on that front. Since 2013, Eaker has been faithfully racing a 1967 Chevy Nova (affectionately known as Big Sexy). While Eaker often competes head-to-head with the rear-engine dragsters in 8.90 index racing, this car is also a very versatile one—capable of Nostalgia Drag Racing and Super Gas class racing. The car was originally built by Jefferey Ferguson from Mississippi and then had a couple of other owners before Eaker acquired it. How rare is this car? That’s debatable, but let’s just say there were not very many two-door Nova wagons made in 1967. Bob’s Nova is powered by a 565ci…

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project leftover

SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANC.COM When you build high-performance cars for a living, the majority of your time is focused on completing the projects for your customers. Many times, it’s rare to get enough free time on the clock to take on a build of your own. Peter Newell’s roots lie in hard-core Pro Street cars that can be driven … not just locally to your average cruise night, but cross-country where performance demands require them to be completely functional to endure a beating. As owner of Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, he lives and breathes these cars as his personal church. Starting back with his first build, an ’86 Trans Am was cut up to create a 6-71 blown small-block car running mile-wide rear rubber. The car set the local scene on…

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vvt is your friend

Decades ago (OK, half a century or more), there was a product advertised in many of the performance magazines called the Varicam. The idea was a set of springs attached to a centrifugal device that would retard the cam with rpm. The idea was innovative and right on target, but the execution left much to be desired, and eventually it disappeared. Now let’s fast forward to the 21st century. We’re not piloting flying cars, but we do have VVT (variable valve timing). Starting with the Gen IV LS engines, GM engineers figured out a way to direct engine oil pressure to swing the camshaft through an enormous range of movement. The early Gen IV engines could move the cam over a maximum potential swing of 62 crankshaft degrees. This is an…

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oil burner habit

SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANC.COM You might forget a birthday. You might forget your third girlfriend’s name. You might even forget what you had for breakfast yesterday. But you’ll never forget the day you were sucked into the car thing and trapped in it like a beast in a tar pit. Mark Young’s slow, inevitable ascent up the chain didn’t begin on concrete or asphalt. His feet were in the dirt, every Friday night in Chesterfield, Virginia, at Southside Speedway, the fecund short-track in his home burg. When he was 17 he’d had enough of the prosaic, he pulled stakes and went where the money was, in the north, to Chicago. Seven years in he quit the car scene, married Jenny and they had a couple of kids. As his oldest son came of…