Creative Beading Magazine Volume 15 issue 6

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3 Min
all class

MATERIALS 200 pewter spacers antique gold 4x1mm 22 gauge artistic black or gunmetal 6m length approximately 25 x 4mm antique brass jump rings 20 x 8mm antique brass jump rings 1 x etched toggle ring antique brass natural 1 x natural brass antique brass toggle bar (beadpod) 4 x 6mm flower bead caps natural brass 24 x filligree bead caps antique brass 2 x ornate round two hole connectors natural brass 10 x 3mm Swarovski crystal bicones MATERIALS AND BEADS – CHAIN STRANDS 8 x 6mm Swarovski crystals indocolite 12 x 7x30mm Czech aquamarine tortoise rectangles 2 x ornate natural brass connectors, two hole 8 x 6mm corrugated brass rounds 8 x Miyuki cubes 4x4mm aqua clear lined 8 x 6mm Swarovski crystals 5040 crystal copper 4 x 10mm Czech diagonal cubes aquamarine 16 x 8mm firepolish crystals rondelles teal 24 x 4mm corrugated brass rounds 12 x 8mm Swarovski crystals…

2 Min
rose quartz anklet

MATERIALS 1 x 21cm length of sterling silver chain 1 x sterling silver extension chain clasp 23 x sterling silver headpins 2 x 7cm lengths of sterling silver 22 gauge wire 1 x sterling silver dangle BEADS 19 x rose quartz 8mm smooth coins 6 x sterling silver coin beads TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain or bent nose pliers Cutters Length of finished piece: 20-25cm as desired. Rating STEP ONE Using one of the lengths of sterling silver wire, start a wrapped loop. Before closing the loop attach the section of the clasp with the extension chain. Close the wrapped loop. STEP TWO Thread on one of the rose quartz coins and start a wrapped loop. Before closing the loop, attach it to one end of the chain. STEP THREE Carefully measure the chain on your ankle and allow approximately 3cm less than you need but don’t cut the chain…

3 Min
turkoman earrings

MATERIALS 1 pair sterling silver ear hooks 2 x 6mm sterling silver solid jump rings 2 x 55cm lengths of .08mm (thick) sterling silver wire 6 x 4cm lengths of .06mm (thin) sterling silver wire 4 thin sterling silver head pins BEADS 2 x 15x45mm Afghan Turkoman bicones 2 x 5mm matching Amethyst rounds 2 x 4mm matching Aventurine rounds 2x 5mm matching Sunstone rounds 2 x 5mm decorative Hill Tribe (or Indian) silver tube beads 4 x 4mm flat decorative Hill Tribe (or Indian) silver beads 2 x 4x6mm Turquoise beads 4 x 3x3mm decorative Hill Tribe (or Indian) silver beads 2 x 8mm flat round Hill Tribe (or Indian) silver swirl dangles Selection of tiny Delica beads (random earthy colours) TOOLS Round nose pliers Wire cutters Length of finished piece: 10cm Rating DESIGNER’S TIPS Turkoman metal bicones are available at Broome or Margaret River Beads; however, you could vary your design…

2 Min
joan’s lamp

MATERIALS 1 lamp shade 2 x spools 28ga silver wire BEADS 540 x beads 5–8 types in sizes 4mm to 10mm 26 petal shape flowers 14 leaf shape beads 5 silver curved tube beads 2 oval (darker tone) for buds TOOLS 1 pr steel 4mm knitting needles Round nose pliers Craft glue Rating DESIGNER’S NOTE I bought a plain white Laura Ashley lamp shade – chose beads and wire to match décor. STEP ONE TOP EDGE – Thread 245 of the knitting beads onto the wire, pick up beads at random, be sure to use random threading – do not form patterns. Design note: If you choose a 10mm feature bead try to keep it a minimum of nine on top edge section, seven on lower section, beads away so as not to clash with itself and not sit nicely. STEP TWO TO KNIT. Cast on four stitches. First row, K…

2 Min
mother o’pearls lariat

MATERIALS 8m thick white polyester beading/macrame thread BEADS 2 x 14mm round glass pearls – light pink 5 x 14mm round glass pearls – white 7 x 12mm round glass pearls – lilac 17 x 10mm round glass pearls – olive 12 x 10mm round glass pearls – white 19 x 8mm round glass pearls – light pink TOOLS Thread cutters/scissors Bead mat or beading board Glue (Bond 527 or Hypo Cement) or thread burner for ends. Length of finished piece: Approximately 90cm-1.1m Rating DESIGNER’S NOTE To show Mum how to wear her new knotted pearl lariat, specially made for her, simply drape it around her neck and loosely knot one end of the lariat over the other which will result in the tassels hanging in the middle. STEP ONE Cut your thread into four equal 2m lengths. STEP TWO Space round glass pearls out onto design board or mat…

6 Min
macramé ‘leaf-fall’ necklace

MATERIALS 16 metres of turquoise fine nylon thread 16 metres of orchid fine nylon thread 4 x leather-ends 2 x elongated silver end caps 50cm 18ga silver wire BEADS 3 x 25cm Czech pressed moonstone beads Half bottle ‘Bridal’ Czech glass beads 1 teaspoon ‘Pink Berry’ Japanese Toho seed beads 11/0 TOOLS Clipboard Wire cutters Round nose pliers Length of finished piece: 45cm-50cm Rating MACRAMÉ KNOTS: Half square knot sinnet (HSqK) All square knots have tying cords and filler cords. Generally you use one cord from each side as the tying cords and the reminder in the centre as filler cords. In the HSqK, you will always commence your knot using the cord on the far left. Refer to Diagram 1 to practice this knot. A spiral knot sinnet is a continuous series of the half square knots which twists into a spiral as you progress. Double half-hitch seam…