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Classic Racer takes you so close you can actually smell the Castrol R. With the world's finest archive, and an editorial team who live and breathe the sport, the only way you'll get closer will be to put on your leathers.

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follow the leader

YEAR: 1962 // LOCATION: ISLE OF MAN There are points along the Mountain Course where, for the vast majority of rider, you hold station and maintain the pace. After Ginger Hall there’s the bumps.Those bumps that go on for an age and those bumps that, if you set your bike up for them, rob you of a good and useful quick set-up for the rest of the lap. So what to do? Wait. Hold on. Ride the bumps and be patient. It’ll soon be over and instead of being careful with the power you’ll quickly be away again, testing whatever you’re riding to the limit in The Island. MV Agusta riders Gary Hocking (6) and Mike Hailwood (3) bide their time during the 1962 JuniorTT.…

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carving lines

// YEAR: 2003 // LOCATION: VALENCIA, SPAIN Seventeen years ago Max Biaggi found himself riding high in the fledgling MotoGP championship. A former multiple 250ccWorld Champion (four crowns coming on the 250s), he was leading the Camel Pramac Pons Honda squad withTohru Ukawa as team-mate. The Honda RC211V was fast and had potential but Max struggled to get that high mid-corner speed he’d craved and used to such extent on the two-strokes. It’s in the distant past now, but he found the top step of the podium twice that year. Not bad. Valentino Rossi’s title-winning nine-times-a top step-visitor that year was quite a bit better though.…

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win this amazing richa hawker jacket worth £279.99!

Yes, it is true. Just enjoy the Classic Racer Crossword, ensure that your correct answers for each and every clue are placed firmly in the corresponding white boxes, cut out your completed entry – or photocopy the page and send it to us, we don’t mind – and you could be the winner of this fine piece of motorcycling modern retro kit. It’s as simple as that. All the correct entries will be placed in the upturned receptacle and from there, one winner will be drawn. Good luck and get cracking with the crossword! The details Available in sizes from 38 to 52, the Hawker leather jacket is made from thick buffalo premium leather, looks like it’s just stepped out of the 1960s and is at home on or off a bike.The jacket comes…

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that ‘old single’ again

Dear CR Good article on the ‘old singles’ – I’d like to throw in some ideas for consideration. Firstly an ‘old single’ is a Manx Norton, an AJS 7R, a BSA Gold Star or a G50 Matchless and must be exactly as they came from the factory. They can be stripped and rebuilt by a specialist technician, must retain the same bottom end, the same bore and stroke and the same valve sizes that they were originally fitted with, and, above all, must be in the same frame/chassis that they were originally built with. The ignition must also be original and with a four-speed gearbox. If any of these models came from the factory with a forged piston and not a sand cast one, this will be eligible. The only area that can have any…

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readers write

Why the WOB? Dear CR Just dropped by to say how much I enjoy Classic Racer and the icing on the cake for me is the crossword. Many hours spent (with the help of Google trying to decipher the clues), my only peeve is that the clues are in reverse (white on black). Surely most of the readers of Classic Racer are in their senior years, and have failing eyesight, making it difficult to read the clues. As an old time typesetter and graphic designer I can’t possibly see the reason for it being that way. The type size is not the problem it’s just the fact it is in reverse (WOB). Surely, if you feel the need for using reverse why not do all the guff about winning a jacket and do…

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racing star stuart graham to appear as guest of honous at stafford classic bike show

Stuart Graham, a winner on both two and four wheels, has enjoyed a successful and unusual racing career, and will share his stories in front of a live audience at the 40th Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show on April 25/26 at Stafford County Showground. Born into a racing family, Stuart’s father was Les Graham, 1949 500cc World Champion and IOM TT winner. Although Les was killed in a fatal accident in the 1953 IOM TT, Stuart was not deterred from following his own racing dreams and went on to achieve great success. Racing motorcycles from 1961-1970, Stuart progressed from 250 Aermacchi, to 350 AJS 7R & 500 Matchless G50, racing in his first IOM TT in 1964. Impressive performances in the early 1966 GP, including placing 2nd to Agostini in the…