Creative Beading Magazine Volume 17 Issue 5

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5 Min
pearlie , shells charms set

NECKLACE MATERIALS 2.5m Tigertail 25 x 1.8mm crimp tube silver plated 1 x 5mm jump ring silver plated 2 x 4mm crimp covers silver plated 1 x 13mm parrot clasp silver plated 1 x extension chain silver plated BEADS Approximately 96 rice pearls 6-7mm silver grey 1 x 40mm Paua Abalone shell 1 x hang bead small antique silver TOOLS – ALL Chain nose pliers Crimping pliers jumbo Wire cutters Length of finished necklace piece: 50cm CHARM BRACELET MATERIALS 1.5 metres Tigertail – approximately 1.8mm x 11 silver plated Crimp tubes 5 x small antique silver hang beads 4mm x 5 silver plated jump rings 4mm x 2 silver plated crimp covers Fob clasp silver plated x 1 Charms, silver plated – 1 each Shell, Turtle, Starfish, Seahorse and Tropical Fish BEADS 55 approximately (1 strand) – 6-7mm Rice Pearl, 6-7mm Silver Grey PEARL AND CHARM EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x Starfish Charms silver plated 80 cm Tigertail 6 x…

3 Min
knotted delights

MATERIALS 1 x card White Griffin beading cord No 8 3 x charlotte ends gold plated 2 x thonging end gold plated 1 x antique gold rose and flower toggle clasp 1m light gold 6mm tubular mesh 1m 28 gauge non tarnish gold wire BEADS 1 x topaz Venetian glass oval 4 x 5040 topaz 8mm donut Swarovski 6 x crystal Dorado 6mm Swarovski bi-cone 2 x light Colorado topaz bi-cone 8mm 2 x topaz 8mm Swarovski crystals 2 x topaz 6mm Swarovski crystals 6 x light Colorado topaz 6mm Swarovski crystals 2 x 6mm lt Colorado topaz donut 24 x 4mm Heishi brass rondelles gold plated TOOLS Knotting awl Matches Chain nose pliers Flat nose pliers Wire cutters EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x charlotte end gold plated 1 pair 14 carat gold filled ear wires 2 x 7mm light Colorado topaz gold bead caps BEADS 2 x 8mm Swarovski crystal bi-cone light Colorado topaz 2 x 6mm crystal…

2 Min
festive bead wreath

MATERIALS 3 metres of black 8.5mm round wire mesh 2 metres of 20 gauge wire (silver) 10 metres of 28 gauge wire (silver) BEADS 60 x 4mm bi-cone crystals clear AB TOOLS 2 pairs pliers Rating STEP ONE Cut a two metre length of 20 gauge wire. Fold in half and, using two pairs of pliers, twist until wire looks like a cable and is 600mm long. STEP TWO Bend the wire into a circle. Cover the wire circle with black mesh. Twist the two ends of the 20 gauge wire circle together. STEP THREE Using a small piece of 28 gauge wire, twist it over the two ends of the wire mesh to hold the pieces securely. Trim the wire close to the wreath. STEP FOUR Cut 20cm off roll of 28 gauge wire and place aside for later finishing. Unwind 40cm off the roll…

1 Min
shepards moons

MATERIALS 2 x 50mm 22 gauge wire 2 x small square silver cubes 2 x small head pins for beads with two holes BEADS 2 x matching round lampwork glass or 2 x semiprecious beads of choice 2 x small silver spacers optional TOOLS Half round pliers Flat pliers Araldite or jewellers glue Emery board or nail file Rating STEP ONE Glue 1 x silver cube bead 7mm from end of each 50mm 22 gauge wire. STEP TWO Using flat pliers, bend a 45 degree angle at approximately 5mm above cube. STEP THREE Using half round pliers and gently turning, create a Shepard hook shape. Bring wire end around straight to lay in line with section with cube. Design note: If you don’t own a pair of half round pliers, a smooth ink pen can be used to roll Shepard hook shape. STEP FOUR Using half round or flat pliers,…

6 Min
tanzanite – a purple patch in gemology

TANZANITE WAS CREATED when Mt Kilimanjaro erupted around 500 million years ago. This eruption set in motion a series of chemical reactions that combined with heat and pressure to allow Tanzanite to form. These conditions have remained fairly constant, and have allowed Tanzanite to continue ‘growing’ in that area. Known to only be found in a strip of about five kilometres around the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania, Tanzanite is an amazing gemstone with unique properties. It is classed as pleochroic – meaning that when light passes through the stone it breaks into paths of different colours. Typically though, Tanzanite is trichroic, showing only three distinct colours. The colours that are most predominant in Tanzanite are violet, blue-violet and pink but the colours can range from pale blue through…

2 Min
italian lariat

MATERIALS – NECKLACE 2m x 3mm flat black leather 36 x 6mm silver jump rings 38 x silver head pins fine gauge 2 x leather ends foldovers 1 large spring bolt clasp BEADS 13 x 6mm silver stardust beads 13 x 6mm pale pink freshwater pearls 12 x 6mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones 26 x small flower bead caps TOOLS Round nose pliers Length – 1.2-1.5m wrapped lariat length MATERIALS – EARRINGS 2 x 6mm silver jump rings 6 x silver head pins fine gauge Pair ear hooks of choice BEADS 2 x 6mm stardust beads 2 x 6mm pale pink freshwater pearls 2 x 6mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones 4 x small flower bead caps Rating NECKLACE STEP ONE Thread the stardust, pearl, and crystal beads onto individual head pins and form a loop at the top and wrap excess wire down towards bead. Use flower bead caps on the top and bottom or stardust beads…