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on medical tests, the results are in

AS PARENTS, as loved ones, and as patients ourselves, we are never more vulnerable as decision makers in a marketplace as we are when faced with health challenges and the consequences they carry. While modern medicine has brought us a once unimaginable range of scans, screens, and tests designed to preempt problems, sharpen diagnoses, and even save our lives, the volume and complexity of these options have made it more confusing to figure out the best course of action. In fact, the ready availability of these options can sometimes make it feel as though forgoing tests is an irresponsible or risky choice—and, indeed, too few Americans are getting the preventive screenings that they should. But given the potential for unnecessary costs, procedural risks, and muddled or misleading results, the reality is…

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building a better world, together

Lowering Drug Prices WHAT’S AT STAKE For years, pharmacists knew that consumers could sometimes pay less for a prescription drug by not using their insurance—but couldn’t tip them off because of so-called gag clauses in contracts between pharmacy owners and pharmacy benefit managers. (Technically, pharmacists were allowed to discuss it but only if the consumer knew to ask.) The good news is that gag clauses will soon be banned, thanks to the Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act and the Know the Lowest Price Act. Sponsored by Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., respectively, and signed by President Trump in September, the bipartisan laws together apply to both private insurance and Medicare drug coverage. HOW CR HAS YOUR BACK CR supported both laws but also worked to pass stronger measures on the…

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your feedback

Our November 2018 article “What Makes a Tire Tops?” with its comprehensive car and SUV tire ratings, got readers talking. To join the conversation, go to I READ WITH INTEREST your article but found no mention of whether run-flat tires are a reasonable choice for replacement tires. The consensus of what I’ve found online about run-flats includes: Pros: no spare tire needed. Cons: harsher ride. Much more expensive to replace. A damaged run-flat may need replacing rather than repairing. —William Quick, North Charleston, SC MANY DRIVERS HATE run-flats for their roughness, noise, replacement cost, and, in general, poor performance. I myself have recently purchased an Audi Q5 over a BMW X3 due to my dissatisfaction with the run-flats on my current BMW. —Roland Borchers, Utica, MI EDITOR’S NOTE Design advances have limited or eliminated…

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what are the benefits of smart thermostats vs. the kind that have been around forever?

WIFI-CONNECTED SMART THERMOSTATS can be controlled through an app on your smartphone, which means you can dictate temperatures remotely—either on your way home from work or on your way out to your weekend cabin in the woods. Some can also work with digital assistants, such as Alexa, says Peter Anzalone, who tests thermostats for CR. Others, including the Nest and Honeywell models above, offer geofencing—meaning they know when you’re home or not and adjust the temperature accordingly. The Nest and Schneider models above can even learn your temperature preferences and keep adjusting to them. What’s more, according to Energy Star, you can save up to $50 per year on your energy bill, thanks to these efficiencies.…

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what we’re testing in our labs …

Space Heaters WE TESTED: 25 small, portable models WE TEST FOR: Effectiveness to heat an individual, as well as a standard-sized room, in 15 minutes; fire safety; ease of use; noise; and more. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 65 Range: 37-86 Best Overall Vornado VMH600 $150 86 OVERALL SCORE Quickly Warms a Room Comfort Zone CZ499R $70 83 OVERALL SCORE Bargain Buy Honeywell HCE311V $40 71 OVERALL SCORE Smart Thermostats WE TESTED: 14 models WE TEST FOR: Ease of operation; wireless setup, smart features, and automation of heating and cooling; and more. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 59 Range: 42-83 Head of the Class Nest Learning Thermostat $250 83 OVERALL SCORE Smart With Sleek Display Schneider Electric WiserAir 10BLKUS $210 69 OVERALL SCORE Easy Manual Controls Honeywell Lyric T5+ RCHT8612WF $150 66 OVERALL SCORE Greek Yogurt WE TESTED: 22 products WE TEST FOR: Flavor and texture. We also evaluate nutrition based on calories per gram, fats, sodium, sugars,…

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ask our experts

If your TV is lighting up your bedroom like a football stadium, you might be tempted to fiddle with the brightness setting—but don’t. “For LCD or LED TVs, the backlight setting is the one to adjust,” says Claudio Ciacci, CR’s lead TV tester. Lowering the backlight helps reduce the bright glow at night while still looking acceptable in daytime. On OLED TVs, search for an “OLED light” or a panel brightness setting. Some newer TVs also have an auto sensing brightness control option that, when turned on, adjusts to the room lighting, “but that feature is more about energy savings and can lead to unpredictable and subpar results,” Ciacci says. At, members can sign in to use our TV Screen Optimizer to find our setting recommendations for individual models.…