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Classic Racer takes you so close you can actually smell the Castrol R. With the world's finest archive, and an editorial team who live and breathe the sport, the only way you'll get closer will be to put on your leathers.

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peter williams: 1939-2020

On December 20, 2020, my good friend Peter Williams said his final goodbye and passed into the history of motorcycling’s greats. Peter and I became friends in the mid-1980s well after his brilliant career as a passionate rider and development engineer was ended prematurely by equipment failure at Oulton Park. Despite serious injury he continued to develop innovative ideas for Cosworth, Lotus and for people like me. We frequently met for a coffee at London Heathrow during my many flights between New York and Milan. Every conversation with Peter was an education… Peter’s collaboration with Tom Arter produced the world’s most successful Matchless G50s which were notable for innovative designed frames, fairings, and air management systems. The unique ‘Wagon Wheels’ (there was only ever one built) was the very first road-race machine…

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hubert auriol: rally-raid legend!

Hubert Auriol – who sadly passed away in January, aged just 68 – was not only a three-time winner of the Dakar Rally, but the first to win it on both two wheels and four. He won the race for BMW in 1981 and 1983 as well as winning the 1992 event on four wheels. Little wonder that a statement from the Dakar organisers after his passing said: “He inspired generations of riders and drivers and has been an integral part of the rally throughout its history.” Born in Ethiopia on June 7, 1952, the Frenchman was to become a force to be reckoned with during the early years of the Paris-Dakar Rally as it was originally called. Auriol would take part in that first event in 1979 and would take his…

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the go-show!

James Whitham rates him as one of the most amazing talents he’s ever shared a track with, so it seemed natural for us to use this excuse to share this picture of Anthony Gobert and the Bimota SB8-R from 21 years ago… Bimota has a rich history in World Superbike (see Davide Tardozzi’s recollections on page 60) and this was the machine which took its (currently) last win in the class. Using a Suzuki V-twin powerplant, this bike would claim a surprise World Superbike win. Despite ‘WORLD SUPERBIKE’ being emblazoned on its flanks, Suzuki’s ownTL1000R never actually got to race in the championship proper, although some race versions did take to the track courtesy ofYoshimura in the US. However, the Suzuki V-twin motor would win a World Superbike race, courtesy of the…

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star letter prize

Remember to keep sending in your letters. Now, more than ever, as we deal with the coronavirus situation, we want to hear your stories and find out what you think of the magazine. Each issue we’ll pick a star letter, the writer of which will win a superb package courtesy of Duke Video. I was a tree hugger! Dear CR I had to chuckle when you asked ‘were you a tree hugger?’.Though I don’t exactly remember the year, I do remember watching the start of one race at Old Hall from up said tree. Kenny had a shocking start from the outside of the grid, but when it did fire and hook up, he went flying past the lot of ‘em on the outside and I think either he led down The Avenue…

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readers write

If you want to get in touch… ...please do. We read every letter, email and comment sent to us and we enjoy hearing from you whether you’ve an event coming up, a motorcycle you own or just want to let us know about something you find interesting in Classic Racer’s world. We want Phil! Dear CR What a great issue for November/ December. I’m a little young for the Hailwood years but have always wondered what made Mike so well loved considering the set-up he had. I think Phil Read said it would have been easy to dislike Mike if he wasn’t such a great bloke, or something similar. So many thanks Stuart Barker for enlightening me. Ian Simpson was one of my favourite racers of the 1990s and seemed to be on the road…

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crmc class act!

Some exciting news for CRMC fans is the introduction of a Pre-1995 Superstock 400 class for 2021. We here at CR towers used to love both the national and club-level Supersport 400 class, which pitted 400cc four-strokes against 250cc two-strokes. As well as its own class, it would form the basis of the Superteen class from the mid-1990s and was a very popular class at club level and over the water in The Netherlands. This will be a production-based class – as it always was – using machines manufactured before December 1994. Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha all produced machines that fit the new Superstock 400 rules and although not all were officially imported, many have arrived in the UK as grey imports. Typical examples from Honda are the VFR400RR NC30, Honda CBR400RR…