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Classic Racer September - October 2019

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Classic Racer takes you so close you can actually smell the Castrol R. With the world's finest archive, and an editorial team who live and breathe the sport, the only way you'll get closer will be to put on your leathers.

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There comes a moment in every racer’s life when he’s sure he’s passed the slippery stuff – when he’s seen the obstacle in front of him, identified the course of action needed to avoid it and ridden the correct line. In the F750 event at Brands, Jeff Sayle (Yamaha) had manfully avoided the cement powder-covered oil slick going into Druids – the white-clouded evidence of a previous race mishap by another rider. With that bit of focus-pulling race decision-making aside, Jeff could really concentrate on getting out of the corner as fast as possible – full lean angle, fix the stare, nice dollop of throttle. Dammit. A fraction too much lean or a fraction too much gas? Either way, the result was the same. At least it didn’t happen on the front brake, slipping…

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t-minus five minutes...

When Don Morley sent us this image for our Fausto feature on page 28 of this very issue, we had a problem.We desperately wanted to show you this photo, but we had no room in which to do it.The solution: put it into the Archive slot for this episode of Classic Racer. So here we are then, an additional bit of racing goodness on the subject of the small bikes in 1980s GP racing. We give you the pole position man, Fausto Gressini on bike number 2 (far left of the grid) with a handy bottle of Coca-Cola on the floor next to him should the Italian need a caffeinated, sugary glug before the off. Anyone out there fancy having a go at identifying the rest of the grid? It’s the 125cc…

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richa toulon 2 riding jacket worth £296.99

Here’s the next instalment in our Classic Racer Crossword series. If you’re the first person to have their correct and completed entry drawn out of the upturned helmet, you’ll be the proud owner of this Richa Toulon 2 jacket. For this year, Richa has updated this modern classic with a lovely dose of modern tech and protection amid the classic styling and muted colours. The Toulon 2 aims to exceed its predecessor’s success with a brand-new high-quality leather. The full-grain leather used in the Toulon 2 has been hand-treated, meaning each jacket has a unique look which will change with wear. Building on the success of the original Toulon, the Toulon 2 has the same sporty urban look with a detachable material hood and features D3O armour at the shoulders, elbows and back,…

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readers write

IT ’ S... AND... WITH... Dear CR Yet another great mag (#198 July/August) and the where and when picture did indeed get me thinking, so many cross issues to note. To start, the two Nortons made me think 1973 but then Ago is on a Yamaha so it has to be 1974 (and Sheene without his number 7!), but when in the season? Well, Peter Williams had his big accident at Oulton Park on the August bank holiday, so it has to be earlier than that. Paul Smart, number three, had his big crash in the race of the year meeting in September, so ditto. Also 1974 was Percy’s last year on the TriumphThree before hisYamaha move. Is that the Lincoln Imp Steve Machin (22) sitting behind Peter Williams? Steve was killed in the…

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webster stars at stafford

Steve Webster, the most successful sidecar racer of all time, will be guest of honour at the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show this October. He always attracted a large audience during his racing days, and now fans have the chance to meet the former world champion, getting to know more about his memorable career. There will also be an exclusive interview by resident compere and racing star, Steve Plater. Webster won his first title in 1987, in only his fourth season of world championship events, with Tony Hewitt in the chair. His further two titles were added in 1988 and 1989, before claiming another title in 1991 with partner Gavin Simmons. A gap of six years followed, before he claimed three back-to-back titles in 1997, 98 and 99 with David James. In…

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festival of 1000 bikes

Now back to its roots, the VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes proved hugely popular with those on track and spectators alike. Always a favourite with the crowd is the John Cooper and Giacomo Agostini reenactment of the famous Race of theYear dice they had, and both legends returned to the paddock to provide the fun and games. The combination of an open paddock, stunning race bikes, live music in the evening and great British summer weather made for a successful event at Mallory Park.…