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Country Style April 2019

Country Style celebrates the diversity of modern country living. Brings to life the stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. We visit amazing homes and gardens, travel through Australia's most vibrant regional centres and sample all the good things the country has to offer

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a letter from the editor

We always had lots of chickens when I was growing up, many of them descended from a little red bantam hen who was an accomplished escape artist. But none of the hens, not even her, ever came into the house and laid an egg on my bed as they do at Jenny Paul’s home, which is on our cover this month. You can tell from the way they are gathered around her front door that Jenny’s chickens are waiting for an opportunity to rush inside. “It’s not unusual if someone leaves the door open here that they’ll come in and lay an egg on my bed,” she says. It’s clear Jenny loves this little flock who are part of her new life at Milton on the NSW South Coast. For the…

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in this issue...

TESS NEWMAN-MORRIS A long-time contributor to Country Style, this stylist travelled to the Yarra Valley for our story on Bridget McIntyre and Anthony McDonald’s home on page 38. Just over four years ago, Tess and her husband Jack relocated from Melbourne to Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. “Moving back to the country was a wonderful decision,” says Tess, who grew up on a farm in Pambula, NSW. “There is simply no going back once you have experienced the joy of space around you.” Working for our magazine enables this freelance stylist to explore other parts of regional Victoria. “I often drive home feeling inspired and privileged to have glimpsed into another life,” says Tess, who admired the grand scale of the living room in Bridget McIntyre’s Tudor-style home. “Bridget’s great love of textiles has…

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your page

TURNING 30 Shout out to my not yet mother-in-law for buying me a subscription to Country Style for my 30th birthday. After being knocked back when I asked if I could read her copy, she went one step better, surprising me with the 2019 Country Style diary. Now I can look forward to reading my own copy each month, as I take a break from the slice of paradise in South Gippsland my partner and I purchased last year. As I turn each page and read the inspiring, beautiful stories from rural Australia, I can continue to plan, imagine, create and dream of improving our land and life. Ebony Knox, Outtrim, Victoria TOWN CIVILITY I like Country Style for all the reasons your readers write in about — buildings restored to beloved homes, glorious…

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greener pasture

THERE’S THIS STORY that my father-in-law and his friend Billy like to tell about a bigwig city politician who came out to a meeting in a small inland town. Even though it actually happened, it doesn’t matter what the name of the politician was, or the town, because in the re-telling they change the names depending on where they are — and what will get them the biggest laugh. Whether it’s Bourke or Bollan, or Barnaby or Bob, the story always goes like this. The politician fields a question from one of the scruffier members of the crowd. “Yes, the man in the hat, what is your question?” “Have you ever been to Bollan?” asks the man, to which the politician always replies, “No.” “Have you even shorn a sheep?” the man then asks. “No,” says…

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the sweet life

AUTUMN AT TEN ACRES FARM near Ninderry, in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, brings delicate citrus blossoms and the anticipation of an abundant orchard. But at 5am the sun is yet to appear, as Melody Flood packs her van with freshly baked goods in the crisp morning air. The heady scent of cinnamon and baked fruit lingers outside their home bakery, where her husband Jamie — a former fitter and turner — has been busy mixing, kneading and baking overnight. As Jamie brushes the flour from his hands, and heads to the house for a few hours’ sleep before the kids wake up, it’s Melody’s job to deliver the precious cargo to market-goers eagerly awaiting their annual fix of hot cross buns. “Easter is definitely our busiest time of…

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NSW Orange FOOD Week, April 5th–14th In its 27th year, Australia’s longest-running regional food festival celebrates Central West producers. Events include the night market in Robertson Park, farm gate and winery tours, a Heritage Apple Walk and Talk at Borrodell Vineyard, and Country Style’s Meet the Producers’ Lunch (see page 103 for details). 0447 900 089; orangefoodweek.com.au Autumn Festival, April 13th–29th Mayfield’s 65-hectare privately owned garden is open in its entirety for this annual festival. Highlights include the 1.4-kilometre-long box hedge maze, colourful deciduous trees — including oak, maple and beech, a walled kitchen garden, and rowboats on Mayfield Lake. Adults $35, children $15. 530 Mayfield Road, Oberon. (02) 6336 3131; mayfieldgarden.com.au NT Arafura Games, April 26th–May 4th Darwin is set to host this biennial, international multi-sport event that fosters goodwill, friendship and understanding…