Creative Beading Magazine Volume 16 Issue 3

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3 Min
colours of spring

BRACELET MATERIALS 1 roll x 26 gauge artistic wire – fuchsia 2 x fold-over clasps Toggle and bar clasp 2 x 6mm jump rings BEADS 12 x 6mm miracle beads – fuchsia 12 x 6mm miracle beads – lime 9 x 6mm cats eye beads – lime 7 x 6mm Czech fire polished beads – mid pink 9 x freshwater pearls – fuchsia 16 x mixed Czech glass beads (leaves, hearts, squares) – lime/green tones 16 x mixed Czech glass beads (leaves, flowers, hearts) – pink/fuchsia tones 15 x 2.5mm gold metal spacer balls EARRINGS MATERIALS 26 gauge artistic wire (same roll as used in bracelet) – fuchsia 1 pair earring hooks BEADS 4 x 6mm miracle beads – fuchsia 4 x 6mm miracle beads – lime 4 x 6mm cats eye beads – lime 6 x 6mm Czech fire polished beads – mid pink 4 x freshwater pearls – fuchsia 4 x…

5 Min
macramé wattle choker

MATERIALS 6m each x 3 colours of mixed greens macramé nylon thread Silamide thread Macramé jewellery findings BEADS Japanese Toho 11/0 seed beads Leaf Green blend Japanese Toho 11/0 seed beads Wattle Yellow blend TOOLS Beading needle Clipboard Tape measure Scissors Bent nose pliers Length of finished design: Necklace Choker Rating BASIC MACRAMÉ KNOTS HALF SQUARE KNOT All square knots have tying cords and filler cords. Generally you use one cord from each side as the tying cords and the reminder in the centre as filler cords. In the HSqK, you will always commence your knot using the cord on the far left. A spiral knot sinnet is a continuous series of the half square knots which twists into a spiral as you progress. FULL SQUARE KNOT The full square knot is a combination of two half square knots – the first tied using the first cord from…

2 Min
etruscan ladder necklace

MATERIALS 15 head pins red copper 1.5m medium link chain red copper 5 x large jump rings red copper 1 x toggle red copper BEADS 12 x 5mm Swarovski bi-cone Amethyst 2 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cone Fire Opal 1 x 8mm Swarovski round Amethyst 6 x 6mm Swarovski round Fire Opal TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Wire cutters Length of finished piece: Approximately 50cm Rating STEP ONE Cut chain into four lengths approximately 30cm each. Count six chain links from one end of one chain and thread a headpin through the link. Thread 1 x 5mm Amethyst bi-cone onto headpin. STEP TWO Count 11 chain links from one end of second chain section, thread headpin through the link. Thread 1 x 6mm round Fire Opal onto the headpin. STEP THREE Count nine chain links from one end of third chain section, thread headpin through the link. Thread 1 x…

8 Min
pearl; it’s french for bead!

PEARLS ARE THE ONLY GEM created by a living creature, and of the approximately 8000 species of mollusc, only around 20 of them are able to naturally produce pearls. Pearls occur when a particle – sometimes sand, but more likely a parasite – enters the shell of the mollusc and irritates the soft tissue. The particle picks up epithelial cells which then form into a sac (known as the pearl) which secretes a substance called nacre, the substance that makes up the interior of the mollusc shell. The layers build up around each other around the irritant which in turn becomes a pearl. The whole process can take eight months, depending on the size of the pearl. When pearls are formed naturally they often take on the shape of the irritant…

3 Min
sea circle of life necklace

NECKLACE MATERIALS 1 x toggle clasp antique silver swirl 14 x 4x1mm antique silver daisy spacers 22 gauge Artistic wire non tarnish silver 45cm oval chain thin silver plated 40cm oval chain large crimped silver plated BEADS 1 x 30mm sea foam glass donut 1 x 25mm sea foam glass donut 4 x 8mm Swarovski donut pacific opal 5 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cone pacific opal 4 x 6x10 blue zircon crystal teardrops TOOLS Chain nose pliers Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Wire cutters EARRINGS MATERIALS 40cm thin silver plated oval chain 6cm crimped oval chain silver plated 1 pair earring wires sterling silver BEADS 2 x 20mm sea foam glass donut 2 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cone pacific opal 2 x 8mm Swarovski donut pacific opal 4 x 6x10mm blue zircon crystal teardrops Rating NECKLACE STEP ONE Using a piece of 10cm thin oval chain, wrap around the top of the 25mm donut. Take 15cm of 22 gauge…

2 Min
english tea roses

TEA ROSE BRACELET MATERIALS 1 x 14mm toggle 14mm 4 x 16mm x 10mm 2 hole spacer bars 3 x crimps Tigertail BEADS 20 crystals 4mm bi-cone 5 x 20mm rose, holes through back 3 x 8mm x 5mm tube beads TOOLS Flat nose pliers Cutters TEA ROSE EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x head pins 50mm 2 x Shepherd’s hooks BEADS 2 x rose 20mm with holes through back 4 x 12mm leaves, top to bottom holes Rating STEP ONE Using Tigertail wire, thread on T-bar of your toggle set, bring it to the middle of the wire. Fold the Tigertail in half; thread both ends of the Tigertail through two crimps taking the crimps close to the T-bar toggle. Flatten crimp. STEP TWO Thread both wires into 1 x tube bead, 1 x 4mm bi-cone, 1 x tube bead, 1 x 4mm crystal. Thread 1 x rose bead. Separate wires.…