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suspicious of your salad?

CHOOSING A DIET rich in leafy green vegetables should be a benefit—not a liability—to your health. Fresh greens famously deliver a much-needed boost of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But lately, I’ve been second-guessing my trips to the produce aisle. Just last fall, a series of outbreaks of dangerous E. coli bacteria linked to romaine lettuce led to serious illness across the country, leaving us to wonder whether eating leafy salad greens is a smart choice after all. In spite of recurring outbreaks, government regulators have sometimes failed to give consumers the information they need to stay safe quickly enough. Despite reported illnesses in the summer of 2019, for example, the Food and Drug Administration waited until after the outbreak ended before making an announcement. Amid these lapses of oversight, CR has…

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building a better world, together

Guarding Your Online Privacy WHAT’S AT STAKE When you shop or pay bills online, your personal information should always be kept safe by companies. But despite years of privacy scandals and data breaches, Congress has failed to pass a remedy, and the U.S. still lacks a comprehensive federal law ensuring adequate online privacy. HOW CR HAS YOUR BACK CR’s advocates in Washington are working with lawmakers to craft several bills that could make a real difference. Foremost among them is the Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act, or COPRA, which would greatly expand individual rights when it comes to how all sorts of personal data is collected, shared, and used. It would require companies to collect as little information as possible about consumers, require explicit consent when sharing sensitive data with third parties, and make companies…

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your feedback

YOUR ARTICLE on Rx drug prices should anger everyone. How can we accept that people in a wealthy country such as ours can’t afford life-saving medications? And while much anger is directed at drug companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and insurance companies, the real anger should be directed at Congress. It has the power to pass legislation to end this situation. But its interests lie in keeping profits high for all those in the drug chain in order to keep those entities donating millions of dollars to members of Congress. And the worst part is that we, the American people, allow this to happen. Until we vote in legislators who care more about the interests of the American people than their own personal interests, nothing will change. —David Eudowe, Glastonbury, CT I WAS…

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what we’re testing in our labs…

French-Door Refrigerators $1,250 and Under WE TESTED: 13 models WE TEST FOR: Thermostat control, temperature uniformity, energy efficiency, and ease of use. We also measure a model’s usable capacity. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 70 Range: 43-79 Nice Price & Narrow Fit LG LFCS22520S (68Hx30Wx33D) $1,100 79 OVERALL SCORE In-Door Water Dispenser Kenmore 73035 (70Hx36Wx34D) $1,200 79 OVERALL SCORE Large Usable Capacity Samsung RF261BEAESR (69Hx36Wx35D) $1,250 73 OVERALL SCORE Robotic Vacuums WE TESTED: 31 models WE TEST FOR: How well a vacuum picks up sand from bare floors, cereal from carpets, and more. We also test for digital security and digital privacy. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 80 Range: 51-88 Perfect Picker-Upper Eufy 11S (no WiFi) $220 88 OVERALL SCORE Excellent Carpet Cleaner iRobot Roomba e5 $330 85 OVERALL SCORE WiFi for Less Ecovacs Deebot 500 $190 80 OVERALL SCORE Ask Our Experts I’ve heard that robotic vacuums store and share data about me. Is this true? SOME SMART WIFI-ENABLED vacuums collect more than just dust—they record your home’s floor…

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my front-load washing machine smells funky. what can i do?

You’re not alone; other CR members with front-loaders have told us the same. Electrolux, LG, and Whirlpool have each settled recent class-action lawsuits involving allegations of odors and mold in front-loaders, though the companies deny wrongdoing. (See “Clause for Concern,” on page 38, to learn more about these suits.) The odor may be a result of residue buildup, and it could be that the rubber gasket around the opening of front-loading washers doesn’t dry out properly, says Rich Handel, who tests washing machines at CR. To help prevent conditions that lead to moisture and residue buildup, clean your washer’s drum. You can do that by either running your machine’s tub-clean feature—many newer models have one—or simply doing an empty load on the hottest setting with a cup of bleach. Between loads, clean…

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can you really clear the air?

Molekule Air $800 20 OVERALL SCORE YOU’VE PROBABLY SEEN online ads for the Molekule Air: a sleek air purifier that claims to destroy harmful molds, viruses, bacteria, and gaseous chemicals lurking in your home’s air—for a hefty $800. To see whether it’s worth your money, we ran it through all the same tests we give other air purifiers. First, we put the Molekule in a sealed chamber injected with particles as small as 0.1 micron and up to 1 micron—a range that includes dust mite allergens, cat allergens, smog, smoke, and atmospheric dust. A particle counter measured the change in air-particle concentration for 15 minutes at the highest speed and again at a lower speed. The Molekule almost flunked our test, with a Fair rating for smoke and dust removal at high speed and a…