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Classic Rock January 2020

Every month Classic Rock is packed with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes features on rock’s biggest names, from Led Zeppelin to Deep Purple, from Guns N’ Roses to the Rolling Stones, from the Sex Pistols to AC/DC and beyond. Each issue plays host to the heftiest rock reviews section on the planet. In an average issue, you’ll find over 150 albums reviewed, all from the ever-varied, multi-faceted world of rock - whether it’s hard rock or heavy metal, prog or punk, goth rock or southern rock, we’ve got it covered.

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End of the year. End of the second decade of the latest millennium. How on earth did that happen? It seems like only yesterday that I was writing my editorial for last year’s End Of The Year issue (and, if I remember correctly, I was moaning about the incredible speed of the passing of time then too). Ah well… So, as you might have gathered, it’s time for our annual look at what went down in rock over the past 12 months – the new albums and songs that got us excited, the reissues that shed new light on old favourites, and much more besides. We caught up with some of rock’s movers and shakers – Ronnie Wood, Jeff Lynne, Joe Elliott, Duff McKagan, Glenn Hughes, to name but a handful…

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this month’s contributors

HENRY YATES Henry is a busy man who has written for NME, Guitarist, Total Guitar, Metal Hammer, Rhythm, Country Music, Shortlist and the Telegraph, and wrote Walter Trout’s official biography, Rescued From Reality. This month he interviewed Glenn Hughes, Susan Tedeschi and more about their past 12 months. For more visit www.yatescreativecopywriting.com WILL IRELAND This issue we dispatched Will to central London on Halloween to chronicle The Damned’s ambitious Night Of The Vampires extravaganza at the Palladium (p106). We’re of a mind that it’s like nothing he’d ever photographed before – vampires, funeral corteges, the lot. Check out more of Will’s work at willirelandphotography.co.uk SLEAZEGRINDER …is our very own Evel Knievel of sleaze-rock journalism. When he isn’t spelunking through rock’n’roll’s deepest, darkest canyons for Classic Rock, he hosts the Advanced Demonology podcast and the Heavy…

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that was 2019

The spread of veganism; the messy spiral of Brexit, the even messier state of British politics as a whole; the arrival of the latest royal baby; Greta Thunberg sailing to the USA; the rise of Extinction Rebellion and numerous global protest movements… A lot has happened in 2019. But what are some of the things that went on in the world of rock’n’roll? Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt finally sees the light of day – and it’s not the only rock’n’roll film to make headlines. The film had been in the making for what seemed like an eternity (talks actually began in 2006), and this year it was released through Netflix. Based on the band’s 2001 book of the same name, it was an unflinching account of the Crüe at their high-flying…

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Timi Hansen October 28, 1958 – November 4, 2019 Former Mercyful Fate and King Diamond bassist Timi Hansen lost a long battle with cancer at the age of 61. “Timi was not just my roommate on the early Mercyful Fate tours, he was also my favourite bass player of all time,” stated Danish singer King Diamond. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich also paid tribute to Hansen on social media, saying he was “incredibly saddened” at the news. Conrad Isidore July 18, 1943 – October 20, 2019 Osibisa member Gregg Kofu Brown has led the tributes to the elder brother of the Isidore dynasty, referring to the drummer and songwriter as his “mentor”. Besides playing in the British rock band Hummingbird, the Dominican-born 76-year-old recorded with Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Stills, Joe Cocker and Vinegar Joe among others. Molly…

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terry o’neill

THE PHOTOGRAPHER responsible for iconic images of the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Elton John has passed away, quietly at home after a battle with prostate cancer, at the age of 81. The Londoner had intended to become a jazz drummer, but ended up taking a job in the photographic unit of Heathrow Airport. A cheeky snap of then Home Secretary Rab Butler dozing on a bench brought him a payment of £25 and, more importantly, an entry pass to Fleet Street, where he was handed the job of photographing an up-and-coming new act – The Beatles, who were at Abbey Road recording their first big hit, Please Please Me. Over the course of six decades O’Neill went on to chronicle Britain’s cultural landscape, working with a…

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paul barrere

THE MEMBERS OF Little Feat are mourning the loss of their long-serving guitar player, vocalist and songwriter, who joined the Californian group back in 1972. Barrere had previously announced a fight with liver cancer. He was 71. A statement read: “Paul auditioned for Little Feat as a bassist when [the band] was first being put together – in his words, “as a bassist I make an excellent guitarist” – and three years later joined us in his proper role on guitar.” After sitting out their latest tour due to the side effects brought on by the treatment, Barrere had, according to his bandmates, “promised to follow his doctor’s orders, get back in shape and rock on the beach at the band’s annual gathering in Jamaica in January 2020.” Alas, it was…