Creative Beading Magazine Volume 16 Issue 2

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2 Min
the whole donut

MATERIALS 1 card Superstitch Bead Thread Big Eye 50cm Bead Magic elastic 7 x 6mm bead caps 3 x 28mm sieves 2 x head pins 2 x earring hooks BEADS 5 x 30mm Donuts 26 x 6mm Swarovski Pearls 10 x 8mm Swarovski Pearls 2 x 4mm Swarovski Crystals 21 x 2mm Silver filler beads 12g Size 8 Matsuno seed beads TOOLS Beading needle Cutters Round nose pliers Beading mat – optional Length of finished piece: 18cm Rating BRACELET STEP ONE Thread elastic through one side of donut. STEP TWO Weave elastic through sieve then through other side of donut. Thread on a 6mm pearl. Repeat Step One with another two donuts, adding a 6mm pearl between each donut. Put 3 x 8mm pearls aside for Step Three. Alternate 6mm and 8mm pearls onto elastic, so elastic can be tied off in the middle at the back. A dab of glue or clear nail polish…

4 Min
slide on by

MATERIALS 22 x eye pins 5 x jump rings Chain approximately 10cm in length 1 x ‘S’ clasp BEADS 66 x 4mm crystals 46 x 6mm crystals 3 x Swarovski Crystal Sliders TOOLS Chain nose pliers Round nose pliers Cutters EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x jump rings 2 x tube crimps 1 pair of earring hooks .5 metre of Tigertail BEADS 14 x 4mm crystals 8 x 6mm crystals 2 x Swarovski Crystal Sliders R ating DESIGNER’S NOTE This bracelet is made in three sections, all joined together. Use the following steps to make your first section, then repeat steps twice to complete your three sections. STEP ONE Using one eye pin, thread on your crystals in sequence: 2 x 4mm crystals, 1 x 6mm crystal, 1 x 4mm crystal, 1 x 6mm crystal, 1 x 4mm crystal, 1 x 4mm crystal, 2 x 4 crystals; then cut off any excess pin leaving enough to form…

4 Min
lady of the loch

MATERIALS 70cm x 6mm tubular mesh – Rose 70cm x 6mm tubular mesh – Dark Blue 70cm x 6mm tubular mesh – Light Blue 22 x antique brass bead caps, filigree 6m silver 44x7 strand clear Tigertail 1 x gold plated lobster clasp 1 x 10mm twisted gold plated jump ring 1 x 4cm length of gold plated chain 2 x 4mm natural brass jump rings 2 x 2mm tube crimps gold plated 2 x Charlotte ends gold plated 12 x 4mm fold over clasps gold plated 3 x head pins with stone AB 1m x 24 gauge gold wire BEADS – TIGERTAIL STRANDS 8 x 8mm Swarovski bi-cones – Milky White 5 x 8mm Swarovski bi-cones – Montana Blue 22 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cones – Aquamarine Satin 8 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cones – Aquamarine 11 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cones – Satin Rose 6 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cones Rating – Amethyst AB 40 x…

1 Min
netted pearl

MATERIALS 1 x watch face 15cm In-Mesh 1 x magnetic clasp 4 x leather ends 4 x jump rings BEADS 2 x 10mm Swarovski Pearls 2 x 8mm Round Swarovski Crystals 4 x large metal large holed beads 4 x small metal large holed beads TOOLS Flat nose pliers Rating DESIGNER’S NOTE To open jump rings, hold the jump ring with flat nose pliers on either side of the join. Next, with one hand, bend jump ring away from body while at the same time, with the other hand, bend the other end of the jump ring towards you. To close jump ring, bend jump ring in the opposite direction. STEP ONE Cut In-Mesh in half. On one half, attach a leather end. Insert a 10mm pearl into the tube mesh, slide a large metal bead onto the outside of the mesh, slide one 8mm Swarovski…

2 Min
floral fantasy

MATERIALS 75cm Tigertail Fold over end crimps Crimps End covers 20 gauge Artistic wire 2 x silk strings Clasp BEADS 15 assorted Vintage Lucite Butterflies and Flowers 5 Austin Hamilton Lampworked Glass focal beads 130 x 3-6mm beads TOOLS Wire cutters Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Length of finished piece: 45-50cm Rating DESIGNER’S NOTE The beads used in my Floral Fantasy are vintage Lucite, crystal and silver. STEP ONE FLOWER DANGLES Using the 20 gauge wire, cut a piece approximately 5cm long, and create a head pin by forming a small loop in the wire end. Place a small bead on the wire, a flower, followed by 2-4 small beads. When the dangle is the desired length, create a wrapped loop with the round nose pliers. Create 15 or more of these dangles at varying lengths. Set aside. STEP TWO STRINGING Take one end of Tigertail, thread a…

7 Min
wild beads

IN FACT, iT WAS WHiLE TRACY was searching for materials to use in her various other crafts that she stumbled upon a US-based art glass bead website, which then prompted her to attend a two-day glass bead making workshop in 2004. Tracy’s other craft interests include jewellery making, and with her new knowledge of glass beads, and her talented fingers, Tracy began creating masterpieces to revolve around her beads. Tracy says that bead making and jewellery making are the perfect balance. “The jewellery and bead making actually feed each other. I can be inspired to make a piece of jewellery from a bead that I have made, or be inspired to make a bead to fit into a jewellery design I have in mind. It seems to alternate between the two.” All of…