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December/January 2020

Escape to the heart of rural America with Country Magazine! You'll discover spectacular country scenery, down-home recipes and friendly "chats" with folks across America when you subscribe today!

United States
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1 Min.
holiday magic

THE OTHER DAY I OVERHEARD my children setting a trap. “When we leave cookies out for Santa, we’ll stay up to see if he eats them. Then we’ll know if he’s real,” my son suggested to his little sister and alltoo-willing partner in crime. A lot of their schemes are hatched this way—the two of them in their own little world, conspiring to snag a sweet treat from the pantry or to build a fort in the living room with the couch cushions. They’ve either forgotten or not noticed that I’m standing right there. Their plots usually make me smile (team building has to start somewhere), but this talk of testing Santa broke my heart a little. What tales had they heard from the older kids on the school bus? Had…

1 Min.
everyone has a story… what’s yours?

Fall Camping When the temperatures drop and insects disappear, do you pitch a tent in the great outdoors? Share your stories and photos of camping in forests ablaze in fall color. Label your submission “Fall Camping.” Humor Life sure has its fair share of sidesplitting and quirky moments. Send us the stories that leave friends and family in stitches. Label your submission “Humor.” Country Almanac Got any fun facts, local events, historic anniversaries, gardening tips or time- and money-saving shortcuts to share with your fellow readers? Send them our way! Please label your submission “Country Almanac.” Photo Tips • Cameras and smartphones can capture large images. Send us unmodified originals (minimum file size is 1 MB). • The more we know about the photo, the better! Tell us the time of year it was taken and the location.…

2 Min.
dear country…

So proud of my 87-year-old husband, Percy Price, a Korean War veteran. He has been growing cucumbers for years, and he picked this 19-inch cucumber back in July. It was his biggest one yet! JEANETTE PRICE Wendell, North Carolina WHEN I BEGAN teaching U.S. history, I created a bulletin board with the title “America the Beautiful.” My mom and dad were subscribers to Farm & Ranch Living magazine since its first issue, Country Woman and Country. I got their hand-me-down copies. I chose the most amazing scenic pictures and used them on a seasonal basis. School begins mid-August here in Utah, so that’s when I displayed the summer pictures. In October my favorite fall photographs graced the room. As Christmas approached the scenes changed to holiday fare with glistening snow and twinkling lights,…

1 Min.
the good life

When the Snow Falls The Burns family loves the feeling of cozy togetherness that winter brings. On our farm in eastern Maryland, winter is our chance to rest and play between a busy fall and a full spring. When it snows (and we don’t get much in these parts), we make the most of it, building snowmen and forts with elaborate tunnels. My children, Seth, 10, Lucas, 8, and Audrey, 6, try to spend as much time as they can frolicking outside. On one glorious day, we took a break from sledding to warm up with hot cocoa. I snapped this photograph of my children, freezing a tender moment in time when winter brought them together in the warm embrace of family. Denton, Maryland…

2 Min.

EVERY HOLIDAY SEASON since the birth of her first grandchild, my mother-in-law has used a photo of her grandchildren on her Christmas card. And, every year, we try to come up with a unique idea for the photo. As our family grew, this became challenging. This particular year, the newest member of our family was just a few months old and time was running out, so our options were limited. On a cold, windy day we dressed up our kids and pleaded with them to take at least one good photo. After what felt like hours and about 1,000 photos, we finally managed to get one or two shots that my mother-in-law felt met the Christmas card standard. But as I scrolled through my camera, I saw this image (right). Not one child…

1 Min.
the first snowfall

Crunch, crunch is the only sound I hear as I put each foot down on top of the fresh snow that covers the ground. The air is biting cold and still, and the snow seems to absorb all the usual noises. It snowed during the night, and we awakened to a beautiful, picturesque white wonderland with crystal ice flecks sparkling on the snow’s surface. I love to take walks soon after the first snow, when it lies fresh and pristine over open fields, trees and roads. I remember the excitement I felt as a child waking up to see thick snow covering the ground and flocking the branches of the evergreens. I planned the day at that very moment—I’d join my friends for several glorious hours of sliding down the long slope…