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Chevy High Performance March 2019

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live without a net

Nick.Licata@motortrend.com When I was a young teenager pedaling my Schwinn Sting-Ray and navigating my way through life in a typical middle-class neighborhood in Southern California, live albums were all the rage. We had Frampton Comes Alive, Kiss Alive, Foghat Live, Aerosmith Live, the Who was Live at Leeds, the Wings were Over America, and Cheap Trick did the live thing in Budokan. Today, the whole “live” thing means something completely different. Now it’s all about Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and whatever happens to be the next social media vehicle to take us live. Can we do live tweets yet? If we can’t now, I’d imagine it’s coming soon. It’s crazy, I tell ya. I’m just thankful we didn’t have smartphones and GoPro cameras when I was a kid or I would…

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straight line spotlight

Maple Grove Mastery For two consecutive years, an impressive Connecticut-based Chevrolet team has been victorious at the marquee NHRA national event hosted by Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania. With former Pro Stock racer Tom Martino at the controls of the H/Altered-classed 2008 Chevy Cobalt, car owner Ken Voight and his team have visited victory lane for Competition Eliminator in both 2017 and 2018. Ken bought the Eastexas-built machine in 2009, and its present form is powered by a 290ci powerplant built by Tom Martino Race Engines. That high-winding mill pumps out 800+ hp, and has powered the car to multiple national records (in H/A and G/SM). But this versatile team can run their Cobalt in multiple classes depending on which engine program they choose for any given race. Ken credits his…

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clean as a bolt of lightning

SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANCE.COM Editor Nick said to me straight out … “Kyle Tucker’s 1987 Camaro. This thing is the baddest Third-gen I’ve seen. The Third-gen Mafia used to come after me when I was on Camaro Performers magazine because I didn’t feature enough of them. Well, finally someone did one right, so those mullet-wearing ex-jocks from the ’80s now have a template to go by.” And then: “Wow … I sound a little bitter for a Wednesday.” I remember the sentiment. From a metro area close to Manhattan and the millions of voices surrounding it, the Third-gen, and especially the tony IROC variant were mostly manned by a dude in a uniform: a wife-beater tee, gold chains settling in a nest of chest hair (if he was lucky), and maybe…

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back from the dead

The most ubiquitous speed part on the planet has to be the Holley four-barrel carburetor. While millions have been produced, there are a few that are special. In our case, we’ve been harboring a factory-spec’d 780-cfm Holley carb for our 1966 SS 396 Chevelle for over 40 years—someday intending to bring it back to life. The job called for some serious intensive care. The carb was missing nearly all of its small parts, including the throttle shafts, vacuum secondary diaphragm housing, and the entire choke mechanism. Plus, the main body had been dropped and bent. To resurrect this gem, we called our buddy Sean Murphy at Sean Murphy Induction (SMI) in Huntington Beach, California, and he willingly took on the job of resurrecting our beyond-dead carburetor. The numbers on the choke…

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rat on fire

SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANCE.COM Phil Stoll told us a story we’ve listened to many times. About where he came from. “I guess this stuff’s in my blood. As a teen, my father worked for a high-performance shop and had a 1966 Nova race car. There were lots of cars? Yeah, he had more than 250 of them over the years. When I was one, my parents took me to the track … and the track seems to have stayed with me. “I love cars, but I’m actually a motorcycle drag racer at heart. I started racing cars at 16 and a couple of years later went up on two wheels. I’m a world champion, too, in 1998. With all that said, cars are what I love most and enjoy and the…

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i got the chills

There is a war out there in LS land, and it’s being waged between the nitrous and turbo camps. If you follow the usual build pattern of most LS owners, the first modification is a camshaft and valvesprings. The right cam can add 50, 60, 70 horsepower or more to a typical LS combination. Even more importantly, the cam sets the stage for future modifications, including nitrous or boost. Add either one to a stock LS engine and it will perform well. Add either to a cammed LS and even better things happen. While nitrous oxide might take top honors in the bang-for-the-buck category, turbos are the more popular go-to power-adder for higher horsepower levels. Add the right turbo to a cammed LS and you can top out the flow…