Creative Beading Magazine Volume 18 Issue 5

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4 Min
dancing queen

MATERIALS 2m #10 Craft Line Nymo D BEADS 10g x 8o Miyuki Triangles 20g x 11o seed beads 72 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cones TOOLS 2 x size 12 beading needles Beading glue Thread conditioner Thread snips EARRINGS MATERIALS 60cm #10 Craft Line 2 x Earring Hooks BEADS 2 x 8o Miyuki Triangles 40 x 11o Seed Beads 24 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cones Rating SIDE ONE STEP ONE Centre a stop bead on 1.8m of beading thread. STEP TWO Pick up 6 x11o seeds, skipping the last two threaded on, sew back up through the middle two in the same direction as threaded on, as this forms a loop. Pull firmly. There will be five beads on one side including the stop bead and two beads on the other. STEP THREE Pick up 1 x seed bead, sew back through the side with five beads, going through the first three seed beads…

3 Min
mosaic linked crystal bracelet

TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Wire cutters MATERIALS 2 x 41mm Ancient Gold eyepins 86 x 25mm Ancient Gold eyepins 1 x 4mm Ancient Gold jumpring 1 x Ancient Gold Toggle clasp BEADS Bracelet Strands: Swarovski Crystal 5301 bi-cones 4 x 4mm Light Siam AB 3 x 6mm Light Siam 4 x 4mm Padparadscha 3 x 6mm Padparadscha 6 x 4mmTopaz AB 2 x 6mm Topaz 4 x 4mm Smoked Topaz 3 x 6mm Smoked Topaz 5 x 4mm Olivine 1 x 6mm Olivine 5 x 4mm Light Olivine 3 x 6mm Light Olivine 4 x 4mm Blue Zircon 3 x 6mm Blue Zircon 6 x 4mm Fuchsia 1 x 6mm Fuchsia 4 x 4mm Purple Velvet 3 x 6mm Purple Velvet 4 x Montana 4 x 4mm Amethyst 3 x 6mm Amethyst For End Bars: 1 x 4mm Topaz AB 1 x 4mm Blue Zircon 1 x 4mm Olivine 1 x 4mm Padparadscha 1 x 6mm Padparadscha 1 x 6mm Light Olivine 1 x 6mm Light…

3 Min
diimurr the forest spirit and his ten beautiful daughters.

MATERIALS 30cm of .5mm Sterling Silver half hard wire 15cm of Brown artistic wire 1 x Silver Teardrop hoop earring (5cm x 2.5cm) 1 x 1.6cm thin silver headpin BEADS 1 x 7mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Copper 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Smokey Quartz 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Light Colorado Topaz 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Topaz 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Jet 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Smokey Topaz 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Fire Opal 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Indian Red 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Light Siam 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal Black Diamond TOOLS Cutters Chain nose pliers Round nose pliers Rating STEP ONE Using the end of round nose pliers, make a wrapped loop 1cm from the end of the brown artistic wire (please see basic instructions). This will form the head of Diimuur, the…

6 Min
history of cubic zirconia

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Cubic Zirconia took off commercially, when Swarovski and Co. began producing it for mass retail consumption. CUBIC ZIRCONIA WAS DISCOVERED in its natural state in 1937 by two German mineralogists, von Stackelberg and Chudoba, however they thought so little of their discovery that they did not bother to give it a name. Some of the earliest research into synthetised Cubic Zirconia production occurred in France in the 1960s, with much work done by Y. Roulin and R. Collongues. Their technique involved containing the molten Zirconia within a shell of still-solid Zirconia, which produced only small crystals. This process was called cold crucible, referring to the system of water cooling that was used. In the 1970s, Soviet scientists at the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow were looking…

2 Min
rainbow wrist

MATERIALS 120cm fine soft flex wire 14 x crimps 2 x split rings 8cm chain 1 x 3 loop magnetic clasp 1 pr ear hooks 2 x wire protectors BEADS 180 approx 2 – 2.5mm silver balls 1 strand multi tourmaline rondels TOOLS Cutters Round nose pliers Crimping pliers Bead stopper Rating BRACELET STEP ONE Sort beads into 6 or 7 colour groups, then by tone intensity lay out the beads into a line approximately 20 - 22cm in length. Keep moving beads until there are three bead rows wide from light to dark in equal length. Place 24 beads aside for earrings, using light to dark pattern. STEP TWO Cut 3 x 30cm lengths of soft flex wire. Place one end in a bead stopper and thread 1 x silver bead, 1 x crimp, 1 silver bead, 1 x crimp, 1 silver bead. Thread 1 row of…

2 Min
foiled heart

TOOLS FOR ALL Cutters Crimping pliers Round nose pliers NECKLACE MATERIALS 2 x 110cm length Tiger Tail 28 x 6mm bead caps 3 x crimps BEADS 1 x 25mm heart 65 x size 8 seed beads 18 x 8mm round foil beads 44 x 8mm round glass pearl beads 93 x 4mm round glass pearl beads LENGTH: 95cm with 10cm tassel EARRINGS MATERIALS 1 x pair ear wires 2 x 30mm head pins 2 x 30mm eye pins 4 x 6mm bead caps BEADS 2 x 8mm round glass pearls 2 x 4mm round glass pearl 2 x size 8 seed 2 x 8mm round foil Rating NECKLACE STEP ONE Cut two 110cm lengths of Tiger Tail STEP TWO Thread onto both strand Tiger Tails to the centre 1 x 8mm round foil bead. This will be the centre back of the necklace. STEP THREE On each end, thread on 1 x seed, 1 x 8mm pearl, 1…