Creative Beading Magazine Volume 18 Issue 4

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2 Min
bead across chain maille

BRACELET MATERIALS 13 x short eye pins 62 x 6mm jump rings 13 x 10mm jump rings 1 toggle clasp BEADS 7 x 6mm Miracle beads Lime 6 x 6mm Miracle beads Purple TOOLS 2 pairs of flat nose pliers EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x short eye pins 2 x short head pins 18 x 6mm jump rings 4 x 10mm jump rings 1 pair ear hooks BEADS 2 x 6mm Miracle beads Lime 2 x 6mm Miracle beads Purple Rating DESIGN NOTE For a detailed explanation on opening and closing jump rings, please see basic instruction section. BRACELET STEP ONE Thread 13 x 6mm Miracle beads onto eye pins, form a small loop. STEP TWO Keeping 6 x 6mm jump rings open, close all other 6mm jumps rings tight and neat. Leave 10mm jump rings open. STEP THREE Onto 1 x 10mm jump ring, feed 4 x 6mm jump rings, 1 x beaded…

3 Min
mediterranian blue

MATERIALS 3.6m approximately Tigertail – 21 strand or higher 6 x crimps BEADS 2 x 10mm Sapphire floral feature beads 2 x 8mm Czech fire polished beads Aqua 2 x 8mm Czech fire polished beads Crystal 4 x 6mm Czech fire polished beads Light Sapphire 2 x 6mm Czech rounds Aqua Light AB 2 x 4mm Czech fire polished beads Capri Blue 2 x 4mm Czech rounds Med Sapphire AB 2 x 4mm Czech rounds Aqua AB 12 x 5mm Antique metal Heishi beads 2 x 3mm Nickel-plated metal round beads 2 x 2.4mm Nickel-plated metal round beads 5 grams approximately 11 degree Toho seed beads Silverlined Sapphire 5 grams approximately 11 degree Toho seed beads Silverlined Aquamarine 5 grams approximately 11 degree Toho seed beads Transparent Rainbow Crystal TOOLS Crimping pliers Cutters Length of finished piece: 1m EARRINGS MATERIALS 1 pair ear hooks 2 x eye pins 24 x 5mm jump rings BEADS 2 x…

3 Min
textured hollows hollows

MATERIALS 95cm of White Tigertail 110cm of White Ostrich Wool 1 x 14mm parrot clasp and tag 18 x silver crimp beads 2 x bead cones 2 x 40mm silver eye pins 2 x 5mm silver jump rings BEADS 7 x 18mm Hollow Glass Beads 20 x 7mm White Button Freshwater Peals 4 x 11mm White Coin Freshwater Pearls 4 x 4mm Clear AB glass cubes 16 x Clear Quartz roundels 2 x 3mm silver round ball beads 12 x silver square spacer beads TOOLS Crimping pliers Round nose pliers Wire cutters Scissors Ruler or tape measure Collapsible eye needle GS Hypo Cement Length of finished piece: 80cm Rating STEP ONE Thread 1 x crimp onto Tigertail. Thread Tigertail through first eye pin then back through the crimp. Secure crimp leaving 5cm end. STEP TWO Thread onto Tigertail 1 x button pearl, 1 x square spacer, 1 x button pearl and 1 x crimp over both the…

7 Min
red coral: a living, beading wonder!

RED CORAL BEGINS LIFE at anywhere between three and 1500 metres below the surface of the ocean in areas such as the Mediterranean Sea and areas in the Pacific Ocean around Japan and Taiwan. It has also been found in areas in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Strait of Gibraltar and at the Cape Verde Islands. Believe it or not, none of the world’s supply of red coral comes from Australian waters; it is not the right species of coral and all of our coral reefs are protected. Coral starts as a polyp surrounded by a fleshy skin which secretes calcium carbonate, forming branches and fans that can be found in colours ranging from crimson red to pale pink and white. The coral structures can grow up to 50cm in…

2 Min
spirals of silver pendant

MATERIALS 1 x 7 gram packet of PMC3 clay Olive oil spray Decorative cord or your choice of beads or chain TOOLS Rolling pin or short piece of electrical conduit Placemat or coaster with texture 2 x Paddle Pop sticks Paper towel 1 x small diameter drinking straw Non porous work surface – ceramic or glass placemat Hair dryer (optional) Some generic ‘Wet Wipes’ Fireproof tile or pot saucer and vermiculite Small Butane torch Stainless steel wool soap pad Silver polishing cloth Rating STEP ONE Forming Lightly spray your hands, roller and work surface with olive oil. Wipe off any excess with the paper towel. Remove the PMC from its packet and place it on your work surface. Roll a PMC ‘snake’ shape with your fingers. Flatten the PMC ‘snake’ with the rolling pin, using the Paddle Pop sticks as a guide to keep the clay…

1 Min
hokey pokey bangle and earrings

MATERIALS 1 x sterling silver 16 ring 65cm bangle 18 x 0.5 x 50 mm ball end head pins 1 pair Sterling Silver Sheppards BEADS 10 x Lampwork glass beads 8 x Silver Leaf Twist 20 x 15 mm Clear beads 42 x 3mm Swarovski bi-cone beads TOOLS Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Sharp side cutters Rating STEP ONE Bangle Thread pins with beads as in photograph or to your own design. Use 1 x 3mm bi-cone, 1 x Lampwork bead and 1 x 3mm bi-cone. STEP TWO Wrapping Hold head pin with beads on with the tip of round nose pliers approximately 1.5mm from last bead. Wrap wire around round nose pliers to form crossed circle. Attach drops to the bracelet. (See Basic Instructions on page 118). Design note: Be careful not to keep wrapping before you have added your bead drop to the…