Creative Beading Magazine Volume 18 Issue 3

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opal waters

Rating TOOLS FOR BOTH Round nose pliers Cutters NECKLACE MATERIALS 1 x antique silver toggle clasp 2 x 6mm silver plated twisted jumprings 30cm x crimped chain silver plated 50cm x fine oval chain silver plated 22 gauge non tarnish wire silver 6 x sterling silver headpins w/ball BEADS 1 x white opal large oval focal piece 2 x smaller white opal ovals 10 x 10mm Czech glass flower cups clear AB 5x 4mm Swarovski crystal cubes clear AB 4x 6mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones clear 2x 6mm heishi rondelle spacers silver plated 4x 4mm heishi rondelle spacers silver plated 24x 4mm daisy spacers silver plated NECKLACE STEP ONE Cut the following segments of chain: Thin chain: 2 x 12cm, 4 x10cm, 1 x 4cm, 1 x 3cm. Crimped chain: 1 x 3cm, 1 x 2cm, 2 x 4cm, 2 x 8cm. STEP TWO Thread 6 x Czech glass AB flower cups onto…

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10 projects for under $ 10

Rating TOOLS FOR ALL Round nose pliers Cutters Chain nose pliers 1. BLACK MOTHER OF PEARL NECKLACE MATERIALS 1m x 22 gauge non tarnish wire gold plated 2 x 6mm twisted jump rings gold plated 5cm crimped chain gold plated BEADS 1x Mother of Pearl diagonal drilled square set 6 x 6mm Czech black glass pearls 5 x 4mm Czech glass rondelle spacers black 4 x 8mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones jet black 2 x metal weave beads gold plated 4 x 4mm flat freshwater pearl spacers silver 1 x 5x10mm clear Czech glass teardrop 1 x gold plated swivel parrot clasp 15mm 1 x 8mm Swarovski crystal donut clear 28 x 4x1mm antique gold daisy spacers 1. BLACK MOTHER OF PEARL STEP ONE Cut 50cm 22 gauge wire, approximately 5cm from one end wrap teardrop making sure to leave enough on each side to enable the teardrop to be able to dangle.…

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10 projects for under $ 10

Rating TOOLS FOR ALL 10 PROJECTS Needle Scissors or cutters Thread Bead stopper Flat nose pliers Glue 1. FLOATING BRACELET MATERIALS Tigertail Crimps Clasp set BEADS Feature beads 4mm Swarovski beads 1. FLOATING BRACELET STEP ONE Cut the Tigertail to length, reducing the length by 1cm for the clasp set. STEP TWO Thread one feature bead and each side a Swarovski bead to the Tigertail centre. Add a crimp to each side. STEP THREE Use pliers to flatten each crimp closely to the beads. STEP FOUR Add another crimp to both sides and flatten each at the same distance about 3cm from the centre of the beads. Add beads as above, and secure with crimps. Repeat this step for all beads. STEP FIVE Add clasp set as shown in diagram. The clasp is relatively heavy, so it stays under your wrist. 2. FLOATING NECKLACE MATERIALS Tigertail Crimps Clasp set BEADS Feature beads 4mm Swarovksi beads 2. FLOATING NECKLACE STEP ONE Cut necklace to…

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joining the links

The first chain-making machine was invented in the mid-1700s, and the process of chain making was mechanised around 100 years ago. CHAIN HAS BEEN AROUND for centuries and is utilised in many ways: For joining, load-bearing and our favourite – adornment. The oldest examples of chain were found in Babylonia (now Iraq) where royal tombs held gold jewellery dating to around 2500 BC. Among the treasures found were intricate loop-in-loop chains, which is a technique that was quite popular throughout the Mediterranean and Western Asia that eventually spread all around the world. The Ancient Egyptians also used gold chains as jewellery, modifying the single strand chains into chokers and broad collar style necklaces, which were often buried with their proud and often wealthy owners. During the era of the Roman Empire, only…

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10 projects for under $ 10

Rating TOOLS FOR ALL Cutters Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Glue 1. SWIRL NECKLACE BURGUNDY MATERIALS 10 x large gold plated swirl connectors 10 x small gold plated swirl connectors 1 x swirl drop gold plated 1 x hook and eye clasp gold plated 2m x 22 gauge non tarnish wire 2 x jump rings gold plated BEADS 2 x 8mm smokey topaz bicone 6 x 6mm burgundy glass pearls 6 x 6mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones smokey topaz 7 x 4mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones smokey topaz 50 x 4x1mm antique gold daisy spacers 1. SWIRL NECKLACE BURGUNDY STEP ONE Using 22 gauge wire wrap beads in between the connectors as per the photograph. Starting with dangle connector in the centre work up the neckpiece. Attach the hook and eye clasp to the end. 2. SWIRL EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x small swirl connectors gold plated 2 x large swirl connectors gold plated 2 x swirl…

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time to create something, so let’s do something different …..

HERE IS A SIMPLE PROJECT that can be adapted to create a set of earrings unique for you. The instructions include using wire and semi precious gemstone chips, yet can be adapted to use all sort of beads, buttons or stones. Just ensure that if you use anything larger than approximately 6mm then add length to your wire. See what you can create whilst having fun. WIRE WRAP EARRINGS Beads or gemstones can be used in this design MATERIALS 1 pair earring hooks 60cm 22g (.63mm) wire 6-8mm beads or gems 2-15mm beads Note: 24g (.50mm) wire can be used TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Cutters Optional - nylon jaw pliers METHOD Cut 22g (.63mm) wire into two lengths of 30cm long STEP 1 Take one wire and fold in half. Do not squash together. STEP 2 Bring wires together. Twist for 1cm or 5 twists. Thread on…