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Country Style Christmas 2019

Country Style celebrates the diversity of modern country living. Brings to life the stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. We visit amazing homes and gardens, travel through Australia's most vibrant regional centres and sample all the good things the country has to offer

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a letter from the editor

The youngest one is running off to play but the others are gazing over the fence at the blackened, scorched earth left behind by a bushfire. I looked at it and was reminded of those smoky, windy days I’d spent glued to the Fires Near Me app, tracking where the fires were, and the time the volunteer firefighter knocked on my door and told me to pack and be ready to go. The email was from Kate Brew, who has featured on our pages a few times, and it’s her account of the day fires hit Sampson Flat in South Australia. I know her story on page 16 will remind many of you of similar experiences. Little did Michael Jameson and Kevin Stubbs know when they made Christmas puddings for a…

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in this issue...

ANDRÉ REUTER Based in Germany, this photographer makes a living shooting images of other people’s homes, but this month he shares his own on page 62. André Reuter grew up by the North Sea in Friesland in Northern Germany, later moving to Hamburg. He once ran his own city-based advertising photography studio but escaped to the country several years ago. He now shoots interiors and gardens, and prides himself on capturing more than just objects in the frame: “The houses are a mirror of the owners’ personalities; the inhabitants should recognise themselves in our pictures,” he says. He took the same approach when shooting the home he shares with stylist Miriam Hannemann, where the couple enjoy a white Christmas each year with their family. This Christmas he’ll swap his camera for the…

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your page

UNDER FIRE I started to read my latest Country Style and felt so sad reading the On the Move pages about the beautiful region around Stanthorpe as the television news in the background was all about the terrible bushfires that hit the town. Suffering from drought, and now these terrifying bushfires, I wondered what it must be like now the fires have been through. The folk there though are very close-knit and help each other out. I am sure we are all thinking of them and, as usual, Australians will rally to help out all of the fold affected by these bushfires. Heather Lewis, Yungaburra, Queensland RIVER OF MEMORIES I eagerly await my Country Style each month and then savour it over a cup of tea as soon as possible. Painstakingly reading each page…

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All the letters published this month will receive a Christmas Essentials Hamper from Phillippa’s. Each hamper is worth $105.30 and includes Mince Pies, Iced Christmas Trees, Honey & Orange Roasted Nuts, Ginger Stars, Butter Shortbread, Parmesan Sables and Snowballs. phillippas.com.au Share your thoughts and experiences with us by writing to Country Style, PO Box 4088, Sydney, NSW, 1028, or emailing austcountrystyle@bauer-media.com.au. Please include your address and daytime telephone number. Letters may be edited for reasons of space and clarity.…

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give me shelter

‘LEAVE NOW if the path is safe or find a safe place to shelter.’ The text message sent by Carrie at the Country Fire Service (CFS) hits me hard. I’ve been watching the CFS website all day and Facebook posts from school mums in the nearby valley discussing the imminent threat with increasing urgency. Some have already packed and fled. My husband Adrian is in his office nearly 30 kilometres away. Ever the optimist, he suggests the bushfire is too far away to threaten our home at Cudlee Creek. I fleetingly wonder how our lives would change if the fire raced up the paddock to our house, our life of 15 years. In a crazy, emotion-filled moment I selfishly will those flames to my door, to the piles of paper, bills and…

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the magic pudding men

EACH OCTOBER, MICHAEL and Kevin ‘Puddings’ decorate their Christmas tree, an incredible white and forest-green confection that grazes the ceiling of their living room, where it takes pride of place. As owners of Pudding Lane, one of the busiest plum pudding-making kitchens in the country, they love to celebrate Christmas with flair, so forward planning is essential. ‘The Puddings’ — real names Michael Jameson and Kevin Stubbs — started making plum puddings in the kitchen of their small rented flat in Sydney in 1994, selling them at markets to help save for a house deposit. “I remember we made $600 at our first market,” Michael says. “We thought all our Christmases had come at once. We got home, counted the money and went out for a big dinner!” Since then, they’ve done…