Creative Beading Magazine Volume 10-6

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

THIS TIME OF YEAR, when the weather is becoming chillier and we are less inclined to spend time outdoors, is a great time to focus on our bead making projects and reading about inspiring beaders. In this edition, we feature a profile on creative beader, Jenni Nolan, who works from her home studio near Brisbane. Jenni’s one-of-a-kind designs feature copper and sterling silver, plus she loves the different colour mixes she achieves when combining the two metals or when adding colourful semi-precious gemstones and crystals to make bold statement pieces of jewellery. Jenni has a clear perspective when it comes to sourcing materials – she feels it is important to use quality materials and she makes a point of sourcing the most striking gemstones and best quality crystals such as Swarovski to…

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beading news

NEWS SNIPPETS Winter has arrived – Australian beaders and artisans are looking to get stuck into great new projects now that the cooler weather is here. Everyone loves to use new tools and beads – so here we go taking a look at what’s on offer! TOOLS Westcott fine snips – great little snips for fine work and a good buy. I purchased mine at a craft show: check them out at For more serious tools Goldsmith & Jewellers Tools Supply may be the place where you manage to pick up that elusive piece of equipment. Their extensive range includes: • Optivisor Headband Magnifier • Easy-Torch, Propane • GRS Benchpegs • Ring measuring Sticks • ‘Little Torch’ Oxy - Propane • Pocket Scales • Digital Calipers • Drawplates • Flat Files • Needle File sets • Wooden Ring Clamps • Micromotor machine • Wax Ring tubes •…

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win! a year's subscription to creative beading

Let’s have some fun. For your chance to win a 12 month subscription to Creative Beading we are running a competition for you to give us a catchy phrase for the spine of the magazine. For those of you who may not have noticed, for a number of issues now we have been running on the spine of the magazine a little phrase and giving it a beading flavour. Have a look! Well, the team at Creative Beading thought it would be fun if you the reader had a chance to have a go at coming up with some ideas! Send your phrase to: Creative Beading Phrase Competition PO Box 8035, Glenmore Park NSW 2745. The winning entrant will have their phrase on the spine of the magazine and receive the next 7 issues…

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inspirational gallery

Eve James – Adelaide, South Australia After an absence from jewellery making Eve has begun to explore her creativity again! Although professionally trained as a jeweler, Eve has also developed bead making skills and is loving the variety of work she is able to produce with a blend of old and new crafts and always with an attention to detail and beautiful workmanship. “The beaded work in the collection is a recently acquired skill and due to the fulfillment it brings, looks to be a big part of my life for a long time to come.” Her online shop – Evesbeads – is predominantly stocked with silver jewellery, glass, felt dolls and beadwork designs and although a huge learning curve Eve also concedes that delving into the ecommerce world brings enormous…

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this season‘s fashion

SO WHAT ARE THE MAIN THEMES, designs and colours for autumn and winter? According to designer Maria Doulton who predicts a colourful year for 2014 and one that is full of individuality, whilst Louis Vuitton looks to necklaces featuring opals and mandarin garnets. Traditionalists such as the House of Chanel are promoting necklaces in white gold and diamonds. For those of us whose budget does not include gold and diamonds – here are some other choices to look at and still retain the current season’s vibes:- JEWELLERY CONCEPTS • The revival of the pendant • Fringed jewellery • Skinny bangles • Jewellery Sets (necklace/earrings, necklace/ bracelet) • Stacked and layered is still around • The comeback of the pin or brooch (did it really ever go out of fashion?) In the fashion world, garment styles, colours and designs change…

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fact file:

Metal clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads and small sculptures. Originating in Japan in 1990, metal clay can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using molds. After drying, the clay can be fired in a variety of ways such as in a kiln, with a handheld gas torch, or on a gas stove, depending on the type of clay and the metal in it. The binder burns away, leaving the pure sintered metal. Shrinkage of between 8% and 30% occurs (depending on the product used). Alloys such as bronze, sterling silver, and steel also are available. (Ref: Wikipedia) The PMC Guild…