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Classic Rock Issue 238

Every month Classic Rock is packed with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes features on rock’s biggest names, from Led Zeppelin to Deep Purple, from Guns N’ Roses to the Rolling Stones, from the Sex Pistols to AC/DC and beyond. Each issue plays host to the heftiest rock reviews section on the planet. In an average issue, you’ll find over 150 albums reviewed, all from the ever-varied, multi-faceted world of rock - whether it’s hard rock or heavy metal, prog or punk, goth rock or southern rock, we’ve got it covered.

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In an old episode of The West Wing, President Bartlet’s Chief Of Staff Leo McGarry states: “There’s two things in the world you never want to let people see how you make ’em: laws and sausages.” Well, I’d like to add magazines to that shortlist. But this month I think it’s only right that I let you into our process. Our original intention was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 1987 – one of the finest years in rock, the 12 months that gave us Appetite For Destruction, Hysteria, Permanent Vacation and a huge stack more. And then about a week into our production cycle the shocking and tragic news broke about the death of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. And then it only seemed right that we rethink our plans and opt…

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gregg allman december 8, 1947 – may 27, 2017

INSIDE THE WORLD OF ROCK FOR MORE NEWS: WWW.CLASSICROCKMAGAZINE.COM the DIRT ‘His playing was unfussy, economical and exactly what the Allman Brothers Band needed. He sought clarity and emotion of tone.’ Gregg Allman’s life was shaped by death. On Boxing Day 1949, his father, Willis Allman, was murdered near Norfolk, Virginia, where he was stationed with the US Army. The details are unclear; perhaps he was shot by a hitchhiker, perhaps by a drinking buddy (it was the former, Gregg, who had just turned two at the time, said later). And although most accounts say Willis was a captain in the US Aarmy, his own gravestone is inscribed with the rank of second lieutenant. Twenty-two years later, on October 29, 1971, Gregg’s older brother, Duane Allman, was riding his Harley-Davidson too fast along Hillcrest Avenue…

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gregg allman 1947-2017

Whipping Post The Allman Brothers Band, 1969 Initially conceived as a slow blues, Gregg’s existential ballad took on new levels of intensity in the hands of the Allman Brothers, who transformed it into cathartic rock’n’roll on their debut album and, on the live At Fillmore East, a 23-minute epic. ‘Good Lord, I feel like I’m dyin’!’ howls Allman. It’s Not My Cross To Bear The Allman Brothers Band, 1969 This early classic was written in LA for Gregg’s aborted solo album, prior to forming the Allman Brothers with elder brother Duane. It’s remarkable to consider that Gregg was only 22 when he delivered it, his anguished vocals imbued with all the sorrow and rage of a much more weathered soul. Dreams The Allman Brothers Band, 1969 ‘I’m hung up on dreams I’ll never see/ Help me baby/Or this…

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Bruce ‘The Colonel’ Hampton April 30, 1947 – May 2, 2017 Gov’t Mule’s Warren Haynes has led the tributes to the US jam band stalwart who died on stage during a concert for his 70th birthday. Born Gustav Berglund, guitarist/singer Hampton played in numerous improvisational groups and helped start the H.O.R.D.E. tours. Barry ‘Frosty’ Smith March 20, 1946 – April 12, 2017 Smith, the drummer of Sweathog, who had the hit Hallelujah in 1971, toured and recorded with Sly & The Family Stone, Funkadelic and more. He died at home in Texas, aged 71, following a long illness after $25,000 had been raised for his medical care via Crowdfunding. Jimmy Copley Dec 29, 1953 – May 13, 2017 London-born Copley has lost a battle with leukaemia at the age of 63. The winning combination of likable personality and…

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“we’re just too dumb to quit”

As Cheap Trick prepare to fly in for three-date visit to the UK this month, guitarist Rick Nielsen reveals to Classic Rock that the Chicago band are already preparing what will be their third album in the space of a little over a year and a half. The quartet’s previous two records, Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello and the just-issued We’re All Alright!, came 14 months apart, although before those, fans had waited the better part of a decade since the band’s last release, 2009’s The Latest. Nielsen attributes this new flurry of activity not to some twilight years creative spurt, but to the influence of a record label – Nashville-based Big Machine – that he says cares about what the band do. “Although Big Machine is basically a country label, Scott Borchetta…

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As this issue went to press, the coroner responsible for carrying out the autopsy and toxicology report on Chris Cornell revealed that “drugs did not contribute to the cause of death” of the late Soundgarden/ Audioslave frontman who committed suicide in a Detroit hotel room early on May 18. The Rolling Stones have ruled out the possibility of playing in the UK this year because of a lack of available venues due to sporting fixtures. Performances across mainland Europe take place in September and October. “We hope to be here in 2018,” they say. Meanwhile, guitarist Ronnie Wood (pictured) is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing keyhole surgery to remove a lesion from his lung. Voodoo Six release their fourth studio album, Make Way For The King, via Cadiz Music…