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Classic Racer takes you so close you can actually smell the Castrol R. With the world's finest archive, and an editorial team who live and breathe the sport, the only way you'll get closer will be to put on your leathers.

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making it look easy.

YEAR: YOU TELL US // LOCATION: SNETTERTON, NORFOLK Some days it all comes together – you’re great away from the line and you just know that you’re the man/men on this particular day.Try as they might, they aren’t going to catch you. Just relax into it, enjoy the speed and don't grab at anything. It'll come, it'll come – even if the face visor really squashes your nose up like a flattened tomato. Bryan Rust (driver) and Alan Bedford (passenger) really do make it look easy on the 998cc KGB Imp. Bravo, chair chaps.…

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team. mates.

YEAR: 2003 // LOCATION: MONZA, ITALY It was the final year of WSB action forTeam GSE. New regulations had got the back up of team owner Darrell Healey and team manager Colin Wright – the plug on the global assault was pulled, the squad would not be coming back to World Superbikes. In the season, it had looked so bright for race fans. Chris Walker and JamesToseland both able to fight toe-to-toe were also both able to toe that team line when they had to.This wasn’t a lone gun type of deal, what Wright managed to a fine point was more like an on-track doublebaralled shotgun. Of course, the one – most basic – rule of professional, two-man-team racing still applied above all else: Beat.Your.Team. Mate.…

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win this amazing new shoei glamster helmet worth £399.99!

It’s so new that these won’t be in the shops until March 2020 (so you’ll have to wait for yours until then if you’re our lucky winner), but you can bet that the beautiful new Glamster is going to be an instant modern classic and it’s certainly up to the job of racing either on track or going a bit quick elsewhere. To be in with a chance of winning this stunning lid, simply complete (correctly) this Classic Racer Crossword and send it in to us (details provided on the opposite page). We will pick the winner from an upturned helmet crammed with correct crosswords – and that person will get some super-cool retro-Glam for their 2020 riding season. The Glamster comes in plain colours which cost £399.99 whilst graphic options…

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on the subject of aliens

Dear CR Regarding Pat Alexander’s proposal in CR #200, I think that first it needs to be decided what is to be (re) created. If the intention is to put on modern races for totally standard machines, so the only real deciding factor is rider ability, then Pat’s proposals look fine. But let’s not fool ourselves that this will recreate anything which ever existed back in the day. One only has to read the biographies of the top racers from the classic era to know that the bikes they were racing were far from standard. Whether this was home modification or, for the top men, factory supplied one-off parts, the winning bikes on the grid were – to use Pat’s definition – aliens. So the best bikes and riders would be segregated into Pat’s…

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readers write

If you want to get in touch… ... please do. We read every letter, email and comment sent to us and we enjoy hearing from you whether you’ve an event coming up, a motorcycle you own or you just want to let us know about something you find interesting in Classic Racer’s world. I KNOW THAT MAN! Dear CR Just read Adrian Pallet’s response to your identity poser (CR #199). I go with all he’s said, barring no 28 who is Middlesbrough lad John Webb who was the man to beat at Croft back in the day, and who Guy Martin definitely modelled his sideburns from. Sadly no longer with us, illness taking him a few years back. Love the mag. Peter Watson PS: I’ll bet you’ll get the same response from Mike Redfern in…

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gossip from the crmc paddock

Founders help celebrate CRMC’s 40th The CRMC invited the founder members of the club to celebrate its 40th meeting at Snetterton, the venue for the first CRMC meeting and also the 2019 season finale. Among those attending were co-founder Dick Linton, former chairman Alan Hilton, Eric Kirk who gave the club magazine its name, Classic Racer’s Malc Wheeler, and Simon Morris – who raced at the first CRMC meeting and every year since. Others at the first meeting and still parading with the CRMC are Richard Leeton and Geoff Sullivan. The poor weather that brought the meeting to an early close also put paid to the lunchtime parade by 40th anniversary guests, but they did enjoy a couple of laps in the course car before tucking into the Snetterton hospitality suite buffet. CRMC announces…