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Country Style Christmas 2017

Country Style celebrates the diversity of modern country living. Brings to life the stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. We visit amazing homes and gardens, travel through Australia's most vibrant regional centres and sample all the good things the country has to offer

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a letter from the editor

“If you go past the marble orchard, you’ve gone too far.” I had stopped at the Wollombi Tavern in the NSW Hunter Valley to ask for directions and a friendly local quickly came to the rescue. I’m usually pretty good at deciphering sayings like these — as a child, I was taught to ride by an old bushie who used expressions like “barrel of fat” to describe his Akubra — but this one had me. There were a few laughs from the people in the pub when it was explained to me that he was talking about the Wollombi Cemetery! It may be only a couple of hours out of Sydney, but you feel like you’re miles away in this part of the Hunter Valley — which is exactly why…

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in this issue...

JESSICA HANSON We gave this talented stylist the job of going shopping for our Christmas gift guide on page 65 . A magazine stylist with 11 years experience and a self-confessed last-minute shopper, Jessica had the huge task of sourcing more than 100 potential Christmas presents for this issue. “You would think I’d be more organised seeing as I’m exposed to so many beautiful products throughout the year,” she says. “I really ought to have done my Christmas shopping there and then.” Jessica is looking forward to spending Christmas with her partner, Chris, and their two-year-old daughter, Isla. “Last year Isla enjoyed decorating the tree with her cousins at my mum’s place, although it was a difficult task as she preferred taking the ornaments off! It’s lovely to see the kids excited…

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your page

“My husband says I won him over with my egg and bacon pies.” INSTAGRAM Our editor-in-chief, Victoria Carey, enjoyed making Instagram stories at the My Open Kitchen Spring Writing and Photography Workshop with Annabelle Hickson @annabellehickson and Sophie Hansen @locallovely. Visit my-open-kitchen.com or follow @myopenkitchen for information on workshops and more! Follow us on Instagram @countrystylemag AN OLD FAVOURITE I am constantly stalking the letterbox, waiting for my latest issue of Country Style magazine to arrive — there is always so much to enjoy, particularly the gardens. In October, I loved Steve Cumper’s delicious column about egg and bacon pies. I was nodding and chuckling along with every word, as similar discussions were had between the generations in our family. My husband says I won him over with my egg and bacon pies. To…

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family christmas

AFTER THE RUSH OF spring wedding season and the busy lead-up to Christmas, the day itself will be a decidedly relaxed affair for Cooma-based florist Gabrielle Merrigan. “It’s a nice time to just shut up shop and catch up with family and friends — really have a good holiday,” says the 35-year-old, who runs florist and gift store, The Flower Pantry, which has fast become a local favourite. This year, Gabby, her husband Kimble Paul and their sons, Charlie, 12, Darcy, nine, Oliver, seven, and Luca, four, plan to celebrate in their new home, located on 15 sparse and gently undulating hectares on the edge of town. “We’ll probably make a big deal of it and put a wreath on the door and a wreath on the shop door,” says Gabby.…

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teach ng standards

IT’S WORKSHOP DAY. I’m going into town to teach people how to make a wreath. A very low-skill wreath. People have paid real money to see me loop a length of grapevine into a circle, into which I will then poke some hydrangea and say “ta-da”. It’s not that I am being lazy — this is actually how I like a wreath to be — but as I get ready to head off to Tenterfield I am beset, understandably, by the fear that it’s not going to be enough. At times teaching feels more like the art of deception. Just as David Sedaris’s friend says in his Theft By Finding Diaries, it “leaves you with a constant feeling of deceiving people. That you know nothing they don’t, or couldn’t learn on…

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christmas traditions

“We had a Christmas tradition of going for a family surf.”Turia Pitt SARAH WILSON Writer and entrepreneur Wamboin, NSW During Christmas holidays we’d hang out at the dam or on the BMX tracks. We lived on an eight-hectare bush block, so the Christmas tree was always from the pine forest out the back. I’m one of six siblings, so it was decorated with the youngest child’s toilet roll angels made at preschool and that sort of thing. Christmas Day was very much focused on food; my mum, Clare, was a great cook. She made everything from scratch. Mum and Dad weren’t hippies, they just didn’t have a lot of cash and they don’t believe in consumption, so they were very frugal and kept everything pretty basic. We’d drive into Canberra to see all…