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on the road to safety

WHETHER WE’RE BEHIND the wheel or a passenger, we all know the terrifying feeling of a close call on the road. One quick glance at our smartphone or a distraction from the backseat and we can find ourselves at serious risk. But as technolo€y advances, new features are making cars safer than ever and—in some cases—allowing them to act faster than a human ever could to prevent a crash. At CR, we’re not only testing and analyzing these advanced safety systems to help consumers understand the new landscape; we’re also putting pressure on industry to ensure that the best features become standard equipment for everyone. While these new technologies can be lifesavers on the road, their names create confusion in the marketplace. One manufacturer’s “lane change alert” is another’s “blind spot…

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welcome to the auto issue

Buying a car is a major financial decision for most people, but it’s also one that should be a pleasure. To help you focus on the fun of choosing a vehicle you’ll love, we at Consumer Reports buy and scrutinize 50 to 60 models a year to steer you to top-performing SUVs, sedans, trucks, and minivans. That means reliable, fuel-efficient, comfortable, and—most important—safe. Marketing claims abound, but CR is uniquely qualified to advise you because we never accept advertising, and we anonymously buy every vehicle we test, to the tune of $2 million each year. CR engineers and other experts working at our 327-acre Auto Test Center in Colchester, Conn., drive the vehicles about 900,000 miles each year. And we scrutinize data from our member surveys to give you reliability and…

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10 top picks

WE SEE PLENTY of great cars at Consumer Reports’ test track. Our Top Picks represent the best of the best. We selected these standouts from hundreds of current models rated by CR and backed by survey data from hundreds of thousands of our members. These cars have some of the highest Overall Scores in their categories, factoring in road tests, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. When selecting Top Picks, we only consider CR-recommended models that come standard with forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection. This is the first year we’ve required standard pedestrian detection to be eligible. This feature works with AEB to sense when people are in a car’s pathway and automatically brake, if needed. We believe all of these features have the…

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best + worst lists

Finding the right new or used car involves weighing a list of factors like price, safety, and how at home you feel in the driver’s seat—to name just a few. Our rigorous testing, combined with detailed feedback on hundreds of thousands of vehicles from CR’s member surveys, reveal the key strengths and weaknesses of specific models and brands. This year we present the best and worst performers in terms of fuel economy and owner satisfaction, and highlight the very best affordable new and used cars, the best vehicles for tall and short drivers, and the best tire brands. Use these best and worst lists to help streamline your selection process with confidence.…

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what brands make the best cars?

PORSCHE PULLS INTO the top spot this year, leapfrogging third-place Subaru, whose score remains unchanged. Genesis holds steady in second place. Those are CR’s findings based on our exclusive testing and member surveys. The leaders benefit from outstanding results in our road test and reliability and owner satisfaction surveys, which are factored into each model’s Overall Score. The best brands on this list tend to have more vehicles in their product lineups that consistently performed well. CR recommends all the Porsche, Genesis, and Mazda (another top brand) models we’ve tested. Subaru falls just short of that distinction because of the below-average predicted reliability of its WRX sedan. Tesla was the biggest gainer, climbing eight positions due to the improved reliability of the Model 3 and Model S sedans. The bottom brands are also…

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best & worst fuel economy

MOST NEW-VEHICLE CATEGORIES have seen big gains in fuel economy over the past decade. According to CR’s assessments, the best midsized sedans can now get 32 mpg overall, and the best midsized hybrid sedans can get 47 mpg overall. Both of these beat the top small and midsized cars from 10 years ago. This year’s most fuel-efficient cars are small hybrids: the Honda Insight, which gets 54 mpg, and the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq, which get 52 mpg. Small SUVs have also improved. The best nonhybrid SUVs, the Honda HR-V and Subaru Crosstrek, get 29 mpg overall, while the Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V deliver 28 mpg. Hybrid SUVs do even better: The RAV4 Hybrid gets 37 mpg overall, tying with the Lexus UX250h for best fuel efficiency among small…