Creative Beading Magazine Volume 16 Issue 5

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3 Min
princess diana pearl choker

MATERIALS 1.5m thread/Tigertail 6 x 3 hole spacers 184 x Tibetan silver ornate bead caps 1 x clasp 2 x wire protectors 2 x crimps BEADS 92 x 6mm pearls 72 x 2mm spacer beads 9 x long oval shape spacer beads 12 x small flower spacer beads TOOLS Crimping pliers Wire cutters Bead stopper or tape Finished length: 40cm Rating STEP ONE Cut Tigertail into three lengths of 50cm each. STEP TWO Take all three ends and thread a crimp; pull one length of Tigertail a little longer than the others to allow a clasp to be attached. STEP THREE Thread a wire saver through one end of the clasp, and the longer end of the Tigertail through the wire protector and back into the crimp, pulling firmly until the wire saver meets the crimp. Crush the crimp and trim the excess wire. STEP FOUR Thread 1 x bead cap, 1 x pearl and…

2 Min
golden filigree

MATERIALS 3 x filigree diamonds with 4mm clear rhinestone – gold plated 14 x 3 diamond filigree connectors – gold plated 1 x antique gold toggle 2 x jump rings 4mm – gold plated 22 gauge non-tarnish wire – gold plated BEADS 1 x 5x10mm clear crystal teardrop AB 7 x 6mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones dorado 6 x 6mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones clear AB 2 x 6mm Swarovski crystal donuts jetz black 4 x 6mm bi-cones jetz black hematite 40 x 4x1mm antique gold daisy spacers TOOLS Cutters Pliers for wire wrapping EARRINGS MATERIALS 6 x diamond gold plated connectors 1 pair gold plated earring wires 2 x 4mm jump rings – gold plated Small amount of 22 gauge non-tarnish wire gold BEADS 8 x 4x1mm daisy spacers antique gold 2 x 4mm crystal bi-cones clear AB 2 x 4mm crystal bi-cones jetz black Rating NECKLACE STEP ONE Taking about 10cm of the 22 gauge non-tarnish wire,…

5 Min
confetti bracelet

BRACELET MATERIALS 2 x crimps 1 x toggle clasp 40cm Tigertail 2m thread BEADS 11 x 1cm felt beads 40 x 5 seed beads 6 x 5mm sequin stars 6 x 5mm metal daisy beads 6 x 5mm glass daisy beads 6 x 5mm Swarovski chaton montees 20 x 3mm bugle beads colour 1 10 x 3mm bugle beads colour 2 30 x 11 seed beads colour 1 20 x 11 seed beads colour 2 20 x 11 seed beads colour 3 20 x two-cut seed beads TOOLS Needle Scissors Flat nose pliers LENGTH: 17cm uses nine felt beads EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x 1cm felt beads 1m thread 1 pair earring hooks BEADS 40 x 11 degree seed beads 6 x 5 degree seed beads 14 x delica seed beads Rating DESIGN NOTES This bracelet is made by decorating the felt beads and then stringing them together on Tigertail. When sewing beads onto the felt beads, take care not to pull the thread…

4 Min
the well dressed bottle

MATERIALS 6m x 10 pound Craft Line (Fishing Line) BEADS 25g x Size 5 seed beads for full collar 12g x Size 5 seed beads for front panel 8mm square letter beads 40-45 x disc beads for full collar (16 repeats total) 15-20 x disc beads for front panel (depending on number of letter beads) 1 feature drop bead per loop 2 smaller drop beads per loop TOOLS Scissors Clear nail polish Butterfly paper clip or thread holder Rating DESIGN NOTES Right angle weave shortens when pulled into position with following rows so do not pull too tight. Hold thread ends from each row in a butterfly clip to hold while doing the next row. Finish off all rows when completed. As the collar is likely to get sticky with cordial or juice it is better to use Craft Line so it can be rinsed if…

3 Min
mandala necklace

MATERIALS 1.5 metres beading thread 50cm Tigertail 2 x crimps 1 x toggle BEADS 20 x 6mm fire glass beads 30 x 4mm fire glass beads 17 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cones 1 x Precousia Teardrop 5g x 11/0 Matsuno seed beads TOOLS Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Wire cutters Beading needle Scissors Glue LENGTH: 45cm with mandala drop of 8cm Rating STEP ONE MANDALA. Thread a beading needle with 1m of thread. Onto this thread 1 x seed bead, 1 x 6mm fire glass bead, 1 x seed bead, 1 x 4mm bi-cone, 1 x seed bead, 1 x 6mm fire glass bead. Leave a 10cm tail. With the needle going in the same direction thread through all of these beads again. Tie a double knot to secure. Diagram 1. STEP TWO Thread the needle through the seed bead and 6mm fire glass bead in Diagram 1. Add 1 x seed bead,…

2 Min
monet pastels

MATERIALS 50 cm Tigertail 4 x crimps 1 x flower clasp 27 x head pins 1 x diamond earring component 2 x ear wires 6 x 6mm jump rings BEADS 69 x 4mm daisy spacers 3 x 10mm beads, pink 14 x 8mm beads – 4 purple, 4 green, 4 blue, 2 pink 30 x 6mm beads – 5 purple, 7 green, 9 blue, 9 pink 42 x 4mm beads – 11 purple, 13 green, 5 blue, 13 pink TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Crimping tool Wire cutters LENGTH: 50 to 55 cm with 6cm drop. Rating NECKLACE STEP ONE Cut 2 x 25cm pieces of Tigertail. Attach both sections of Tigertail to the top loop of the diamond component with a crimp. Diagram 1. Design note: If you want a longer necklace allow an extra 5cm on each side for each additional section of pattern. STEP TWO Start to thread on beads in…