Creative Beading Magazine Volume 17 Issue 1

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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1 Min
mangano calcite necklace

MATERIALS 2 x sterling silver cones 1 x sterling silver extension clasp 4 x 10cm lengths of 22 gauge sterling silver wire 5 x 40cm sections of Tigertail 10 x crimps BEADS 550 x 4x2mm Mangano calcite rondels 28 x 6x4mm Mangano calcite rondels 40 x 1x1mm sterling silver spacers TOOLS Round nose pliers Long or bent nose pliers Side cutters Length: 45-50cm Rating STEP ONE Form a wrapped loop eye pin on end of two sections x 10cm wire. These will thread into cones later. STEP TWO Attach 1 x 40cm Tigertail to eye pin from Step 1 with 1 x flattened crimp, leaving 3-4cm wire tail. Thread 4 x sterling silver spacers, 100 x 4x2mm rondels, 4 x sterling silver spacers, 1 x crimp, thread through second eye pin from Step 1 and 3-4cm of beads. Flatten crimp firmly. STEP THREE Repeat Step 2 four times, adding…

3 Min
classic elegance

MATERIALS 1 x silver coloured fob clasp 30cm Tigertail 2 x crimps silver Nymo D thread black BEADS 1 x 4.5g Mill Hill size 8 seed beads black 1 x 4.5g Mill Hill size 8 seed beads silver 14 x 4mm black faceted beads 9 x 6x3 black faceted rondelles 6 x 7x2 silver coloured metal wheel spacers TOOLS Chain nose pliers Bead mat Clear nail polish Beading needle Size 10 or 12 Length: 18cm Rating DESIGN NOTE To lengthen or shorten the bracelet beads should be added or subtracted at the ring end of the fob clasp. The beads at the bar end are necessary to manipulate bar through ring. Tension should be firm to tight so the beaded bead is not floppy. STEP ONE String a stop bead in a different colour and go through it once or twice more in the same direction leaving a tail…

2 Min
macramé simplicity

MATERIALS 6m of macramé nylon cord Macramé jewellery findings BEADS Japanese Toho King seed beads Your favorite selection of three to four feature beads in varying sizes Finished size: 50cm necklace Rating STEP ONE Preparation Cut the cords into 3 x 2m lengths. Full square knot The full square knot is a combination of two half square knots. You will use the cord from the far left and from the far right as the tying cords, the remaining cords will be the filler cords. Tie your first half starting with the cord from the left as shown in Steps 1-3 below. Then tie the second half starting with the cord from the right as shown in Steps 4-6. Square knot sinnet A sinnet is a succession of square knots. To keep the sinnet straight continue making FULL square knots. To enable the sinnet…

4 Min
the accidental beader

THREE YEARS AGO PHARMACIST Huan Pham and his wife Phuong and young daughter Serina moved from Melboune to the relatively remote area of St George in Queensland, where they purchased a pharmacy. After the move, Phuong initially stayed at home to look after Serina, and took up beading as a hobby. Phuong asked Huan to research beading techniques and designs for her via the internet, and, as Huan says in his understated way, “one thing led to another, and here I am now designing necklaces and the occasional bracelet!”. Huan admits he doesn’t make earrings, as he doesn’t have the “eye” for it, however he says his wife loves making earrings, but not necklaces. Huan recalls his first sale with pride and astonishment. “I had created a piece similar to my ‘Cherry Blossom’…

4 Min
divine simplicity

NECKLACE MATERIALS 1 x 53cm length gold Tigertail 1 x 55cm length gold Tigertail 2 x gold bails to connect pendant to Tigertail 2 x gold Charlotte crimps 24 x gold 2mm round crimps 1 x gold toggle clasp BEADS 1 x 28mm Swarovski crystal copper twist pendant 4 x 12mm Swarovski 5040 crystal copper donuts 2 x 8mm Swarovski light Colorado topaz briolette (these are also donuts 5040 same as the 12mm donuts) 2 x 6mm Swarovski crystal copper bi-cones 2 x 6mm Swarovski light Colorado topaz bi-cones 4 x 6mm Swarovski topaz bi-cones 10 x gold star daisy metal spacer beads 2 x gold cog metal spacer beads 2 x 8mm gold metal filigree ball beads 2 x 6mm x 10mm gold metal corrugated oval beads TOOLS Crimping pliers Chain nose pliers Wire cutters Round nose pliers Length: 55cm EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x 12mm gold filigree bead caps 2 x…

2 Min
freedom knots

MATERIALS 4.5m waxed linen 3 or 4 ply 2 x fold ends 2 x jump rings Clasp BEADS 50 x semi precious bead chips 10 x semi precious nuggets 5 x metal beads 10 x seed beads – optional TOOLS Scissors Chain nose pliers Large pin or needle Length: 70cm Rating STEP ONE Cut the cord into five lengths, 90cm each. This will make the finished length of the necklace approximately 70cm. Separate beads into five groups so that a similar number/type of beads are used on each length. STEP TWO Tie a knot approximately 12cm from the end of one length of cord. Thread on a bead and position it close to the knot. Tie another knot, placing the pin in the loop formed. Keeping the pin in the loop, tighten the knot and slide toward the bead. Use your thumbnail to tighten…