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Classic Racer takes you so close you can actually smell the Castrol R. With the world's finest archive, and an editorial team who live and breathe the sport, the only way you'll get closer will be to put on your leathers.

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Feel the noise! // DATE: AUGUST 28, 1967 // LOCATION: OULTON PARK And smell the smell too! A field of (largely) two-stroke 250s fire up, with Phil Read quickest on the draw, already aboard the 250ccYamaha and heading off to chase another victory during the season in which he was four times a GP winner and top scored jointly with Mike Hailwood (Honda) for the 250cc world crown, Read losing out by virtue of Hailwood's five wins. Read was runner-up in the 125cc class, too, this time to team-mate Bill Ivy; but the Prince of Speed reaped his revenge the next season - with Honda and Hailwood both retired from the scene, he bested Little Bill in both 125 and 250cc classes. Joining Read on the grid at Oulton Park are, among others, 14…

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start letter

ESTONIA'S NOT SO OBSCURE Dear CR If a myth is repeated often enough, it comes to be accepted without question. A particular bugbear of mine is the fairytale that Bob McIntyre replaced the injured Geoff Duke in the Gilera team for the 1957 TT, a fantasy which was originally perpetrated by (the otherwise reliable) Vic Willoughby and has been retold many times thereafter. The most elementary research establishes that McIntyre signed for the Arcore based team before the season commenced and raced the 'quattro cilindri' fire engine at lmola where Duke suffered his injury. Duke's replacement was Bob Brown. Likewise, for nearly two decades it has become the norm to refer to the Kalevi Suursoit, the public roads races at Pirita on the outskirts ofTallinn, as 'obscure,' a description repeated in the Joey Dunlop…

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readers write

HAPPY MEMORIES Dear CR Thank you for publishing the photo of Bryan Rust and I on the KGB Imp, in issue 201, it brought back many happy memories of Snetterton's Race of Aces in 1973. This was our first year racing with the Imp, which replaced the BSA that had a terminal engine failure at Estoril, Portugal in 1972 The outfits in hot pursuit were number two George O'Dell and Bill Boblison on a 750cc BSA, number three a 750cc Trident crewed by R Dutton and T Wright, 15 a 998cc Rhombus Imp ridden by L Langridge and L Evans and, finally, 11 Chris Nickells (who, like me, still competes in Belgium with the Belgium Classic Club) and his passenger Jim Widdas, on a 970cc Komnick. Alan Bedford, Sutton Bridge. SEELEY'S SIDECARS Dear CR Excellent tribute publication on…

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paddock gossip

Classic TT cancelled The damage caused to the racing calendar by Covid-19 continues, with one of the latest victims as we closed for press being this summer's ClassicTT/Manx Grand Prix. Laurence Skelly, the Island's minister for enterprise in the House of Keys, announced the cancellation of the event, which had been planned to run from August 22 to September 4, by saying: "This is obviously a conclusion that we didn't want to reach but unfortunately when all the factors and advice are considered we felt that it was important to make an early decision to provide clarity and certainty to race officials, fans and sponsors, as well as competitors:' Peter Maddocks, Manx Motor Cycle Club chairman, said: "Although we were confident that we could provide the officials, the situation around other key personnel,…

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rainey gpz750

Though in Europe he's associated with two-stroke 500cc GP Yamahas, Wayne Rainey first made his name in the US on this Kawasaki GPz750, on his way to becoming 1983 AMA Superbike champion. After Superbike racing had become ever faster, the AMA had introduced a new 750cc limit for 1983, the idea being to slow the bikes down a little, and encourage all the Japanese 'big four' to participate. It didn't happen, with Yamaha and Suzuki not coming to play, leaving Honda to start as overwhelming favourite, though title holder Kawasaki-1981 and 1982 champions thanks to Eddie Lawson on the big 1000cc - didn't intend to lay down. It wasn't going to be easy though, which is what made Rainey's achievement more special, owing to the level of opposition Rainey (along with team-mate…

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racing drumming and all that jazz

To have been the first racing casualty flown to hospital in the Isle of Man TT helicopter could be considered a dubious claim to fame, but in Tony Godfrey's case it was well worth remembering. This first mercy flight unquestionably saved his life in 1963. Tony was seriously injured when he crashed during the second lap of the 250cc TT as he diced for the lead with his Yamaha team-mate Furnia ltoh and Honda rival Jim Redman. Having lapped at 95mph, a second behind ltoh but eight seconds ahead of Redman, Tony was travelling at well over 120mph when his twin cylinder works Yamaha suddenly locked its rear wheel as he dived into Milntown, near Ramsey. Doctors said he would have died from his injuries but for the helicopter getting him…