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Classic Car Mart

February 2021

Classic Car Mart is the UK’s best selling cars for sale magazine. Whether you’re looking for a project or something to enjoy at weekends, there’s a classic car for you in our busy classified section, boasting 1000s of classic cars and parts for sale. The publication is packed with entertaining and informative features. Aside from the latest news, products, auctions round-up, maintenance advice and show reports, Classic Car Mart also boasts buying guides, road tests, a sprinkling of archive material and nostalgia plus loads of essential advice to buying and running your next classic car. The magazine is well established, using experienced and knowledgeable motoring writers, and continues to be ‘the bible’ for classic car ownership. Covering a wide variety of popular British classics, Classic Car Mart regularly features iconic makes such as Jaguar, Daimler, Triumph, MG, Morris, Austin, TVR, Lotus and many more; ranging from £500 projects to £30,000 dream cars. And for the real aspirational classics, the Prestige sections features dream cars from luxury marques such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes.

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“next slide please”

Such are the traditions of the printing industry that the first issue of any regular publication you read in the new year will generally have been put together right at the tail end of the previous one and so it is here. So although I’m writing this at the height of the pre-Christmas rush I’ll spare you yet another column looking back on the year nobody wanted and instead try to look forward to better times in the coming months. At which point I should point out that I am in no way qualified in any useful medical or epidemiological capacity but one thing I do feel qualified to comment on is the spirit of those who enjoy tinkering with old cars. And just as society in general has adapted to cope…

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CLASSICS WORTH £18.3bn TO THE UK The value of the historic and classic motoring industry to the UK has been reiterated by new research commissioned by HERO-ERA, organiser of the epic Peking to Paris classic rally, which found the sector turns over £18.3bn a year and employs 113,000 people. The 60-page report, entitled ‘The Economic and Environmental Impact of the Historic and Classic Motor Industry in the UK’, covers the impact of the industry on the economy, jobs, skills, heritage and the environment. It was conducted on behalf of HERO-ERA by Cebr (Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd) and the findings are separate to those released by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs in November. The new report acknowledges and utilises some of the FBHVC’s information and the Federation’s chairman, David…

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new heritage skills initiative launched

The Association of Heritage Engineers has launched a new project called the Sustainable Skills Initiative, designed to amplify the importance of the amazing hand skills possessed by UK’s heritage businesses and artisans and demonstrate their value to the next generation. To this end the AoHE is putting together a broad spectrum of ‘ambassadors’ from a diverse range of backgrounds willing to spread the word. While the project is officially launched at the AoHE’s ‘Festival of British Engineering’ as a part of Coventry MotoFest and Coventry City of Culture 2021 in June, work is already underway. The ambassadors include Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars TV star and long-time AoHE supporter Drew Pritchard, who started his career as an apprentice has gone on to build up a worldwide antique business. He’s joined by freelance automotive…

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classic crossword 181

Clues Across 1 An upgraded 1970s Citroen with a GS engine under the bonnet (3,5) 7 Eclat-based Lotus model (5) 10 Allegros and Maxis, etc (7) 11 _ Runner, classic Plymouth muscle car (4) 12 Which marque gave America the Seville? (8) 13 Coachbuilder that made the Lancia Flaminia Sport (6) 15 Innovative Lancia model made between 1922 and 1931 (6) 18 Ford-badged Grand Cherokee rival (8) 20 Well-known Lada model (4) 22 It’s by no means a soft bit of kit for convertibles! (4-3) 23 Basis for the legendary Cobra (2,3) 24 Mini spin-off (5,3) Clues Down 2 Classic pony car from Ford (7) 3 Limited _ differential, a feature of the Jensen 541S (4) 4 Present-day Volkswagen closely related to the Audi 80, originally (6) 5 Reproduction model (7) 6 What the Italians call a coachbuilder (11) 8 _ Borgward, founder of the eponymous group (4) 9 Replacement…

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dvla halts black and silver plates

The law is being changed to prevent any vehicle constructed after January 1, 1980 from being able to display a black and silver number plate, despite being recorded in the DVLA’s historic tax class. Information from the DVLA reported by the FBHVC reveals the previous rule permitting any vehicle over 40 years old and registered in the historic tax class to display an old style black and silver number plate was an “unintended consequence” of the change in the definition of a historic vehicle for vehicle tax exemption purposes in 2015. Previously, all vehicles first registered after January 1, 1973 could only display reflective white and yellow number plates with black characters. Those vehicles with a construction date prior to January 1980 will continue to be able to legally display black and…

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haynes ditches print for new manuals

The ubiquitous Haynes Workshop Manual has reached the end of an era, with the publisher confirming it will no longer physically print manuals for new cars in favour of digital content. However, you’ll still be able to buy existing manuals from its extensive back catalogue. Long a staple for the DIY mechanic, the first Haynes Workshop Manual was produced in 1966 and in all around 200 million manuals have been published. Established by John Haynes more than 50 years ago, Haynes Publishing was sold to French firm Infopro Digital earlier this year after its founder’s death in 2019. In a statement, the brand said it was currently in the process of creating an new automotive maintenance and repair product that “will cover around 95 per cent of car makes and models –…